A perfect and an imperfect (Episode 7)


Next day morning, Chandhu said, “actually i am going to Moni’s native as her grandma is sick.. i have to accompany her and i will be back in 1 week.. so take care of each other… bye”… RNA and Maya are concerned about it. But at once they realize that they have to live under same roof and that too alone. Both were embarassed and headed for work. Evening Maya came first but does not have the house key. She thought of calling Rish but something cracked in her mind that she does not have his phone number. She decided to call Karthik and ask phone number. But she thought that Karthik would feel bad that i don’t even have his phone number. So she had no other options other than to wait. At that time, Payal came there and asked for RNA… Maya said that he isn’t back from his office. So Payal introduced herself as RNA’s girlfriend Maya shook her hands and introduced as Dr.Maya and taunted that one should introduce with their name and not with their identity. Payal is pissed off but gave a fake smile. Payal gave a parcel to Maya and asked her to handover to RNA once he is back and she went. Maya said ok and waited. As Payal went, Rish came. On seeing Maya at the door, he asked whether she is waiting for someone. To which she replied that she is waiting for him. He is confused and she cleared that she doesn’t have the keys and waiting for him to open the door. Rish opened the door and they both went in. Maya went to kitchen and prepared coffee for her. She was drinking just then Rish came after freshing up and saw her having coffee.

Rish: someone is having coffee and does not have manners to prepare one more
Maya: i thought someone does not like to have which i prepare
Rish went to kitchen and started preparing his coffee. He came back with his coffee and gave a victorious smile. Maya smirked at him and went to kitchen to wash her coffee mug. She saw the kitchen totally messed up and her jaws opened automatically. She gave an angry stair to Rish but he gave a smirk. Maya asked Rish to clean the kitchen. But Rish refused to do so. Ok atleast help me in cleaning. But Rish firmly said no. Maya said, “if you don’t help me in cleaning kitchen, i will call Chandhu” Rish knew that Chandhu will support Maya and so he said ok. Both started to clean kitchen. While Maya was about to keep something in the upper cabinet, wheat flour fell upon her. Rish laughed loudly on seeing her. Maya was mad at this and threw the leftover flour upon him. Rish stopped his laughing and started to throw vegetables upon her. Now both Maya and Rish started to throw flour, vegetables, tomatoes, eggs on each other. They became tired sat down in the messed up kitchen. Maya stared at Rish’s face and laughed crazily while Rish saw Maya’s face and laughed like a hell. They both were roftling. They both stopped laughing but again they started to laugh.

At this point, Karthik and Rithu came and saw this and asked,”whats happening?” Maya left her jaws open and does not know what to answer. Both Rish and Maya were embarassed to face them. They just said that they will be back after taking bath. Rish went to use Chandhu’s bathroom. Karthik and Rithu started to clean kitchen telling that Rish and Maya would start to mess again. Maya came first and saw the kitchen clean and noticed a note, “my lambu is happy in her new home and i want her you to stay happy like this always. Yours bittu” she smiled and kept that note safely. Rish came and saw the clean kitchen and headed to his room. Both saw each other and controlled their laughter but they started to laugh again on recalling their faces. Then slowly they stopped. Rish said that, “after i came to know that Payal was betraying me, i thought i have lost everything… today i laughed heartfully after a very long time.. thank you” Maya too thanked him back. Just then she remebered that Payal came and asked to handover a parcel to Rish. She just went and take that and gave it to Rish saying that, “a girl came and asked me to give this to you… ahh forget to tell you… she introduced herself as your girlfriend” Rish understood that was Payal and threw awat that parcel. Maya asked the reason but he shouted at her to stay out of it. Maya was confused at his behaviour. Once he was sweet as sugar and again he turned bitter as tonic. What an incredible character!

Ashwin and Karthik had a talk in the terrace
Ashwin: how is my chota bheem? You went without telling me…
Karthik: she is happy in her home and started laughing
Ashwin asked the reason and Karthik told everything what he saw there. Ashwin too started laughing.

Ashwin: i hope at least her second marriage would bring her happiness
Karthik in an angry voice: this is her first marriage… what happened before was an accident and the mangalsutra tied by that monster does not have any meaning
Saying this Karthik went angrily and Ashwin stood there and recollected that incident. He had tears in his eyes and apologized Karthik in his mind for making him remember. Thinking that he too went to his room and dozed off.

Hope you all like this episode…. thank you guys….

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  1. They r really crazy. Why payal wants to come back in rish’s life n Maya was already married another person before this marriage.Waiting for next updates to know their pasts.take care dear…

    1. Rish is not happy with this marriage nah dhi? Thats why payal wants him in her life…. and maya’s past will be revealed in 10th episode… and thank u so much for commenting dhi… take care and good night….

  2. Ishu i am confused now…. she is already married with whom i like karthik ashwin ek friend ke liye itna kuch karna impossible i am going to cry yaar…. awesome

    1. Yes haya… she is already married… thats her past life… only 2 more episodes and you will get to know about her… and yeahh karthik, maya and ashwin are inseparable friends… the past will also show about their depth…. take care and have a good day…

  3. Laughing like hell…it’s hilarious superb episode dearrr, RiMa rocking…loved their kitchen fight…payal is really irritating…keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very tight hug

    1. Thank you so much roma… and yeah payal will be quite irritating… luvv u too dear…..

  4. Your story is good ishu. I loved their kitchen fight a lot. That was something special… Loved it. Update nxt parts soon. Want to their pasts…

    1. Thank u so much ananya…. you will get to know about their pasts soon……

  5. Hilarious episode dear!! Loved their cute and sweet fights. Hate that Payal but I think u will use her to make Maya jealous and I would luv to see that…haha. Keep writing. Take care 🙂 🙂

    1. Thank you dear…. payal will be an irritating character…. keep following…. next part will be posted soon…. take care dear….

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