A perfect and an imperfect (Episode 43)

Meanwhile Maya was instructed by Payal to take her dad from jail somehow. Maya said that she can’t do that injustice. Payal laughed and said, “give my dad back to me and take your useless husband..”
Maya got angry but controlled herself and said, “Payal.. you too know that its impossible to take your dad out.. don’t get serious.. but this is fact.. your dad has agreed all his crimes.. court will decide whether to release your dad or not.. where have you hidden Rishu? Where is he? Tell me..”
Payal got angry, “i will see how you are going to find your husband.. he will never be yours..” saying this she disconnected the call.

Maya didn’t know what to do. She just cried in the middle of the road. When a truck was about to hit her, a man with full beard and big moustache pulled her and saved her. She pushed him and asked, “why did you save me?”
Man calmed her and said her not to waste her life just like him. Maya cried and said, “I don’t have time to listen to your life story.. let me go..” Man laughed lightly and said, “you are not mentally good.. you are upset and stressed.. relax yourself and go..” Maya didn’t listen to his words and left. Again she was about to meet with an accident. He saved her again. She again pushed him. He calmed her and asked about her problem. She disliked him at the first sight though she had no other option other than taking his help. She introduced herself as Maya and said that her husband is missing. Man said, “he is new to this city and he knows nothing about the routes.. but I offer my help to you.. I feel as if I should help you else my sins won’t be decreased…” Maya felt him to be irritating as he was speaking like a tv mother in law. She asked him to speak short and not like a 1500 words essay.

He liked her talks. He introduced himself as Paapidev from Mumbai. (Paapi means a person who has committed sin.. paapidev means sinner dev). Maya shouted at him for wasting her time. She started to walk further but Dev followed her and said that they might take help from police. Maya stopped for a while, wiped her tears and called to Payal’s own number after activating gps. She picked up and asked, “whether you agreed for my deal? Are you ready to speak to the police to release my dad?”
Maya said, “before taking decision, I need to talk to Rishu.. I should get confirmed whether he is fine or not..”
Payal denied first but after Maya telling that she would take police’s help, she agreed. Payal went inside a water tunnel where Rish was made to tie up with a rope. She kept her mobile in his ears and asked him to speak to his lovable wife.

Rish: Maya
Maya started to cry hard after hearing his voice.
Rish: Maya please don’t cry.. I am fine here..
Maya: Rishu.. where are you? I need you.. Tell me the place.. I will come there..
Rish: No Maya.. you don’t come here.. i will somehow come by myself.. don’t take risk by coming here..
Maya: ok Rishu.. I understand you can’t tell the place.. but give me a clue.. how does that place look? Is there something weird there?
Rish: I remember our intimate moments which happened in our home that was disrupted by Karthik..
Maya: what are you saying? You mean are you somewhere related to water? If yes, cough once else sneeze.
Rish coughed once. Maya understood that Rish was somewhere in a place related to water. Maya asked for some more details. But before that Payal got the phone back and said, “Rish was once mine.. we had more intimate moments than you both.. just decide and tell me soon..” she disconnected the call. Maya felt happy after speaking to Rish. She remembered about the bathroom closeness and smiled with tears filled in her eyes.

Payal moved close to Rish and said, “you are mine.. only mine.. don’t try to make me jealous by cooking up stories.. i know there is nothing between you both.. i will never let it happen.. as soon as my dad comes out, I will take you to a place where no one will disturb us..”
Rish smiled wickedly and said, “feeling pity for you.. grow up Payal.. you are having dreams which will never come true.. Maya for me and I am for Maya.. you can’t even own a pencil..”
Payal on hearing this, became angry and slapped him. But cooled down and carressed his cheeks. Payal said, “dear.. why are you so adament? We can rule the whole world.. just come with me.. i will treat you like a king.. i am ready to be your slave for the whole life.. please dear.. understand me.. i just lied once that I am Ms.Yadav.. but I lied to get your love and it was for you..”
Rish said, “just shut up.. don’t even take the name of Yadav..” Payal became angry and injected a sleeping dose to him.

Meanwhile Maya could not figure out about the place where Rish is hidden. Dev asked about it. Maya said that her husband is hidden somewhere in a place related to water. Dev bought the city’s map and said, “your husband was taken to a water place.. your husband was missing around 1 hour ago.. it means he might be around this area.. lets figure out the water surrounded or water related places over here..”
he shortlisted some water tanks, dams, swimming pools, fountains and tunnels.

Maya thanked him and said, “I will never forget his help.. you are such a good person Mr.Paapidev..” Dev said, “I was once the biggest sinner in the world.. i have done a major injustice to a girl.. i just hope my sins will get reduced if I help everyone..”
Maya said, “my husband is a journalist.. after finding him, i will ask him to find the girl..”
Dev said, “I will search myself.. thats why I have come here after a gap of 10 years..” Maya wished him luck and they both left for searching Rish.

Precap: Rish was shot by Payal

Credit to: Ishu


  1. Hima

    Thank you ishu for fast update.i hope maya will find rish.but he gets shot? Eagerly waiting for next one..

  2. tani

    Dev re-entry. they didn’t recognized each other… now 2 truths may b revealed… one about Dev.. second about their old love. waiting for next

    • Ishu

      It has been 10 years nah dear? And that too he had been in asylum too… thats why… and thank you soo much dear….

  3. ryths

    precap is scary dear…nooooo nothing shud happn to rish ….plzzzz dn’t separate rima plzzz plzzz update nxt epi soon m dying for nxt epi

    • Ishu

      RiMa will never get separated dear…. next part will be posted tonight… and thank you so much ryths….

  4. Roma

    Ishuuuu…soooooooo sorry for late comment. …episode was really superbbbb. ..love you loads. Muaaaaahhhhhh

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