A perfect and an imperfect (Episode 6)


Next morning, as usual after her usual workouts and breakfast, Chandhu asked her, “at what time does the function begin choti?” To which Maya replied, “evening sharp 6”. Rish had a look at her and taunted indirectly, “woho attending function that too in salwar… someone has to improve their dressing because many guests will come over there they may talk in english too… but someone does not even open their mouth… they just open to blabber and eat cheese”… Maya left her jaws open at his gesture since she did not even heard him speaking and this was the first time she heard his indirect talks. But she did not show it and just invited Chandhu for the function and went. Chandhu invited him but Rish denied it saying that he has an important coverage in the evening where only senior repoters have been invited. Chandhu said ok.

At evening at the function:
Chandhu, Moni, Riya, Karthik, Rithu and Ashwin arrived together and had their alloted seats. Rish too came there as a reporter not knowing that it is the award function of his wife. All the senior reporters had been made to sit in the front row on the right side for the coverage whereas the award winners are made to sit in the front row on the left. The middle row is alloted for VIPs. The function starts and the award winners are called upon one by one on stage. They gave their live interview to the reporters. The announcement was made that “last but not the least, the best doctor of the year award goes to Ms.Maya”. Rish saw a girl with a sleeveless black full frock leaving her hair loose and a pointed heel. She turns out to be her wife Maya. He thought, “So is her name Maya? But Karthik called her as lambu jambu something? Wasn’t that her name and is she a doctor? So strange”. applauses were made and he came out of his confusions and resumed his work. Maya received her award and was asked to speak few words.

Maya started to speak, “I am so happy to get this award… but more than me, my family would be more happier than me..” The host asked about her family. To which Maya said “My family is right here in this function.. my mom, dad, brother, sister, grandpa, grandma, chacha, chachi, maasi, mama everyone is present here… and all are sitting in a single chair” All were confused at her lines… She continued that, “It is my friend Karthik who gave me all the relationship love… He was the one who made me to reach this height… He was the one who had been there with me as my mom, dad, brother, sister, grandpa, grandma, chacha, chachi, maasi, mama… He is my family…” At this point, everyone gave standing ovation to Karthik. The host asked Karthik to come to stage. Karthik with a teary eyed and a smile refused but Maya insisted to come to the stage. Karthik hesitantly came and he was asked to speak few words about his friend’s achievement. Karthik just said that, “she received this award only because of her hardwork… there is no part of me in her success and i am so proud of her” All applauded including Rish. He thought to himself, “she is not that bad”. The award function ended while Maya and her colleagues were enjoying with her. Clock stucks 10 pm and Karthik asked her to come as it got late. Maya said ok and came and someone came from behind and congratulated her. She turned to see Rish there and all were confused seeing him. Rish cleared that he came for the coverage of the function. Maya thanked him with a smile and all 8 headed to their respective homes.

At night in RiMa room:
Rish and Maya got freshen up and changed their clothes. Rish was in his bed and Maya was in her sofa. Rish called her for the first time directly and Maya looked at him.
Rish: Congrats once again
Maya: Thank you
Rish: so
Maya: so?
Rish: is your name Maya?
Maya: yes…
Rish: do you know my name?
Maya: no(with a low sound)
Rish: my name is Rishwanth Nand Agarwal… shortly my friends call me as RNA…
Maya laughed at his weird name
Rish: oi hello… why are you laughing? This is the name kept by my mom…
Maya: no actually it is a sweet name
Rish: thanks and smiled
Maya: actually you look good while smiling rather than your angry face
Rish: well you too… you have a good smile
Maya: thanks for your compliment
Rish streched his hand: ok officially, I am RNA, a senior journalist…. You can call me using name
Maya shook her hand with his hand: I am Dr.Maya…
Rish: how many nicknames do you have?
Maya laughed at this: Karthik calls me lambu, Ashwin calls me chota bheem, Arya calls me bestie and now Chandhu started calling me choti…
Rish: you are really a nautanki
Maya: excuse me?

Rish: yeah i saw you at the restaurant yesterday where you were all doing crazy
Maya left her jaws open
Rish: oi hello close your mouth
Maya suddenly closed her mouth
Rish: you are not that bad and you are also not a dumbo girl
Maya: yes i am not
Rish: so shall we sleep?
Maya: yeah sure but
Rish: what but?
Maya: please wash your socks regularly… it really stinks…
Rish: uuuuuu
Maya: ya meeeee
Rish smiled and said good night
Maya too smiled and wished him back and slept
Rish slept in his bed and Maya slept in her sofa.

Precap: kitchen galatta

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  1. Babes u said that rish will know her past in next update

    1. I will update in my 10th episode dear as i could not create a situation of revealing pasy… and i am sorry…

  2. Cool update, but what they even don’t know their names very funny. Atlast they began to talk with each other. Karthik n Maya’s bond was superb.RiMa name also nice.

    1. Thank you so much dhi… and my next episode is full of fun…. hope you will enjoy…..

  3. Nice waiting for the next part

    1. Thank you for commenting cutie pie…. next part will be posted soon…

  4. Hi ishu! What is this yar …..plzz don’t call me “ji” and all. I’m not an eighty year old woman yar…..hehe…..I’m in my second year of graduation dear. We all are friends dear.So no ji and ja…hehe. …ok.Just call me Advaita. And the chapter was awesome . I always enjoy it when the leads do cute arguments and ur story is just what I wanted. Bye . Keep writing. Take care 🙂 🙂

    1. Haha cool dear… and thank u so much…. i have submitted my next part…. enjoy that too…. it will be full of fun…. hope you will like next episode… take care dear….

  5. Awesome, lovely, marvellous episode, finally they got introduction…karthik n maya bond is very pure…funny how many nick names of maya n rish RNA,… Hahaha….love friendship bonds here ,simply very cute…keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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