A perfect love story – a raglak os (Part1)

Hello everyone, chhaya is back again wid another os.i am sry as i am late,bcoz i stuck wid some work.
Earlier i thought to make it one shot,then i decided to extend it…i am writing it third time as first time it was mistakenly deleted,and second time i was not satisfied wid it,so i stop it in middle….
And of ff i am goin to write both…but first will be ragsan..
Pls….pls comment guys,i had tried to give my best..

Character sketch-

Shekhar mehra-a top businessman, love his family a lot,treats lucky as his son…pampers ragini a lot,afraid of his wife…lol?,
quiet filmy… and a big fan of katrina kaif

Sumi mehra-wife of shekhar,mom…oops sry HM(hitler mom?)of ragini,very strict in case of ragini, doesn’t like pampering her so.much…
Everyone is afraid of her….?,speaks less

Dp kapoor-a big businessman, pampers ragini the most…(aise sasur ho to kya baat h?)
her one order and he wld turn the world upside down…can’t hear anything against her….
always scold lucky…always remain in his shorts nd tees even at work,quiet filmy…
and a big fan of Deepika padukone..

Ap kapoor-wife of dp,a full punjabi lady…,pampers ragini a lot,but her life is her son lucky(every mom loves her child so………..much?)
She is fond of make up nd new accessories,her looks matter for her the most….

Omi chopra- bff of lakshya and also a victim of ragini…?

Now the leads–
Lakshya kapoor-son of kapoors,nd ofcourse most handsome?…loves ragini from childhood… but sometimes get irritate wid her childishness…(awww mera baccha..?),always scolded by dp,best friend of omi..

Ragini mehra-wat to say yaar…, one word perfectly describes her …”kiddo”,who can say that she is 25 yrs old,her best buddy is ” chiku”
She is the queen of km nd mm….
She is most pampered by her poppsy and duggu uncle…afraid of her mom,a lazy *ss(just like me…?),nd one more thing she also loves lakshya….

So from this we can conclude that sumi nd lakshya r only sensible persons in both the houses…(ghar m koi to thik hona chahiye na…sab pagal honge to kya hoga..?)

So kapoOrs and mehras r neighbours cum friends, nd all knows abt lakshya nd ragini’s love…

Scene starts camera zooming inside a mansion where the name plate shows the name….mehra mansion.

A big hall was there …in which 2 ladies nd gents were present..,they were smilinv and excited seeing in a direction…
The camera in that direction… to see a boy kneeling down in front of a girl wid a bouquet? in his hands…

Boy-“so ms.ragini mehra(ya the girl is our heroine)…will u marry me”
Ragini was looking him wid her mouth wide open…she was so happy ,nd excited that her love ,her lakshya(ya the boy is our hero),was proposing her…
She opened her mouth to say yes,but sonething strikes her nd she shouts “No….”?
Everyone was startled listening her nd everything just stop,there was a pause in their life…all became statue…let’s see their POV at that time…

Camera then moves to shekhar ,nd his statue gets over nd he speaks…
Shekhar’s pov-
OMG! Lakshya is going to tell my princess thst”hamara dil aapke paas h” nd also” mujhse shaadi karogi”…
Then princess will say” hum tumhare h sanam”…
then they will get married nd then we will be “hum saath saath h”
But wait wat is this ,why princess said no,she loves him,why she is making him”hum aapke h kaun”…
Now i get it she rejects him bcoz he doesn’t like her proximity wid chiku,her bff,she doesn’t leaves chiku a minute…she sleeps wid him ,she baths wid him,she eats her food wid him…
Sumi comes from.nowhere nd says “hold on…..chiku is her teddy” nd then she again became statue.
So that’s why she rejected him.
And he again became statue.

Camera then moves to ap
Ap’s POV-
Oh my mata!(sry pinky ji aapka dialogue lene k liye…?)ye ragini puttar ko kya hua…?wo mere jigar k tukde ko mana kyun kar rhi h…
Wo bhi to usse pyar karti hena…
(She then thinks something)
Ab samajh me aaya…usse pata chal gya hoga lakshya k raaj ke baare me…?ki na uske left gaal pe ek pimple h…ha yahi hoga…isliye une mana kiya hoga…maine usse subah kaha tha beta thoda’ touch up ‘ karle….par wo h ki manta nhi…par main na lakshya ka pimple ka operation kara kar(like seriously..?)…ragini puttar ko mana lungi”
And again she became a statue.

Now camera moves to dp
Dp’s POV
Yippee!!!ragini meri doll,mere ghar meri beti ban kar aayegi(i love this kind of people…?),aaj main uska favourite cake banaunga…
Pehli baar mere naalayak bete ne kuch sahi kaam kiya h….
Par ye kya….ye mana kyun kat rhi h….i am sure iss gadhe lucky ne kuch kiya hoga ….ye sabke saamne bhola banta h par mann me khurafatiyan chalti hi rehti h…..pata nhi kha kiya hoga is gadhe k bacche ne…
(He realise wat he said “arre main to bhul gya ye mera hi beta h”)
(He sheepishly smiles towards the camera)?
Haa wo main ye keh rha tha ki ,agar ye sab iss lucky ki wajah se hua hoga na ,to kasam “deepu ki”(he calls Deepika as deepu)mujhse bura koi hoga nhi”
Then everything becomes normal again.
They were shocked wid ragu’s answer.
Lakshya who was at verge of crying(so innocent..?)” but ragu wat is the problem in me,u don’t love me kya”
Ragini ‘s eyes were also full of tears(true love…?)”lucky wat r u saying??i love u more than my favourite icecream(wow lucky ur rank is too high?),it’s just i doesn’t want to marry u like this”
Everyone was happy that she loves him ,but a question raised in everyone’s mind.
Lakshya”then how did u want to marry”
Ragini”actually na lakshya it doesn’t make sense that u proposed me,i accept,nd we marry,i didn’t want this type of love story,i want a perfect love story”
Everyone were scratching their head.
Ap-“ragini puttar ye “perfect love story “ki h?”

Ragini”arre aunty ek perfect love story wo hoti h jisme hero heroine k pyaar m hurdles aaye ,dono ko milne k liye mushkilo ko parr karna pade”

Shekhar”princess wat u want to do?”

Ragini”arre popsy,main chahti hoon ki hum dono ki love story me kuch hurdles aaye ,tabhi to maja aayega”

Dp”beta u can simply marry na,aur waise bhi h ye ladka kisi kam ka nhi h( wat a father…)”

Lakshya makes a pout.

Ragini”arre duggu uncle main isse sambhal lungi(hearing this lucky was shocked),waise bhi ye mera dream tha ki meri ek perfect love story ho,pls u all agree na”

No one can say no to her,all agree except sumi nd lakshya, but she used her “ram ban”,her sweet pout,nd they also agree.

Ragini was so excited ,she comes near the camera “get ready guys for the perfect love story”

Precap-dekhte ye ragini lakshya ko kaise sambhalti h?
Stay tuned for this perfect love story.

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