A perfect and an imperfect (Episode 40)


Rish was crying in bathroom under the shower. Maya went to their room to charge her mobile. She heard water sound from bathroom but it was not locked. She thought it might be leaking from the tap. She went in to close. But to her surprise, she saw Rish crying under shower fully drenched. She ran to him and closed the shower tap. She made him to stand up. She asked, “what are you doing?”
Rish: I am punishing myself for my bad deeds..
Maya: who gave you the rights of punishing yourself? I should be the one to punish you.. come lets go to the hall..
Rish: no maya.. leave me.. let me cry for sometimes..
Maya: oye hello.. cry wherever you want.. but not under shower.. don’t waste water.. and who will pay the water bill?
Rish started to laugh..
Rish: aren’t you angry with me?
Maya: yes I am angry.. not for the slap.. but for wasting water..
Rish: this is my house and I will cry wherever I want..
Maya: you are not less than the monster Dev..
Rish: arrey.. why are you comparing me with him?
Maya: yes.. when we were in school, he too gets angry frequently.. and he too does drama like you..
Rish: drama? Me? Not fair Maya.. I am regretting myself and you are telling that I am doing drama..

Maya: yes.. and you know what? Boys look overcute when they cry for girls..
Rish: so what about crying for grandma?
Maya started to hit him and they both started to laugh..
Rish: why didn’t you get angry?
Maya: actually I got angry that I would have killed you.. but when I got to know that payal was behind this, my anger vanished.. we should show her that nothing can break our relationship.. and you know what? Payal called me and threatened to kill both of us.. but i gave a nice reply to her..
Rish: what did you tell her?
Maya: I told her to stop looking at other’s husband..
Rish: great Maya.. Payal’s punishment of cheating us is still pending..
Maya: cheating us? When did she cheat me?
Rish recalled the day of meet where Payal came and introduced herself as Ms.Yadav..
Rish: no i just meant.. I want you to punish me for not trusting you..
Maya: really? Will you accept any punishment which I give?
Rish: definitely..
Maya: ok then lets continue our gym and diet plan…
Rish: Noooooooo
Maya laughed at this…

Rish: I am really really sorry..
Maya: if I want to forgive you, you should get me pizza with double cheese, ice creams, chocolates etc and I will eat them in front of your eyes without sharing..
Rish: gym and diet plan punishment was better than this..
Maya: you should do.. no other go…

Rish: I am really blessed to have such an understanding wife.. I still wonder how an imperfect man like me got such a perfectly understanding wife.. I am thankful to you.. if you were not there, I would have stood in middle of the road..
Maya: if such situation comes, lets stand together..
Rish was overwhelmed by Maya’s words. He pulled Maya close and hugged her. She hugged him back.

Slowly Rish started to move close to Maya. She moved back. Both had an eyelock. Rish moved further close and pinned up Maya to the wall. Maya was unable to breath. To hold herself, he holded shower tap which in further got opened. Water was falling from shower. Both got drenched yet their eyes didn’t move apart from each other’s eyes. Rish further moved and wrapped his hand around her waist. Maya closed her eyes. He cupped her face with another hand and kissed her forehead. She whispered no. Rish slowly kissed her eyelids, nose, cheeks and neck. Maya gripped Rish’s shirt tightly. He slowly moved his hands to her lips. She was unable to breath and bited her own lips. Rish was about to kiss her lips. She opened her lips allowing him to kiss. Their lips were just few millimeters apart. Maya lifted her face and closed her eyes. Just then Karthik came in search of them. Karthik called Maya.

Maya and Rish came to their senses and moved away from each other.

Precap: Maya and Rish off to Bangalore for Chandhu-Mona’s wedding shopping…

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  1. nice chapter

    1. Thank youu soo much dear swara….

  2. yaar kartik kabab m haddi…nice episode….Maya compared dis way I thought something serious…. I liked it…

    1. Haha.. nothing big serious things will happen between Rish and Maya dear …. and thank you for commenting….

  3. Crazy fan of Rish and Maya

    Uo story z rly ozm;; gng crazy abt dez 2 maya n rish evryday;; & abt 2dy’s episode, t z super gud;; plz let Maya realize hr love soon;; eagerly waitn fo reaction f Maya wen she comes 2 knw abt
    -rish z dev’s bro
    -evry1 knwz diz xcpt maya
    -rish z her grandpops
    -dev in mental asylum

    Rly rly luvng diz story n plz post t regularly;; I miz diz story like hell;; diz story can also b taken as a serial;; interesting plot n no boring n dragging sequences;; i luv diz story 2 d core;; ozm ozm ozm;;

    1. Thankk youuuu soooo much dear…… everything will be unveiled in the upcoming episodes…. and thank you for liking my story… i will try to upload regularly dear….

  4. Superb epi yaar…really really luvd it waiting for ur nxt epi update asap cn’t wait to read

    1. Thank you soooo muchh ryths….. next part has been submitted… it will be posted soon dear….

  5. Wow!Maya is so good at heart. how romamtic! Like there conversation.

    1. Thankk you soo much umama…… next part will be posted soon…..

  6. nice episode…I liked the way maya forgave rish after knowing that payal was behind this misunderstanding…ishu sis where are you please update asap…and in u r in which class sis…or u have completed ur studies…

    1. Thankkk you sooo much bhavna…. and i have already submitted my next episode… i am from tamilnadu doing my ug 1st year…. and my name is Ishani… no need sis u can call me by name dear….

  7. Awesome episode ishu my dearrrrr. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. . .

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