A perfect and an imperfect (Intro)

This is a fan fiction which tells about friendship, love and sacrifices of the female lead named Maya…

Today let me introduce the characters of this story
About our female lead
Maya- a very beautiful, lovely yet childish girl who loves to live for others
Karthik- the bestest friend of Maya since their school days who always thinks about Maya’s goody life
Rithu- love interest of Karthik and so to be his wife and she replicates a trademark village girl
Ashwin- an another best friend of Karthik and Maya who is generally a laugh therapist of the gang
Riya- a very matured girl and wife of Ashwin

About male lead
Rishwanth- a care free spirited youth who turned into an angry young man
Chandhu- best friend of Rishwanth who had been with him in all his ups and downs
Moni- love interest of Chandhu and also a good friend of Rishwanth

let me know whether to continue my story or do i want to change something…

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  1. So maya and rishwanath are our leads

    1. Ya hayathi… u r right… tq…

  2. Pls cntnu

    1. Sure ji…

  3. Nice intro dr…….

    1. Tq alia ji… please follow my fan fiction…

  4. Yeah please continue…

    1. Sure prtibha ji… i will… tq…

  5. Plzz mention the actors or whom we imagine in tat character

  6. Hey ishu when will u update next part yr???

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