A perfect and an imperfect (Episode 8)


Next morning, Rish received a call from his mom who had reached India. She said that she will be coming to his home in the evening. Rish was happy after hearing that. He thought of sharing the happy news with Maya but recalled the previous night incident where he shouted at her unwantedly though she was not at the fault. He went and looked at Maya who was getting ready to go to hospital. He showed his laptop to her on which he had typed “good morning my new friend”
She was surprised at his gesture and she typed “good morning… when did i become your friend huh?”

Rish typed, “from yesterday after our kitchen fight..”
Maya typed back, “ohh really? But you have to work more to become a girl’s friend…”
Rish typed, “yes one should work more to become a mad girl’s friend who do all crazy stuffs outside and act all goody inside the home”
Maya typed, “lol… thats me… you have to learn more about me…”
Rish typed, “ok i will learn… and by the way i want to share a news with you.. my mom is coming to this home today evening”.
Maya typed back, “I know that… just now she called me and informed… don’t worry i will be back home soon”.
Rish was so happy and typed, “thank you so much angry bird”
Maya on seeing that got angry and typed, “thats my pleasure Mr. Khadoos… now leave my way to go to my hospital…”
Rish now started to speak, “oh come on Maya I was angry yesterday after hearing Payal name… Today my mom is coming.. so lets end this angry session”
Maya: Ok Mr. RNA… but I have a request…
Rish: what? Do you want me to do sit ups for my mistake?
Maya thought for a while and said yes
Rish: uff this is too much yar

Maya: if you want your new friend to smile, you have to do it… or else i won’t end this fighting session
Rish: ok ok today my mom is coming… i will do sit ups…
Maya: thats like a good boy
Rish holded his ears and started but Maya stopped him and said, “i was just joking… you need not do all this… i have already compromised with you..”
Rish: uuuuuuu
Maya: ya meeeeeee
Rish: oh my god… please give me some sense to predict whether she is angry or not..
Maya: ya obviously… it will be needed for you as you don’t have sense
Rish: ok i will surrender now… now tell me what request you have..
Maya was hesitant to tell

Rish: come on maya… you can tell me what you think.. don’t hesitate… i am your friend nah?
Maya: mmm actually i don’t want your mom to know about our distance… Lets fake a closeness in front of her… She should not get hurt and feel guilty that her decision of getting us married is wrong on seeing our distance… So i hope you understand what I mean…

Rish was really amused at her concern and care for his mom. Rish thanked her wholeheartedly and said “even i did not think about that.. and ok we will show off… i will contact you once when my mom will start off from her home.. Maya said ok but she turned back and asked for his phone number. They both exchange their phone numbers and headed to their respective works. But before leaving Maya said, “don’t forget… you have to work more to become my friend”… Rish smiled and said, “you don’t know about me… girls are so crazy and many girls are willing to marry me even now…” Maya said, “oh really? Then lets see…” Rish said, “ya its a challenge… i am very sure you will accept my friend request soon…” Then both Maya and Rish bid bye to each other and went for their work… They both were smiling the entire day thinking about their morning. Rish said to himself that “I have a strange connection with her.. I don’t know what… why did i act like a kid with her today? Why am i smiling now? when i spoke to her on her award function night, i felt something weird… i had a thought of knowing her since long… i don’t know why.. and why am i so desparate to be her friend? what it would be?”
Here Maya too thinks the same…

At evening:
Rish called Maya
Rish: may i speak to angry bird?
Maya: yeah its me khadoos
Rish: my mom is ready to come to our home.. so can you come?
Maya: yeah i am done with my work.. and i will be reaching home soon…
Rish: fine friendy… bye
Maya: lol bye…

They both reached their home and started to prepare for receiving mom. Rish bought dinner from a restaurant. they both got ready to welcome his mom. Mom arrived and was very happy to see them both. Rish went her hugged her mom and said i miss you. His mom laughed and said that i miss you too my laddu. Rish faked his anger and said, “don’t call me laddu. I am grown up and got married too.” His mom said that, “even if your kids get married, you will be my laddu my dear”.. they both laughed at this. Maya saw this from far smiled at their bond. His mom saw her asked, “how are you my dear? Is he troubling you so much that you are having tears in your eyes?” Maya just then realized that tears are flowing through her cheeks. Maya came to her, took her blessings and said that she is fine.
Mom: is he troubling you so much?
Maya nodded no

Rish: mom… she is troubling me with her stupid fights and arguements..
Maya: oh yeah… i am fighting always and you are right everytime… you are at the height of imperfection who does not even wash his dirty socks…
Rish: oh yeah Ms. Perfectionist…. home is not a museum to keep clean and tidy…
Maya was about to reply him back but she noticed mom was enjoying their silly arguements…
Mom: i thought I made a wrong decision of getting you married… but now on seeing you both, i am feeling happy… may god bless you both..
Rish and Maya looked at each other.

