A perfect and an imperfect (Episode 5)


Next day morning as usual Maya woke at 5 and went for her work out. Chandhu was also present there and they both share a smile. When they both are done with their work outs, she decided to thank him.
Maya: chandhu, wait
Chandhu: yes maya
Maya: actually thanks
Chandhu: thanks? But for what?
Maya: for your pizza
Chandhu: oh come on maya.. we both live under the same roof.. how come you can treat me like a stranger?
Maya smiled at this
Chandhu: so can i accompany you to go home
Maya: ya sure
Chandhu: so do you come here regularly?
Maya: ya but i haven’t seen you till now
Chandhu: actually my time slot is evening time.. but i heard morning workouts give good results..
Maya: ya exactly… shall we have ice cream?
Chandhu: but it will not be available at this time
Maya: i will arrange for it… come…

They both headed to an ice cream parlour which was closed…
Chandhu: see i told you nah? No shops would be opened at this early morning…
Maya: just relax
She opened the window and jumped into it
Chandhu: oh god what are you doing?
Maya: sshhh be silent
She went in and took two ice creams from the refrigerator… before she comes out she kept 100 rupees with a note Have a good day with a smiley… she came out and handovered an ice cream to Chandhu… he stood like a statue on seeing her… she shook him and he came to his sense…
Chandhu: what did you do? Are you crazy?
Maya: yes i am… by the way have you ice cream or it would melt..
Chandhu: i did not know you would be so naughty…
Maya: haha relax you don’t know me nah? Soon you ll get to know me..
Chandhu: ohh no… you are really mysterious…
They had a good laugh and reached home together…
Maya: so now we became friends…
Chandhu: you will be my choti…
Maya: haha but dont expect me to call you as bhai…
Chandhu: i know that… just call me Chandhu and i will call you choti… deal?
Maya: yaa double deal…

Chandhu: ok choti its time to get ready.. by the way thanks for the ice cream…
Maya: awww mention not… dont be so formal…
Chandhu smiled and said ok..
They both shared their phone numbers and headed to their respective rooms..
Maya entered just to see Rish was ready… so maya silently went to take bath and came.. all three had bread, butter jam as their breakfast and locked their home… Chandhu and Rish were supposed to go somewhere but his bike had some starting problem.. they tried hard but it did not start.. Maya saw this and gave her scooty keys to Chandhu and said, “go with my vehicle… i will call my friend to pick me up…” they had no other options so Chandhu got the keys and said that he will give the keys and vehicle by afternoon… she said ok and called Arya to pick her up.. just then Karthik, Ashwin and Riya arrived…

Ashwin: so my chota bheem had forgotten us as soon as she got her new friend
Maya ran towards them and hugged them…
Maya: How can i forget you stupid? You are so mean… she faked her anger and Ashwin consoled her. Maya asked for chocolate in return of forgiveness… Ashwin gave her a big box full of chocolates and she was overwhelmed with this.
Rish watched their cute fight and smiled at them and waved off bye.
Karthik: how are you
Maya: i will always be fine when you are with me
Riya: how is your husband
Maya stood silent
Ashwin: how can he be happy after marrying this devil?
Maya started to chase him to beat

All laughed at this and Maya asked them to drop her at the hospital.. Karthik agreed and all 4 went.. maya waved them bye and said that”i am now feeling happy after seeing you all… thanks for visiting me.. you made my day today”. Ashwin had tears in his eyes after hearing this. All asked what happened. But ashwin just said, “i am feeling sorry for her husband.. how will he be able to tolerate her stupidity?” Again Maya-Achu silly arguements start but Riya stopped them and except Maya, the other 3 went after leaving in her hospital.

As soon as she enters her cabin, she could see lot of congratulations message.. she wondered why.. suddenly Arya tapped her at the back and said excitedly that she had been selected as the best doctor in our state… she gets happy and called Karthik to inform about this.. Karthik felt so happy and said, “once again you have proved yourself”.. Maya has tears of happiness… The chief doctor came and said, “Congrats maya you have earned a very good name… tomorrow is your award function.. so get ready for that..” Maya thanked him heartfully and gave the credit to him… He blessed her and went.. Arya asked for treat.. Maya happily agrees and asked him to invite all our hospital staffs.. Arya nodded ok and went to call everyone..

After the duty time gets over, all headed to a restaurant which was booked totally by Arya. Maya was surprised at this and everyone went inside to have fun.. just then Chandhu called and asked where she is… she gave him address and disconnected the call… Chandhu asked Rish to pick up Maya from the restaurant. Rish denied it but Chandhu somehow made him to agree.. Rish went to pick Maya from that restaurant..

Rish reached there and searched for her.. there he was shocked by seeing Maya there. Maya was dancing crazily with her and shouting loudly that lets enjoy today… Rish was dumbstuck on seeing her behaviour. He waited till she finishes her fun. He watched her silently. The party was over and she came out. She noticed Rish standing out and wondered why he was waiting outside. Rish gave her a helmet and sat in her scooty without saying anything. She understood that he came to pick her up. She sat in her seat and they both headed to their home.

On their way, she thought of celebrating this happy news with Chandhu, Moni, Karthik, Rithu, Riya and Ashwin.. she saw a pizza hut and coughed wantedly. Rish understood something and stopped scooty. She got down and ordered pizza for all of them and called her friends to come to her new home. After buying them, they headed to their home without speaking a word. They both reach their home and at the same time Karthik, Ashwin, Riya, Rithu and Moni arrived. All 8 had a very good time together but still Rish does not know the reason for pizza party. He just thought it as a pay back for the previous night dinner. He too joined them and everyone signed off from each other and headed to their respective rooms…

Precap: Rish congratulating Maya

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  1. Oh god maya was so crazy yaar….. so caring friends ysar

    1. Thank you so much haya dear…☺️

  2. Nice yaar .Hey ishu Whr r u frm?
    n r u studying?

    1. I am from tamilnadu… i am 18 years old pursuing architecture course and i am in my 2nd year….. what about you dear?

      1. I’m frm A.P. …I hv completed B.Ed dear .

  3. Awesome chapter!!! I luv Maya’s character! Waiting for Rish and Maya to fall in love….Post next part soon dear. Keep writing. Take care πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. Thank u so much dear… next episode is posted already..??

  4. Awesome, lovely episode, maya n rish cute couple…waiting for their moments. ..precap sounds good…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Thank u so much roma… next part has been posted dear….. luv u too….

  5. ur episode is quite different i liked it so pls update ur episode daily all it req
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