A perfect and an imperfect (Episode 41)


Karthik called Maya. Rish and Maya came to their senses and moved away from each other. Rish looked at Maya who was blushing. Karthik again called Maya. Rish shouted, “Bro.. Maya is here..”
Maya closed his mouth with her hands. Rish looked at Maya lovingly. But Maya avoided his eye contact and shouted back, “No Bittu.. I am not here..” Rish bursted into laugh. She realized what she has done by telling. She got hyper. She pushed Rish and ran away from the bathroom with shy. Karthik asked why she was wet. Maya started to blabber then Rish came from bathroom. Karthik understood. He said sorry and left the room with a successful smile. Rish and Maya looked at each other. They both dried themselves and went to the hall and joined them.

Karthik shared this happy news to everyone. When maya and rish entered the hall everyone gave weird reactions to them. Ashwin started to tease them, “rain in bathroom rain in bathroom..”
Maya looked at karthik who holdes his ears and said sorry but started to laugh.

Rish shouted at Maya, “its all because of you..”
Maya looked at Rish who winked at her. Maya understood and shouted back, “why are you blaming me? It was you who did that..”
Rish: what did i do?
Maya didn’t know how to manage. She just blinked. So Rish continued.
Rish: u asked me to do that?
Maya: what i asked you and what you did?
Rish: recall what you tell me to do..
Maya: i do remember but what you did was wrong..
Rish: i did it right.. but you are the one who always blames me..
Maya: yes as if you are doing everything right..
Rish: ok next time I will not do it.. you should do..
Maya: if i do that, it will become perfect clear as before..

Everyone holded their heads.
Maya looked at them. She giggled and signed rish to see them. He too giggled and continued. Mom said, “oh god.. my dear laddu and gulabjamun please be sweet as your names… stop fighting..”
They stopped and Maya said, “Mom.. I am hungry.. lets eat..”
Rish: she is always hungry.. always needs something to munch in her mouth..
Maya: ok in that case, don’t eat now.. mom has cooked all your favourite dishes to celebrate your success..
Rish: arrey who are you to say that?
Mom holded both of their ears and said, “if you don’t shut your mouth, then I will eat everything..”
Both shouted nooooo.

All had a great time during having lunch where Rish and Maya constantly had their nok-jhoks to escape from their teases about the bathroom incident. Meanwhile they both stole each other’s glances and blushed.

Mom and dad told them to pack their bags to leave for Bangalore. They joyfully said ok and left to pack.

RiMa’s room..
Both Rish and Maya packed their bags. Rish side by side looked at Maya and recalled about their closeness. He said to himself, “I feel so happy that my Yadav aunty is feeling her Grandpops in me.. hope she falls in love with me again..” he smiled to himself. Maya gestured what and Rish nodded his head saying no.
They both thought to themselves, “I want you to be my side always.. whatever happens, I will never leave your hand.. I know Payal will be following us to Bangalore somehow to ruin us.. I will be there for you as your shield to protect you..”

Both smiled at each other giving a promising look and left for Bangalore.

Precap: Rish is kidnapped by Payal.

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  3. nice episode…I think now when maya will reach to payal to save rish…then from payal she will get to know that it is rish whom she loved (its just a guess)…lol ishu…keep it up…

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