A perfect and an imperfect (Episode 44)

Dears… I have my exams in the upcoming days.. I will try to update regularly but a short one… please accept dears…

Maya and Dev went together in search of Rish. On their way, Maya thought of informing Chandhu about the incident. But Dev stopped her saying that they would get panicked after hearing the news. Maya felt he was right hence they proceeded the search. After a long search, they reached the right destination. Maya wanted to speak to Rish. She called Payal.

Payal: yes Maya..
Maya: I need to speak to Rishu..
Payal: no you can’t..
Maya: Payal.. listen.. all your calls have been recorded.. if you don’t allow me to speak, I will definitely take police’s help.. do you want to accompany your dad?
Payal was pissed off and gave the phone to Rish. Since Payal injected him a sleeping dose, he was unable to open his eyes.
Payal: He is sleeping.. talk to him later..
Maya: ok tell me the place.. i will wake him up..
Payal: Am i mad to tell the place? Even if you trick me, you will never know the place.. and you don’t know this head water tunnel is not in use.. you can never ever try even to touch me..
Maya jumped in joy that Payal told her the place where she has kept Rish by mistake..
But Maya didn’t show it off..
Maya: ok Payal.. tell me when he wakes up..
Payal: don’t forget the deal.. I need my dad..
Maya: ok Payal.. I will think over it..
She disconnected the call.
Maya jumped in joy. Dev asked about it. Maya said that dumb Payal told herself the place unknowing to herself. Dev said, “then why to wait? Lets go..”
Both Dev and Maya headed.

It was a place surrounded by lots of steel and iron rods. It was very difficult to go in. Maya closed her eyes and thought about all the moments with Rish- their marriage, their non-stop talks, their fights, their hugs, their intimate moments and finally his dirty stinky socks. She opened her eyes and walked forward with determination. Dev accompanied her. But Maya stopped him saying, “I don’t know how to thank you.. and I also don’t know how danger is to go in.. please don’t come with me.. I will go on my own.. thank you so much for helping me Mr.Paapidev..”
But Dev said, “No Mrs.Maya.. I want to rescue your husband.. please don’t say no.. I wish to help you.. please.. now don’t waste time by talking here.. ”

Dev continued, “If you wish to fight for your husband, just think that I am fighting for my brother..”
Maya thanked him again. They moved forward.
Meanwhile, Payal took photos with Rish. He slowly came over from his injected effects. He tried to push her away but in vain. Payal gave money to her men and said, “your job is over.. you all may leave..” After seeing her men going, Payal tried to force Rish to make love. But Rish pushed her off. Payal slapped him and cried, “why aren’t you understanding me Rish? I am all yours and you are mine.. have you forgotten all those moments which we spent together.. I agree I am not a good singer like Ms.Yadav but trust me my love is more than hers.. she cheated you.. she must not have come on that day.. she didn’t even tried to contact you after that.. she is fake.. and now this Maya.. you both don’t love each other.. then what is stopping you from being mine?”

Meanwhile, Maya reached the place. There were two tunnels connected. She didn’t know where to go. Dev gave an idea. Maya gave a hi fi to him and executed. Maya called Payal. Since it was a tunnel, a small sound would get echoed. Payal’s mobile rang and Maya found the correct path. Payal disconnected the call and continued, “what is stopping you from being mine? Why are you away from me? I know your mom doesn’t like me.. but what is the big deal? We both are going to live together.. come with me Rish.. lets go somewhere and start a new life.. only you and me.. i promise i will not be like Maya..”
At once, Rish had a chill breeze on his face. He felt Maya’s presence but said to himself that Maya can’t reach this place. Rish laughed loudly and said to Payal, “yes.. you can never be like Maya.. you can never be lovable like Maya.. you can never be caring like Maya.. you can never be understandable like Maya.. you can never be childish like Maya.. you can never be matured like Maya.. you can never be so good like Maya.. Maya is the best.. and who said you that there is nothing between me and Maya? We have purity in between us… and who said you that I don’t love her? Yes I love Maya.. I love Maya.. I love Maya..”

Payal got angry. She took a knife and cut her wrist. Rish said, “I will never care even if you die.. though you don’t accept the truth, I love Maya.. no one including god can change this.. and you know what? For the past four months, she rained both fights and desires on me.. the memory of getting drenched in rain will remain with me for more than hundred lifetimes.. Which day will ever be similar to the day that we showered our love under the shower yesterday morning? Everytime as I recall melting in that exquisite pleasure, the blood in my veins throb and explode.. We did not part for even a minute in the past four months.. She had no knowledge of my lies that I was telling her that she is just a friend to me.. She is such a beautiful angel.. Her face makes me to breathtake… her eyes are matchsticks that they could light a fire.. My heart blossomed into a million flowers and they caressed me.. there is no language to describe her beauty and there aren’t enough eyes for me to measure it.. I love Maya.. not only her facial beauty makes me to go crazy but also her inner soul beauty which understands everything.. she has such a beautiful heart.. I don’t want her to love me back.. I just want her to be with me till my breath stops..”

Maya is shown listening to all this.

Maya had tears of happiness. She didn’t know what to do. She just cried and cried and cried. Dev congratulated her that she had got such a wonderful husband who loves her so much. Maya thanked him with tears. Dev said, “lets go in.. you go to your husband and I will manage Payal..” Maya said ok and they both got in. Payal looked at Maya with shock. She took her gun to shoot her. But Dev ran towards her and stopped her. Rish was amazed on seeing Maya.

Maya ran towards Rish and unroped him. She made him to stand up and hugged him and cried. Rish hugged her back with lots and lots of emotions and love. Maya kissed him all over his face. Rish cupped her face and kissed her tears and said, “nothing happened.. i am fine.. please don’t cry..” but Maya hugged him tightly and said, “I will never ask ice cream.. please don’t leave me like this..” Rish said, “I will build an ice cream factory for you.. but please don’t cry..” Maya laughed and said ok.

Payal saw all this and shouted, “so RiMa reunion huh? I will never let this happen.. Maya goodbye.. i will meet you in heaven..”

Saying this, she pushed Dev and aimed gun at Maya. When she pulled the trigger, Rish came in front and got shot himself. Maya was shocked and shouted, “Rishuuuuu”

Precap: Dev recognised Rish as his brother…

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