A perfect and an imperfect (Episode 49)


Maya took Rish through the rear door. The watchman Raghu uncle directed them to a hut which no one will be knowing. She thanked him and went there.

Meanwhile Payal came to hospital and asked the receptionist about Rish. The receptionist said that Rish was discharged and went to Delhi for treatment as he was severely injured. Payal got angry and went out. Dev thanked the receptionist for helping and went along with Payal.

Maya and Rish reached the hut and sat. Raghu uncle had already asked his wife Sita aunty to provide food for them. Raghu uncle’s house is situated beside the hut. Sita aunty had arranged a good meal for them. Maya thanked them whole heartedly. She was unable to feed Rish as her hands were burnt. On seeing this, he looked longingly at Maya. He got the food and started to feed Maya. Maya first denied and asked him to eat first. But Rish was adament to make her eat. Maya took a bite from him and asked him to eat. He made a deal that he would take a bite and she should take a bite. He feeded her and took food himself. Sita aunty looked at them and said, “let me take bad drishti from you both.. if i look at you for some more time, even my eyes will fall on you..”
She made them to sit and got rid off bad drishti. Maya looked at Rish and smiled.
Sita aunty said, “call me if you need something.. i will lock it out so that no one gets to know that you are here..”
Maya holded her hands, “thank you so much aunty.. I don’t know how to repay this help..”
Aunty said, “don’t tell me thanks.. feel free..” saying this, aunty left and locked out.

Rish pulled Maya towards him and hugged her. Maya hugged him back. They both lost themselves into each other. Rish broke the hug and looked at Maya’s palms which were burnt. He kissed the wound and placed his cheek over her palms. She lifted his face and asked what. He said nothing and looked at Maya’s feet and knee which were bleeding. He made her to sit down. With difficulty, he stood up from the wheelchair and sat down next to her. He tore his shirt and tied around her knees and feet. Rish cupped Maya’s face and asked, “now tell me.. why did you do this?”
Maya: because you have to get fine so that i can fight with you..
Rish: look into my eyes and say what you prayed to God..
Maya: i prayed “please make him fine so that I can kill him with my hands..”
Rish: don’t look down.. look into my eyes and say..
Maya looked at his eyes and forgot herself. She started to say how she did Angapradhakshana, Adipradhakshana and how she came around the temple 108 times with knees. She also said how she came to his ward and asked him to come out of danger.
Rish had tears in his eyes and said, “I should have done yajna for many years to have you as my best friend cum wife..”
Maya: same here..

Rish: what did you speak to me in my unconsious state? I wish to know it…
Maya: I didn’t speak anything..
Rish: Shall I say what you spoke to me?
Maya: ok say.. let me also know..

Rish: you came near me and holded my hands and spoke, “does even Yama Dharmaraja want to befriend you as you are the bestest in the world? Is that why he came to earth to take you with him? But have in mind that you are my bestie.. you can’t go to him so easily.. I won’t let him to come in between us.. If Yama Dharmaraja wants a best friend, he can take me and not you.. you are my little garden whose flowers belong only to me.. If Yama wants those flowers, he needs to take permission from me.. he just can’t come from somewhere and take you along with him.. I know you are in your unconscious state.. but can’t you hear me as I know my voice is buried deep in your heart.. and remember our beautiful moments which are hidden inside you.. Please God.. show some concern and kindness towards him.. can’t you hear my weeps and scream? Rishu.. come on get up from your sleep.. don’t worry about your injuries.. I will carry you for your lifetime.. just open your eyes.. my dear Rishu.. I gave all my soul to you.. those memories which everything that happened between us are killing me so please come in front of me and tease me about my food habits.. i considered you as my sky which has no ends but you are trying to go away like a rainbow.. if I close my eyes, I can’t see any darkness because I could see only your face.. whatever I speak, you are coming to my mind and you are being my language.. its been while last since we met.. I can’t forget what happened until the last minute.. I regret my actions of hurting you many times.. you have born for me then you are leaving me for no reasons.. I am becoming a walking dead body because of your memories.. just like waves are hitting the shore, your face is hitting my heart.. bubbles give beauty to water and gets disappear suddenly.. same way you gave a meaning to my life and added beauty to it.. but don’t get disappear… if you go away from me, there will be no one for me.. iā€™m walking down.. so all coming back dont ever forget me man thats all i ask.. you gotta control my thoughts and emotion.. don’t leave me.. come back for me…”
This is what you told me.. am I right?

Maya widened her eyes and opened her jaws.
Maya: no no no no… I didn’t speak to you.. don’t blabber..
Rish: are you sure? Make a promise that you didn’t speak it.. he stretched his hand and asked for a promise..
Maya’s hand started to shiver and tried to promise but said, “Yes I talked them to you.. Agreed.. happy? Now what.. shut your mouth and sleep..”

Rish moved close to Maya. Her heart started to beat high. He whispered in her ears, “Does your heart gets high when I come near you?”
He locked her with his hands and asked, “Do you feel shivering if I am around you so close?”
He slowly touched her face, eyes, nose, cheeks and lips and asked, “are you feeling hard to breath if I touch you?”
He got close to her and was about to kiss but Maya pushed him away.

Maya said, “yes.. my heart gets high when you come near me.. I get shivering if you are around me so close.. and I feel hard to breath if you touch me.. I don’t know why..”
Rish felt as if he was flying in the sky as he got to know that Maya also had feelings for him. He cut his hands, dipped his thumb in blood and filled her mang with it as a sign of sindoor. Maya was dazed.

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