A perfect love story – a raglak os (Part 4)

Hey everyone…. chhaya is here…I am.so overwhelmed wid ur comments….ty everyone….
So finally this is end of this os….another story is on way….

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Part 3


Ragini nd lakshya were shocked….they doesn’t want to lose eo…they hold eo’s hands….
Ragini”but popsy…”interrupted by Shekhar”but vut kuch nhi….u r not going to marry him nd that’s final”
Dp”lucky leave her hand nd chalo….u r not going to marry her”
They didn’t leave eo’s hands….this make Shekhar nd dp angry nd they move near them nd tried to separate them but they were not leaving eo….ragini makes actions to omi…to start the sad music in bg….he tried to start it but can’t as he understand the mechanism….the music system started but the song was”lovely”of Deepika padukone….. everyone was shocked…dp was trying not to start dance but he can’t control nd started dancing madly….by jumping on sette….by trying to lift ap….ragini was glaring omi …who was trying to off the music by switching on and off the buttons….suddenly the song changes to”sheela ki j*wani”
Now dp.stopped nd shekhar started dancing….?
Even the servants were looking them like….?
Ragini was glaring omi….nd bechara omi was trying to stop this blunder….finally lucky went nd switch off the music system….nd make omi understand its working
Now everyone felt relieved….
Shomi”everyone get back to characters”
All nodded…

They all took the position shekhar nd dp were trying to separate them….nd finally after much struggle they suceeded….Shekhar take ragu to her home….dp takes lucky to their house….
Both our love birds were crying….(acting nly….but can’t see them crying…?)
In midnight…ragu gets a calll frm lucky”hello…ragu”
Ragini”haa lucky bolo…..”
Lakshya”ragu listen our families will not get us married, so there is nly one way”
Lakshya”ki hum dono bhaag kar shaadi kar le,so tum kal subah 6 baje apne ghar ke piche aa jana, i will pick u frm then”
Ragini”ok lucky”
Next [email protected]:30am
Dp goes to lucky’s room nd gets angry while seeing him sleeping,nd pushes him off the bed….he falls down wid a thud nd gets up”ouch!!”
Dp”u get ready fast,u need to go to princess….nd u listen u duffer,if due to u my princess has any tears,then no one cld spare u frm me”
Lucky gulps down his saliva,feeling frightened….
Nd soon dp went out….
Lucky”always i get scolded due to u ragu….but for u i can do anything”smiles nd went to washroom….
Here shekhar goes to ragu’s room,where our princess was enjoying her beauty sleep…
Shekhar”princess get up,u need to elope”
(Wat a dad making his own daughter elope?)
Ragini”dad let me sleep”
Shekhar”but lucky wld be waiting na”

Hearing his name she gets up,nd runs to washroom….
After 20 minutes ,she was ready….
Shekhar”let’s go”while walking towards the main door…
Ragini”no popsy i will go through the window,it wld be amazing experience”
Shekhar”but …”
Ragini”no,popsy ,pls….”then Shekhar nodded
They both make a rope through curtains….
Ragini”firstly u jump”
Shekhar horrified”but why me??”
Ragini”wo i want to check the power of rope,pls popsy”
Shekhar can’t say no to his princess…. so he unwillingly nodded no.
Nd by taking god’s name….jump down the rope…hopefully he landed safe…
Then ragu jumped down…nd ran to lucky’s car…bidding bye to Shekhar
Shomi who was seeing it through window,”this girl….who wears is?,who wears shorts on her wedding”

Scene @ temple
Where ragu nd lucky was sitting in front of the hawan kund…nd the pandit was chanting mantras…(but looks like something is fishy….)
The camera zooms on them
Where lucky was sleeping although sitting,while ragu seems to be quite annoyed….
Now her anger reached peak….she just hold the collar of pandit nd says”listen u panditji….jaldi jaldi mantra padhiye,warna aapka aisa haal karungi, ki aap dusro ki kya khud ki shaadi bhi nhi kara payenge,hena lucky”
Panditji gulps down
But lucky was somewhere else….
Ragini turNed behind to find a sleeping lucky….
She shouts”lucky”
Lucky jerks up nd shouts”sry papa,sry papa”but then realises his surroundings….
He sees an angry ragini nd says “sry”to her…
Panditji in order to be alive starts chanting mantras fastly ….
He says”varmala k liye khade ho jayiye”
They both stand up….nd was abt to put varmala…. but a sound came….”stop!!”
Shekhar nd dp were there….they came near to them…
Dp”we told u to not marry eo then why??”
Ragini”bcoz we love eo,nd can’t live withoit eo”
Shekhar”ok we cld marry u,but i had a challenge for u to fulfill”
Lucky now remembered abt the challenge nd gulps down his saliva…”wat challenge uncle”
Shekhar”u need to work at mr.khadaksingh’s farmhoise nd earn rs.500 ”
Lucky was shocked …..earning money was easy…but wid mr.khadaksingh….?
But he looked towards ragu….the excitement on her face…so he decided to do this…

Meanwhile panditji look them like wat is happening….how cld they agree so easily…
Next day approach mr.khadaksingh….firstly he was not interested….but finally after much convincing by ragu….agreed
Lucky for one week worked on his garden….nd earn rs.500 nd give it to Shekhar….
Everyone was happy…. as ragu’s dream fulfilled nd now they r happily married…

The end

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