A perfect and an imperfect (Episode 48)


Rish holded her hands tightly. Maya felt a little embarrasement. Yet Rish constantly looked into her eyes which made her to lose herself. She placed her head over Rish’s shoulder and hugged him and cried. Rish waved her hair and pacified her. Just then Dev entered into the room. Maya suddenly woke up and welcomed him. Maya introduced him to Rish as Paapidev and said how he helped to find him in the water tunnel and how he donated blood.

Rish looked at him. He had a strange feeling of knowing him since long. Rish thanked Dev for being with Maya. But Dev said, “I should thank you bhai.. Maya is my bhabhi.. I will be there for you both till my last breath..” Rish felt touched by his words and asked, “have we met earlier? Because I have a feeling of knowing you for long..”
But Rish couldn’t identify him as his own younger brother because Dev had changed his get up and seeing him after 10 years.

But Dev denied saying, “Its been just two days I am in Bangalore.. i came here in search of job..”
Maya said, “oh wow.. you have good sense in finding and investigating.. why don’t you join in my husband’s office?”

Rish too agreed and said, “yes Mr.Paapidev.. you have done lots and lots of favours to us.. if you join in my company, I will really be happy..”
Dev denied at first but after a lot of compulsion, he finally agreed. Maya thanked him again. Dev excused himself and went out.

Dev recalled what happened in the tunnel after Rish and Maya left for hospital.

Payal was tied up by Dev and called Police. But Payal being the wicked minded convinced Dev with her emotional blackmail not to send her to jail. She also said that Rish cheated her. She asked his hands to destroy them. Dev self thought, “If I don’t agree to her words, she will somehow search for another person to destroy the lives of my bhai and bhabhi.. so I will act like I am with her..”
Dev then said, “Okay.. I am doing this as I am in need of money..”
Payal felt happy and thought that Maya would be killed and laughed like a witch.
**FB ends**

Dev said, “I will repent my childhood mistakes by saving your lives.. I am ready even to give my life to you..”

In hospital room,
Maya: please promise me that you won’t perform such act again..
Rish: Come on Maya.. Its my duty to save you.. If you were in my place, would you have enjoyed someone killing me?
Maya: how can I? I would have come in between bullet and you..
Rish: This is what I did..
Maya didn’t have words what to say next.
Rish: give me your hand.
Maya: for what?
Rish looked into her eyes and asked, “won’t you give me your hand?”
Maya felt a little shivered and gave her hand with a lot of thoughts.
Rish looked at her and was about to kiss it. Just then he noticed the marks of fire in her hands.

Rish widened his eyes and panicked.
Rish: whwhwhwhwhat is this? How it happened? Who did this? Jjjjuujujust tell me how it happened?
Doctors entered the room for checking him up.
Doctor: she prayed for you.. she placed camphor in her hands and flamed it till she got the news that you are fine.. not only that, she did Angapradhakshana, Adipradhakshana, came around the temple 108 times with knees and thus her prayers were answered.. and the highlight of this prayer is that when we were in college, she didn’t have faith in God.. yes she is my senior and I have been ragged by all my seniors except her.. She is very good at heart.. Maya di.. do you remember me? I am Akash.. your junior..
Maya had spark in her eyes and shouted, “Akash!! You here? Wow so good to see you after a long gap..”
Akash, “Yes didi.. I am doing great.. Wait I will check your husband and talk to you..”
Rish with thankful eyes looked at her like, “why did you do this for me? Am I so important in your life that you have got belief in god?”

After Akash checked him up he said, “everything is fine.. no internal bleeding.. he is perfectly fine.. and make him walk and practice him..”
Maya said, “oho Akash.. you became a doctor.. during our college days, you were like an innocent kid.. but now warewah what a change! So good to see you.. you remember Arya?”
Akash: yes.. the king of ragging.. how can I forget him?
Maya: we both are working in same hospital.. if you have time, come we will definitely have a good time..
Akash: okay.. I will surely come.. here is my contact number and be in touch didi..
Maya: haan sure junior.. this is mine..
Akash: okay fine I will leave now but give him practice of walking..
Maya: I am your senior and I have more experience than you..
Akash: who will win by arguing with you? Its my duty time.. I will leave..
Maya: bye..

Maya went to Rish and said, “come on come on.. lets walk..”
She made Rish to sit. He asked her to sit near. Maya sat near him and suddenly Dev entered and said, “Payal came here.. you both please get escaped.. she is in her verge of anger.. bhabhi please take bhai with you and go through back door.. I talked with the watchman he will help you..”

Maya panicked but Rish said, “let her come.. I don’t get afraid of her.. she is like dust to me.. I will blow her off..”
Maya: Please Rishu.. come lets go.. she became a psycho.. she will go to any extent to get you.. please I don’t want to lose you again..
Dev too said, “bhai.. please go.. there is a small hut behind this hospital.. I will clear bills.. now you go..”

Rish was adament in his decision but Maya pleaded him. Not able to see her pleasing him, he half heartedly agreed.

Dev brought a wheel chair on which he helped Rish to sit. Maya and Rish went out through the back door.

Precap: Rish filling Maya’s maang with blood.

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