A perfect and an imperfect (Episode 47)


Surgery was successful and Maya was informed by the doctors that he would have a faster recovery. Maya thanked them and went to the reception to complete the formalities. Meanwhile, Rish murmured in his unconscious state, “Maya Maya…”
The nurse went to inform doctor about this. Dev entered the ward and saw Rish murmuring. He recalled his old childhood days where Rish was so affectionate to him. Dev used to call Rish as his second dad. And Rish being an elder brother, he protected Dev from all sorts of conflicts. Rish also supported him even when Dev was wrong. He was being the best friend to him. He also knew that Rish had a bitter days with dad because of him. He regretted his act.

Dev carressed Rish’s face and said, “RNA.. You were there for me.. and I spoiled your name.. I brought a big black mark regarding your upbringing.. my asylum manager told that you came to meet me few months ago.. I am really wondered how you still care for me.. I love you bro.. I wish to be under your feet throughout my life..” he had tears in his eyes and he came out silently.

Here in Rish’s home, mom had a strange feeling. She felt a combination of happiness and sadness. It was strange as she didn’t know how she is feeling. She shared about this to dad and said, “something is striking me.. I don’t know how it feels.. you know? I am feeling worried and happy together.. is this a sign of anything?”
Dad calmed her and said, “please chill.. don’t panic.. don’t feel stressed..”
But mom was not satisfied. She just hoped everything should be fine.

Doctors examined Rish and said that he would get his conscious soon. And also said, “It was not any miracle that saved Rish but your strong belief and his immovable and passionate love towards you that he felt that he should live with you happily..”
Maya was stumbled with the words. She just gave a smile to them and they left.

She asked herself, “Are they speaking true? Ego filled Mr.Agarwal is in love with me? No its highly impossible.. he can’t love me..” just then she recalled his confession to Payal.. she continued, “what if they are telling truth? What if he really loves me? OMG how should I react now? But why am I feeling happy after hearing that Rish loves me? Ok Maya cool.. these doctors are just trying to convince me positively.. even you do the same when some miracles happen in your surgery.. so nothing to worry.. chill chill chill.. Maya and Rishu are friends.. only friends.. not more than that.. there is no love in Maya’s life.. similarly Rish said like that to Payal only to irritate her.. he could never love me.. he just knows how to tease me and fight with me.. relax Maya.. nothing like that will happen.. remember ONLY FRIENDS..”

At that time, Rish slowly opened his eyes. Maya ran towards him and looked at him deeply. He opened his eyes and saw her face. She asked, “how are you feeling? Are you fine?” Rish nodded his head saying yes. She further asked, “do you feel any discomfort?” Rish nodded his head saying no.

Maya started to shout
“What are you thinking of yourself? Do you think you are my super star Rajnikanth to fight against evil things? Look don’t try to become like him.. do you have an idea what would be the consequences if something happens to you? Who will fight with me? Who will tease me about my food habit? Who will be there to go out with me in midnight just to have golgappes? Who will tease me about my weight? With whom will I share my worries? With whom will I have nok-jhoks? With whom will I fight for the pizza with extra cheese? Who will be there for me for hanging out? With whom shall I purchase dresses for Chandhu-Mona’s wedding? Who will be there for me to protect me from Payal? Whom will I kiss in bathroom under shower?”
Suddenly she came to realization after what she said last.

Rish grinned and blushed at himself. Maya looked at him and thought again, “why is he blushing after telling about the bathroom incidence? Does he really love me? Oh no.. cool Maya.. you are just his friend and not more than that..”

She again continued, “You didn’t think about me before giving yourself to Payal’s bullet.. I hate you Rishu.. I really really hate you to the core.. don’t even try to show your face to me..”

All these while, Rish was looking into Maya’s eyes very deeply losing himself into her. But Maya avoided his eye contact and reminded herself, “stupid Maya.. don’t fall for him.. he is just your friend and you are just his friend..”.

Precap: Rish and Maya hiding in a hut without the knowledge of Payal.

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