A perfect and an imperfect (Episode 46)


Thank you everyone for supporting me.. And I am sorry since I couldn’t thank you personally and individually for the past few episodes.. I am trying to make time to give updates.. but Alas I couldn’t.. I am really sorry the inconvenience.. now coming to the episode..

They reached hospital. The doctors arrived hurriedly and took him to the operation theatre after doing some formalities. Maya was allowed to stand outside but she said, “I am also a doctor.. ID card.. uff I didn’t bring my ID..” one of the doctors identified her. He said to the chief, “She is the one who won the best doctor award.. she is a doctor only..”
Then Maya was permitted inside. She dressed up herself with green hospital dress with a mask and just saw what Rish was going through with tears in her eyes.

She saw how the doctors were treating him. Tears were flowing through the reddish eyes and pinkish cheeks. She said to doctors that nothing should happen to him. The doctors obliged and did their best to save Rish. After a long try, the doctors said, “He has a severe blood loss.. possibility of surviving is very very less.. his blood group is also a rare one.. it is not available in our hospital right now.. if you know someone of the same blood group, bring that person.. rest only god knows..” Maya shook her head no. But the doctors said, “you too are a doctor.. you know about the patient’s condition.. think apart from relationship bonding.. don’t think emotionally.. you too know he has very less possibility..” Maya shook her head and said, “No no damn no.. rish will survive rish will survive..” she sat down and weeped.

She saw someone chanting god’s mantra. She recalled Rish having faith about God. She walked outside hopelessly and saw a temple. She didn’t have an idea how to worship a Hindu God as she was brought up in Church. She went inside and folded her hands and said, “look God.. i am not connected to you.. I just came for your believer Rishu.. its your duty to save him.. he is the one who made me to stand in front of you.. Yet I don’t have hope in you.. i came here just for Rishu.. If i go alone, i can’t face mom who gave me a motherly love.. you snatched my parents from me.. you snatched my childhood happiness from me.. you snatched my teen age happiness from me in form of that monster Dev.. you have snatched everything from me.. I don’t have anything to lose other than Rishu and Karthik.. if you think one must be punished for not praying you, then punish me and not the one who had a strong belief in you..” She took a camphor and lighted it. She placed it in her palms and said, “This fire is not of camphor but of my strong hope of making him fine..” she closed her eyes and recalled every happy incidents with Rishu. Automatically a smile came in her face.

Just then she saw an aunty doing Adipradhakshana. She asked pandit about that. He said that by doing that prayers will be answered.

Maya did both Adipradhakshana and Angapradhakshana. She also had food in bare ground. She walked with knees around the temple 108 times chanting God’s mantra. After completing all these prayers, she came back to God. She asked, “are you satisfied now? I have prayed you enough for not praying since my childhood.. just make my Rishu fine.. he did it for me.. he gave up his life for saving my life.. please save him..”

Suddenly one of the doctors came and said, “Dr.Maya.. someone came to donate blood to your husband.. your prayers have been answered..” Maya had a broad smile and thanked God for answering her prayers. She ran inside the hospital with much difficulty after losing all her energy in prayers. She was not able to walk since her feet and knees were bleeding. Though to see Rish fine, she ran inside. She was shocked to see Dev donating blood. She went to him and asked, “Mr.Paapidev.. you here? How come? How did you escape from Payal? How did you know we are here? I am thankful to you..” Dev calmed her and said, “bahu..this is my duty.. don’t make me an anonym by thanking me.. I told you nah? I am helping my brother.. if he is my brother, then you are my bahu..” she thanked him a lot.

After sometimes, a surgery was done to Rishu and it was successful.

Precap: In hospital bed, Maya to Rish: I hate you Rishu.. really really i hate you to the core..

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