A perfect and an imperfect (Episode 42)


Rish and Maya were off to Bangalore. Before leaving, mom gave them a list of things to buy. Karthik dropped them in airport and they started to fly. Rish and Maya reached Bangalore and they checked in to a room. They went to a restaurant to have dinner. Maya ordered many whereas Rish just ordered coffee for him. Maya surprisingly asked why. Rish said just simply. Maya never cared about that and started to eat fully. They completed the dinner and headed to room. On their way as usual they had their arguement for each and every little things.

Maya said that she needs ice cream. Rish opened his jaws and said, “oho just now you had food which would be sufficient for 3 people yet you are asking for ice creams..”
Maya said, “my stomach my hunger… i need… wait here.. i will get it for you also..”
Rish laughed and said ok.

Maya got 3 ice creams.. 2 for herself and 1 for Rish. She came out and looked for Rish. He was no where. She saw his mobile and wallet on the road. She thought he was playing with him. She thought he might be hiding somewhere and wanted her to seek him. She called Rish Rish. No reply. She shouted, “I am tired.. i am going to room.. wallet and mobile are with me.. no more hide and seek game.. lets play in our home..” still no reply. She acted as if she fell down. Yet no reply. She slightly panicked. She searched in the nearby surroundings thinking that he might have gone for smoking. But Rish was nowhere.

She started to cry. Rish’s mobile started to ring. It was from a private number. She attended it but didn’t speak a word. The caller laughed and asked, “Are you searching your husband? It will be of no use.. get ready to wear white dress and remove your kumkum and mangalsutra..”
Maya was utter shocked and asked with fear, “who is on the line?”
Caller: don’t you remember me? I am the one who was himiliated by your husband in front of everyone.. the daughter of the biggest businessman who was arrested yesterday.. I am Payal..
Maya: youuuu
Payal: yes you would not have forgotten me so easily.. if you want your husband alive, then do as I say..

Payal instructed her something.. on hearing that, Maya was further shocked.

Precap: Dev’s re-entry

Dearz.. It was my sister’s engagement today morning.. i was little busy with the preparation for the past 1 week… it was A blastful ceremony.. and guess what? Today is my birthday too..? double dhamaka…

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