A perfect and an imperfect (Episode 45)


Maya shouted, “Rishuuuu”
Dev and Payal were utter shocked. Payal dropped her gun and her hands started to shiver in fear. Dev tied up Payal with a rope. Maya was standing still in a shock. Rish touched her cheeks and she came to senses. She saw him in a blood pool state and widened her eyes. Tears were rolling down from those two reddish eyes. Rish wiped off her tears with his blood hand with a smile on his lips. Maya at once didn’t know what exactly happened. Dev came to Maya and urged them to go to hospital first. Maya couldn’t hear anything. Dev shouted in her ears, “He is getting weak.. lets go to hospital..” but there was no reaction from Maya. She just stood with tears rolling down on her cheeks.

Rish was breathing hard. He holded her hands and smiled at her hardly. Dev made Maya to come to realization. Maya came to reality. She saw Rish and cried loudly. She consoled Rish, “don’t worry Rishu.. I will never let happen anything to you..” she cried continuously. Dev called ambulance. Maya was unable even to cry. She couldn’t breath. She pumped Rish’s chest. Her hands were shivering. Yet Rish was looking at her face with a smile.

Ambulance arrived.
Dev helped Maya to go inside the ambulance with Rish who was in his half consciousness. Dev said that he would reach hospital after handing over Payal to police. Maya and Rish were in ambulance. Maya rushed the driver to speed up while she was crying hardly.

Dev went inside the tunnel and called police. By the time he collected Rish’s wallet and mobile which were there scattered. He opened the wallet to see Rish-Dev-Mom-Dad family photo. He was shocked. He remembered Maya addressing her husband as Rishu. He also remembered that his brother’s name is RNA i.e Rishwanth Nand Agarwal. He said to himself, “It means the one whom I saved is ny brother..” he remembered the words which he said to Maya, “If you wish to fight for your husband, just think that I am fighting for my brother..”
He didn’t know how to react.

Meanwhile in ambulance..
Rish holded Maya’s hands. He gestured her to come near him. She went near him. He cupped his face and kissed her forehead. He asked, “you should not forget me if I die..” Maya closed his mouth with her hands but he continued, “let me speak.. I have many things to say.. before something happenes to me, i just want you to know that…” He started to breath hard. He couldn’t breath. Maya tried to do his first aid. But she was unable to do so. The nurse who was in the ambulance did his very primary first aid. He felt better. He continued, “Actually I Lo…” She closed his mouth and said, ” i want to hear it from you but not now..” Rish lost his conscious.

They reached hospital.

Precap: Rish had severe blood loss. Maya couldn’t treat him as her hands were shivering though she is the best doctor.. Doctors said that Rish has very very less possibilities of survival.

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  1. Sad praying for rishi nothing should happen to him.

    1. Nothing will happen dhara di… and thanks a ton…..

  2. emotional n sad

    1. Nothing will happen to our hero…. and tqq dear…

  3. Oh ishu.. It was a tragic epi.Hope her rishu will be fine.please update asap and best wishes for exams.

    1. Tqqq sooo muchh himaaa….. rishu will be fine….. trying hard to upload regularly dear….

  4. as usual it was awesome….waiting for ur nxt update…All d very best for ur exam dear

    1. Tqqq soo much dear….. next part uploaded….

  5. Nice update but nothing should happen to rish pls

    1. Tqqq sooo much dear… nothing will be happening to rishu…..

  6. pls save rishi

    1. Maya will save him dear…

  7. OMG!! Painful update.. 🙁
    All the best for your exams dear.. 🙂

    1. Tqqq sooo much sweetieee……

  8. Hope he’ll get well soon.Feeling bad for them.Update nxt epi soon,plz.Best of luck..

    1. Chill umama… nothing bad will happen…. and tqqq sooo much…..

  9. Amazing

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  10. Nice $ sooo emotional….
    All the best fr ur exam…

    1. Tqqq soo muchh dear…. doing my best in my exams….

  11. Ahhhh, sad for RiMa…..dev recognized his bro ….love you loads

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