All three had a great time together. They went to dining table to have dinner. His mom made Rish to have his dinner in her own hands. Maya saw this and smiled at them. His mom called her near and made her eat with her hands. Maya was emotional and started crying. Mom said, “you are like my daughter… though we are MIL and DIL, it is not necessary to have a bitter relationship with anger and jealousy… a MIL-DIL should share a mom-daughter relationship… consider me as your mom…”

Maya was crying more by hugging her. Mom consoled her by saying, “cry as hard as you can… let your pain of missing your mom fade away…”

Maya thanked mom but mom wiped her tears and started to feed her again. Maya had tears in her eyes and she was looking at mom’s eyes longingly while eating. Maya asked whether she can feed her to which mom agreed. Maya started to feed mom and she felt like flying in heaven. Rish saw all this and felt bad for Maya. All three completed their dinner and mom said, “ok my dears… i feel so happy that you both are comfortable with each other.. its getting late.. so i will leave now… tomorrow you will get a sweet shock from me”.. Rish and Maya were confused and asked what. Mom said surprise and said, “bye laddu and bye my dear rasagulla..” Maya liked her new name rasagulla. She hugged her and said bye. Mom went and they both headed to their room.

Maya: you are so lucky to have such a cute good and cool mom…
Rish: yeah i am so lucky… and now you will share my luck…
Maya: i feel so happy today.. i am blessed to have her as my MIL.. we both know that we will not have a marital relationship.. but she will be my MIL always…
Rish laughed and said ok.
Rish recalled her care, love, affection and her words for his mom and how Maya made his mom not to feel guilty of getting them married..

Rish: this time i won’t thank you
Maya: but why?
Rish: i will thank god for giving such a good friend to me and giving such a DIL to my mom..
Maya smiled at him and said: but i don’t have faith in god…
Rish: why?
Maya: because he snatched my parents from me… he made my life hell in the past… he created that monster… he allowed that monster to enter into my life…
Rish was confused what she was saying and asked,”what do you mean and who is that monster? How he made your life hell?”
Maya: just brush it off… but don’t trust god… he will give you high hopes but will snatch everything from you..

Rish: but god has given you this life.. god has given you an amazing friend Karthik… god has given you a mom in form of your MIL.. god has given you a responsibility of saving people from dangerous diseases…I think god was not sure of his own talent of saving people using his magic…. thats why he created you and made you a doctor… everything has a reason… there may also be a reason for that monster’s entry in your past..
Maya felt right with his words and said, “may be you are right… and thank you”
Rish smiled and asked, “do you have an idea of my mom’s sweet shock?”
Maya nodded no

Rish: even i don’t know my friendy rasagulla
Maya: thats a special name my dear laddu
Rish: don’t call me laddu… i am grown up…
Maya: haha but still you are a kid to your mom
Rish: yeah… now she has two kids…
Maya was emotional at this…
Rish wished this happiness to stay in her life and said good night.. maya went to switch off lights, said good night to Rish and went to her sofa to sleep…

Precap: mom’s shocking surprise…

Thank you so much my new friend haya dear, lakshmi dhi, advaita dear, roma dear, ananya dear and all… and i hope you all like this episode too… thank you for your support…. love u all….

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  1. Oh my dr maya so sad yes rish words are absolutely correct…. ishu i am very impressed ur story ma… god bless to u

    1. Thank you haya…. luv u so much dear…. take care??

  2. Rish and maya both r really cute n his mother was so nice. Their bonding was really nice.will be waiting for next update to know about that surprise. love u ishu…..take care…

    1. Thank u so much lakshu dhi…. keep guessing what would be the surprise… luv u tooo….. take care….??

  3. Hi ishu dearrrr, lovely awesome episode…wowwww rish n maya new friendship developing…their laptop convo was sooo cuteeee…MIL, DIL n rish cute bond was really very sweet…loved their nick names..Laddu n rasagulla…I also call my little son laddu…dear maya, rish is right, now you have karthik, lovely MIL n new friend rish..hope for best…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode for surprise, maybe it’s honeymoon plans…., love you loads

    1. Thank you so much roma dhi… thank you for loving RiMa bond…. keep guessing about the surprise…. luv u too dhi…. take care of yourself and your sweet laddu… have a good day…

  4. Ishu this was a beautiful episode.. Loved their cute talks and mil-dil relation.. You are doing good. Update soon.
    Wat is the surprise…???

    1. Thank you so much dear…. keep guessing about the surprise… take care dear…. have a good day….

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