A perfect and an imperfect (Episode 39)


Rish slapped Maya hard. Whole office was stunned. They stood silently and moved away. Maya clutched her fist and asked them to stop with tears in her eyes which was due to anger. She searched something in her mobile. She showed a video to them which she recorded when she was threatened. The staff people watched the video where the boss clearly confessed all his crimes. Maya asked them to present the news keeping this as proof. They silently nodded and moved to prepare the news. Rish too went along with them without uttering a word. Maya holded her cheeks, her eyes became red as she was humiliated by Rish in front of third people.

When Rish was checking the video, he received a threat call.
Boss: (laughed)
Rish: who is this?
Boss: now I think you would have known my power..
Rish understood it was boss.
Rish: what do you want?
Boss: what do you want? Why were you behind me? I think you came to know the consequences of messing with me.. this is just a teaser.. main movie will be shown when you cross my way..
Rish: are you trying to scare me? Attacking my staff?
Boss: not only your staff.. but also your wife..
Rish: what do you mean?
Boss: we made her accident today.. hahahaha..
Rish was shocked: Accident?
Boss: yes.. but a small one.. if you try again, she will be dead.. and you may think how we know about the proof..
Rish was keenly listening and recording the conversation.
Caller continued, “You might also have suspected your wife.. Its because of that message you received on your way..”
Rish recalled..
In the morning, on his way to office, someone came and gave a letter with a photo. He opened to see a picture of Maya with boss(which was taken while she was threatened by boss in his house..)
The letter said that Maya has hands in boss’s wrong doings..
**FB ends**

Boss: that letter was given by my men to create a suspection on your wife.. yesterday only I came to know that my daughter is in love with you..
Rish: daughter?
Boss: yes.. Payal is my daughter.. you insulted her in front of everyone.. I will ruin your wife somehow..
Rish: but don’t take steps before knowing the truth..
Boss: I don’t want to know anything.. my daughter needs you.. thats it..
Saying this, he disconnected the call.

Rish was distraughted to know that Payal is behind everything. He was determined to telecast the news however. He telecasted the news. The boss was furious after seeing the news. He immediately called Rish and shouted, “it was the video which was recorded yesterday when I gave a death threat to your wife.. i will never spare her..” by the time, police came to the boss house and arrested him for his wrong doings.

Rish was praised by the headoffice news department. He became the topic of the day. The news was repeating in all channels. He searched for Maya but she was nowhere. He felt ashamed of his act. He thought that he should not have behaved such a way. He thought of apologizing immediately. He said to himself, “she was actually helping me.. she was taken to boss house yesterday and got threaten.. yet she didn’t tell anything to me.. she secretly recorded the video and helped me today.. i need to meet her..” he had tears in his eyes.

Rish tried calling her but her number was switched off. He sadly went to his home to find everyone waiting for him. Chandhu, Mona, Karthik, Rithu, Ashwin, Riya, Rish’s mom, dad and Maya.
Maya had a fake smile which Rish noticed. Everyone shouted surprise. They brought a cake and asked him to cut it. He denied but mom holded his hand and made him to cut the cake for his success. His hand shivered as it was not his success. Mom asked to feed the first piece to Maya. His hands started to shiver more. Everyone thought that he was shy to feed Maya and hence they started to tease him. But Rish shouted STOP IT. Everyone was bewildered. Rish continued, “this is not my success.. Maya was the one who gave me the video clipping.. she is the one who deserves this.. not me..”
Everyone was silent.

Maya turned her face to the other side. Just then dad said, “so this is the combined victory of my son and DIL.. double dhamaka.. beti.. come here.. you both cut the cake together..” Party mode was on again. Everyone agreed to dad and asked Maya to cut along with Rish. She denied strongly but mom pulled her and made her to stand near Rish. Then they both cut the cake. They were asked to feed each other. It was an awkward moment for both of them. Rish tried to feed her lovingly but Maya got it in her hand and took a bite. Maya gave the piece in his hand. He tried to speak to her but Maya moved away. She made herself busy by talking with her MIL. Rish went to his bathroom and cried under shower regretting his act.

Precap: Maya said to Rish, “you are not less than the monster Dev”

Sorry dears… my sister’s marriage has been fixed.. i am little busy in the preparations… I am really sorry for the delay..

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  1. I know rish did wrong by slapping her in front of his staff…n also didn’t trusted her….but what doing I.e. comparing him with dat dog Dev Is also not correct…. sad for both of them

    1. Fan of the show

      Nothing to worry tani …. nothing big will happen dear ….. they will patch up in the next episode…..

      1. Tqq soo much tani??? u ll hve surprise n d nxt episode

    2. Thank you soo much dear…. u ll hve a surprise n d nxt episode…

  2. Oh God. Not Again. Why Maya has to suffer everytime.

    1. Maya will have happiness soon darling….

  3. rishi deserves this

    1. Thank you so much swara… rish will realize his mistakes….

  4. nice episode…please update next part asap…

    1. Thank you so much bhavna…. next part has been submitted… it will be posted soon…

  5. Oh,its ok.Having such a busy time u write this 4 us thanks a lot.Have a great time..

    1. Thank u so much for understanding me umama… i will try to upload regularly….

  6. Awesome episode, ishu thx a lotttttttttt for continuing this story, I can wait, delay is OK but don’t quit it in the middle… ..I just love this story…..RiMa r my favorite n again they got fight…ahhhh…..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. . muaaaaahhhhhh

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