A perfect and an imperfect (Episode 50)


Maya was dazed seeing Rish filling her mang with blood as sindoor. She looked at him with questioned and confused face. He cupped her face and asked, “I know this is not a perfect place to tell my feelings to you.. but trust me I will be there for you always.. and I don’t know how to propose.. but just wait.. after I get fine, I will propose you in a grand way.. but before that, I just want your hand along with me to go to the next step of our life.. will you? Now I don’t have any ring or any jewel.. so I will surprise you with something next time..”

Maya looked at him constantly and turned at the other side. She blushed and blushed and blushed. She again turned towards him and said, “oh god.. I have never heard such an unpleasant proposal anywhere.. you are really an imperfect guy.. just look where we are and what situation are we in.. we are hiding do you forget? And if you want me to accept your proposal, impress me..”

Rish: how should I impress you?
Maya: nah.. how can I tell you? Mmm first we should get to know each other..
Rish: we know about each other right?
Maya: then we should take care of each other, we should spend some good quality times, we should go outings, datings, dinner, romantic dance etc etc. There are many more idiot..
Rish looked innocently and confused and said, “girls are really impossible.. ok wait.. I will propose you in a grand way and you will be mesmerised seeing that..”
Maya: lets see..

Rish said to himself, “Maya I can’t explain where did we lose our way… it’s driving me insane and I know I just need one more chance to prove my love to you.. If you come to me i’ll guarantee that I’ll never let you go once more.. I regret still that I didn’t recognise when we were married that you are my Yadav aunty… Can we go back to the days our love was strong? Can you tell me how a perfect love goes wrong? Can you tell me how to get things back? The way we expressed our love through letters.. So many nights I dreamt holding my pillow tight.. I know that I don’t need to be alone.. when I open up my eyes to face reality, every moment without you seems like eternity.. I’m begging you, begging you to come to me and identify me as your grandpops.. I’m gonna swallow my fear and say I’m sorry for not being there with you in your tough times.. I want a new life and I want it with you.. if you feel the same, don’t ever let it go.. You gotta believe in the spirit of love.. It’ll heal all things.. It won’t hurt us any more.. No I can’t believe our love’s terminal.. Wanna build a new life.. Just you and me”

Maya said, “All fine… just you and me? But before that you have to impress me..”
Rish: how did you get my mind voice?
Maya: after all I am being with you for the past 4 months..
Rish: ahan…
Meanwhile they heard a knock at the door. They both panicked. But it was Raghu uncle. He came unlocking and said, “Dev sir told me to make an arrangement for you both to go to your home.. cab is outside.. you can reach home safely..”
Maya thanked him wholeheartedly. Before leaving, Maya gave them the address and phone number to give it to Dev.

Maya and Rish entered the cab and travelled to their home..
On their way, Rish felt sleepy and he slept in Maya’s shoulder. Maya carrassed his hair and smiled at herself. She said to herself, “will you get Maya so soon? Try hard Mr.Agarwal.. impress me.. but the fact is I am impressed already..”

Maya texted Chandhu some medicines to buy. Chandhu asked for what. Maya said just like that.

When they reached home, its almost night. Cab reached home. Maya carried Rish and ringed the calling bell. Chandhu opened it with sleepy eyes and shocked seeing Rish and Maya in such a state. He panicked and asked what happened. Maya gestured him to relax. She asked him to help her to Rish lie on bed as Rish was in his medicine effect. Chandhu took Rish and made him to lie on bed. Maya asked Chandhu to help her to sponge bath him. She felt shy seeing Rish’s body. She ran away from the room. Chandhu was like ?

Chandhu came after her and asked what happened. She asked him to make Rish sponge bath first. He said, “I did it and made him wear good clothes too..” Maya said, “wait.. I will give him injection and medicines..”

After she came, Chandhu asked, “what happened? What happened to Rish? What happened to you? Why has your dress become dirty? And why do you look tired? What happened yar?”
Maya narrated everything how Payal kidnapped him, how Dev helped her, how Payal shot Rish, how they escaped and stayed in hut and how they helped to reach home. Chandhu got angry. He started to shout, “so much has happened.. why didn’t you inform us anything? I agree you are a superwoman.. but are you mad to handle Payal?”

Maya: relax buddy.. now everything is fine.. wait I will fresh up and come.. prepare something light for Rish.. he has to eat..
Chandhu: what about you? I will prepare for you too..
Maya nodded..
Chandhu continued: what is going on between you both?
Maya: who both?
Chandhu: you and Rish..
Maya stumbled: no no noth nothing.. we are just friends.. no love and all that..
Chandhu: oh really? I thought you are like brother and sister..
Maya: what? Brother and sister? Me and Rish? Chandhu you are really an insane paranoid.. are you out of mind? Rish and I are in
Chandhu: Are in? Love huh?
Maya blushed and said: no
Chandhu placed his hand over her head and said, “I am happy that you both are there for each other.. the way you saved Rish and the way Rish saved you.. I am really amazed.. tomorrow morning, I will ask mom to take care of you both..”
Maya: but mom will get angry on me for Rish’s health status..
Chandhu: you know mom nah? Relax… you go and fresh up.. i will make food..

Maya nodded and went.

Dears actually one of my friends told me that the plot of the story is not so good and impressive.. thats why I left continuing the story.. if you people also feel the same, please share it.. critics are also welcome.. thank you..

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  1. Shruthis

    Ishu its superb dear …I am Cutieepiee who comments on your story..

  2. Its one of my favorite …. ….I love reading it ……its awesome …..plz do continue

  3. Who told u that?I’ll punch her.Don’t get upset,plz.Bt i’m angry with u,u hear someones bad comment & stop continue this awesome ff & make me wait fr this so long.U know na,i like this a lot.In this days i searched fr this everyday,seriously every singal day i searched fr it.and i get dissapointed.i thought that,what if anything happened to her?Is she ok?and i prayed fr ur well being!now lisen again don’t repeat such types of job.i’m a crazy fan of them,dear.plz update nxt epi ASAP,plz,plz,plz.i’m begging u!!

  4. Hey not at all dear I was waiting 4 the next epi of it egaely plzz continue it n give it a fab ending

  5. Oh!Forget to tell,d epi is nice also..Ishu apu,plz update soon.Love u.And always keep smiling…

  6. And Congratulation fr half sentury! 😀

  7. Dis story is amazing… pls do continue dr… waiting for nxt… n dnt make dev negative again in the eyes f Maya n dushu… k

  8. no ishu its really nice
    please continue ur ff
    thank u

  9. hey! its superb story . pls continue

  10. Hey ishu don’t think like that yr…RiMa is my favourite couple n for our sake continue it…….don’t hang story in-between..like this….its been so long to update n update soon n congratulations for 50th episode….

  11. Sweetie

    Hi Ishu..Firstly congratulations on 50th episode dear..Who said story is not nice??It’s one of my fav stories yaar..Do continue the story..Lovely episode BTW..Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

  12. Lakshmi05

    Hi ishu..how r u?I have searched for ur story when i came to tu again N who told u that it’s not good don’t think about that…it’s really superb,amazing n what not… So this is the reason for which u r not updating i thought u r busy,don’t repeat this again. Congrats for 50th episode of ur story dear…update next one soon… Luv u…tc….

  13. Hi ishu it’s awesome. plz don’t stop it.

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