A perfect and an imperfect (Episode 4)


Chandhu just heaved a sigh and he too went to his office. He got an information that someone named Karthik is waiting for him. Chandhu wondered why he came to meet me. They both met in the office canteen and Chandhu asked the reason for his visit. Karthik started to speak that, “You know about lambu’s past right?”
Chandhu: Yes, i know.
Karthik: you said everything to Rish right?
Chandhu nodded no
Karthik: but how can you hide this to him?
Chandhu: Rish too has a past just like Maya
Karthik: Ya i know that but i did not tell that to lambu
Chandhu: They will get to know about each other at right time.
Karthik: Ya may be you are right
Chandhu: dont worry… they will get into relationship but it takes time
Karthik: Mm yeah thats right.. I just agreed for this marriage just for the sake of Rish’s mom and family.. i know they are so kind and lovely..
Chandhu: Ya they are… once Maya and Rish are ok with each other, we will let Maya introduce to the family
Karthik: They took a great care of her in her past and made her to forget that Maya is an orphan… they gave her so much love that she got all together which she longed since her childhood…

Chandhu: Ya they are so good… dont worry… Rish’s mom will take good care of them..
Karthik: I hope our dreams turn true… she changed her identity after that monster molested her… she changed her name from Manisha to Maya, shifted her place from Mumbai to Chennai, did her further studies and now she is a very successfull doctor…
Chandhu: Ya it is very hard to overcome out of it… just relax and wait.. everything will be ok..
Karthik nodded and left the place with a smile on his face…

At Maya’s hospital:
Her colleagues asked them why did she come to hospital right after the day of her marriage. Arya just entered and said, “its because she can’t live without me”. Her colleagues teased him that, “uffo Arya she is married now… so you should stop flirting her”. Arya said, “what if she married? She will always be my bestie.. right bestie?” Maya nodded yes with a broad smile in her face. Then everyone dispersed. When Maya was about to leave,
Arya: are you fine?
Maya: yes i am idiot
Arya: are you happy?
Maya was stucked with her words and just gave a fake smile by assuring that i will.. Arya was saddened by this.
She started to visit her patients.

At Rish’s office:
Rish was seeing a file. Just then someone entered and hugged him. Rish just pushed her away and said, “Whats wrong with you payal? Everything is over now.. just get the hell out of my life”. Payal replied, “you are just married and i know you will not accept that girl. Because you still love me”. Rish replied, “not anymore.. my life has turned hell when you betrayed me” saying this he grabbed her hands and pushed her away from his cabin. All others were watching this. Payal felt ashamed and left the place with teary eyed…

At evening Rish came home with a frustration at what happened at office.. same time Maya reached home sadly at Arya’s concern.. both did not utter a word to each other as usual and headed to their room… Rish opened his laptop and started working on it and Maya plugged in her earphones and started to read a book.. they both felt hungry but didnot know what to do. So they continued doing their work. Chandhu just arrived and called them both. He had brought dinner for both of them. But Maya denied to eat. Chandhu insisted but Maya denied because she is hesitated to eat at her new home. Rish knew that she is hungry so he just said that, “leave her Chandhu.. come lets eat our dinnner…”

So they both went to dining table to have their dinner.. when they started to eat, she saw them having her favourite pizza. Rish tempted her by saying ,”mmmm, yummm, awesome” while having each and every bite. Maya can’t take it anymore so she went to the dining table straight away and said, “chandhu i am eating only because you insisted me so much.. ok?” Chandhu felt happy and gave her part to her.. Rish saw that and asked, “why so much cheese only to her?” To which Chandhu replied, “because she is a new member of this house” but Rish wanted more cheese. It is Maya’s turn to tease him now. She said, “aww my dear new friend, so sweet of you… i love pizza with extra cheese” saying this she started to eat… while eating she too said, “mmmm, yummmm, awesome” just to tease Rish.
Rish was horrified at her act and grabbed her pizza and ate it and left not before giving an evil smile. Maya was stucked at his reaction, she just completed her dinner and went off to sleep. Chandhu was enjoying their silly fight over pizza.
At their room:

Maya entered just to see her sofa with full of clothes. She took them angrily and threw in his bed. But he laughed at this which made her even more anger. He was reading a magazine. So she went and switched off the lights. This made Rish anger. She just smirked and him and dozed off. Rish clutched his fist and gave an angry look at her. Knowing that she slept, he murmured and slept.

Precap- Rish was shocked by seeing something

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  1. What happend to maya yaar plzzzz reveal it fast dr

    1. I thought of revealing it after they become friends… but i will reveal it soon for you dear….

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  2. Nice update dear. Their fight was cute.will be waiting for next update.

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  3. Yeah dear… after knowing her past, he will have a strong affection and soon he will fall in love with her…

  4. nice .Plzzz continue. I like their nok jhok…..hehe. Keep writing. Take care 🙂 🙂

    1. Thank you so much advaita ji… i have submitted my next episode too… take care☺️☺

  5. Awesome episode, keep it up . eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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