A perfect and an imperfect (Episode 38)


Next morning, Rish got up soon to prepare for his telecast. Maya woke up to see him preparing. She stared at him and left for gym. Then later they got ready to go to their respective works. While having breakfast, Maya stared at Rish who was hurriedly having his breakfast. He noticed her and asked what. She wished him best of luck. He asked for what. Maya said, “for bringing that businessman’s truth to the public..” Rish was confused and asked, “how do you know?” Maya said, “just like that..” Rish just said ok and left.

When he reached office, he could see it was completely messed up. Papers and the things were scattered over here and there. Rish was shattered. He hurriedly went inside his cabin to find it was burnt. Nothing remained safe. His staff members came injured. He understood it was boss who made this. His staff members said that the boss’ men came and beaten up to get all the proofs. Rish asked, “how did they come to know about this?” No one had idea about that. Rish was completely shattered.

Suddenly, he recalled the events that happened since the previous day. How Maya came late though there was no work in hospital, how Maya hugged him as soon as she reached home, how she diverted his mind, how she denied for the Bangalore though she was the one who was very much excited about the wedding, how in the morning she wished him although he didn’t share about the news even to Chandhu. He linked all those incidents with the attack. He also noticed that he was not attacked. He came to realization that it might be because he is her husband. Then he thought of not suspecting her. But these links clearly showed that Maya had some connection with this attack.

Rish couldn’t control his anger. He clutched his fist and shouted, “you played with my carrier which is life to me.. now I won’t spare you..”
Staff asked what to do. Rish shouted, “kill me and go to hell..” then calmed himself and asked them to take rest. They left. Rish was determined to make Maya realize her mistake.
He called Maya’s hospital to find that she didn’t reach yet. He concluded that she must have gone to meet that businessman. He sat down and bombed into tears.

Maya’s hospital
Maya reached late. Before she entered into her cabin, she was called by Mr.D.
Mr.D turned his face to the wall.
Mr.D: welcome Mrs. Perfect and Punctual Maya Agarwal..
Maya was pissed off at this.
Mr.D: Why are you late?
Maya: sir actually
Mr.D: I know you would have done your patni seva to your husband by cooking breakfast, packing his lunch, polishing his shoes, washing and drying his socks etc.
Maya got into thoughts that she never had done any of these jobs and bursted into laughter.
Mr.D: Am I joking?
Maya: no sir.. actually what happened was..
Mr.D: your MIL would have come today. She would have ordered you to do all the household works.
Maya again got into thoughts where her MIL was her mom who cared her like her own daughter. She imagined herself doing all the household works where her MIL ordered. She again bursted into laughter.
Mr.D without turning shouted, “what the hell are you doing? I asked the reason for your delay..”
Maya: sir sorry sir.. actually on my way, I met
Mr.D: oh you must have met your childhood friend and you must have spent your time by taking selfies.
Maya was irritated. She shouted back, “sir will you please let me explain? I met with an accident.. Can’t you see me?”

Just then he turned to see her with injuries. He rushed to her and asked, “why didn’t you say me as soon as you entered?”
Maya: did you let me explain?
Mr.D recalled and tried to manage the situation but Maya bursted into laughter how Mr.D was shooting his questions. Mr.D too started to laugh with her. He then started to treat her wounds. Maya said, “sir.. you are my chief.. don’t do this… I will treat it by myself..”
Mr.D: sshh… finger on your lips.. be silent till you get treated.. let me do my work..
Maya placed her forefinger on her lips and started to speak, “sir.. I can manage sir..”
Mr.D: won’t you stop talking? Please shut your mouth for heaven sake?
Maya made faces and stayed shut.

Mr.D treated her and took an injection as a pain killer. Maya shouted NO. Mr.D was like a question mark. Maya said that she has injection phobia. Mr.D laughed at her and said, “being a doctor, you should not afraid of injection..” he diverted her mind and injected. Maya shouted in pain. He asked her to take leave and rest. She thanked him and left. Mr.D told to himself that, “If my daughter was alive, she would be like you..”

Maya switched on TV to see the news. She could find nothing. She thought that the news must have telecasted by this time. She decided to go to Rish’s office to check what was happening. She left for Rish’s office to see no one was present and completely messed. She went inside Rish’s cabin to see him sitting in a weird state. Just then Rish’s staff members entered with bandaids on their hands and heads. She got panicked and asked what happened. They explained her.

Rish clapped his hands and said, “wareh wah.. what an oscar award acting! Well done Maya.. you have done a very great job..”
Maya got confused and asked what.
Rish said, “you have destroyed my carrier.. you didn’t think about me.. you were my best friend right? How could you do this to me? Did you do this for money? I could have given you everything and satisfied all your needs nah? Why did you sell me, my dreams and my carrier? I should have got to know that you don’t love me when you hugged me yesterday.. i seriously didn’t think that it was a trap for me to divert.. you are such a betrayor.. leave away from my cabin and my life you traitor..” Saying this, he slapped her hard.

Precap: News about the boss was telecasted.

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  1. rishi is mad how can he blame maya

    1. He will rectify his mistakes soon dear…..

      1. And thank you so much….

  2. Finally!! after a long time u update it….awaiting for ur nxt epi update asap

    1. Sorry for the delay… next part has been submitted dear… it will be updated soon….

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  3. Oh,finally u update.I miss rima.Plz don’t delay this much.I hope ur all ok.No rish,how can u do that.She’s helping u.

    1. Sorry dear… little busy with sister’s marriage… next part has been submitted dear….

  4. Ohho , stupid Rish !! Plz post next part soon. Can’t wait to know what’s gonna happen next!!

    1. Next part has been submitted dear… it will be updated soon…. and thank you so much….

  5. Update next part soon

    1. Thank you aki… next part has been submitted dear… it will be updated soon….

  6. How can he blame maya.. I dun get it hw maya z at fault.. Nyways I hope his mu gets cleared soon… I guess maya z d one telecasting d news….

    Whr wer u diz many days… Plz update regularly n incase u can’t dn atlest inform us abt d delay… I missed it soo mch

    1. I am really really sorry dear… little busy with sister’s marriage… next part has been submitted dear… it will be updated soon…. i will try to update regularly hely….

  7. pagal rish. mad stupid how could he think like dis about maya….pls update next part soon cannot wait,its very hard to wait this long

    1. Its because of the circumstance dear…. and next part will be updated soon…. thank you so much dear….

  8. stupid rish…I hate him…how can he think this about maya…and ishu sis…plzzz try to update regularly not occasionally because ur story is very nice and interesting…plzzz upload next part asap…

    1. I am really sorry dear… i am little busy with sister’s marriage… and thank you soo much bhavna… i will try to update regularly…..

  9. ishu sis where r u plzzz atleast reply to our comments…and about the episode it is asusual awesome…now rish will have to regret…he did wrong by slapping her…

    1. Sorry sorry sorry ruhi…. and thank you so much…. little busy with sister’s marriage dear… next part will be updated soon….

  10. Awesome episode, I missed you n this story very very muchhhhhh. …how could rish doubt on maya…ufff…mr. d was really funny…poor maya…she is innocent. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads…muaaaaahhhhhh

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