A perfect and an imperfect (Episode 37)


Rish was very sure about telecasting the news the next day. He was determined to bring the businessman’s truth to the people.

Here, Maya was angry with Mr.D.
Mrs.D knocked Maya’s cabin.
Maya: come in please..
Mrs.D came in and Maya stood up.
Mrs.D: sit sit beti..
Maya felt happy on hearing the word beti.
Maya happily sat. She gestured Mrs.D to sit..

Mrs.D in an angry tone: I heard you insulted my husband.. don’t forget that he is your senior chief.. you should respect him and do whatever he says..
Maya felt bad on hearing that from Mrs.D whom she thought to be a soft lady.
Maya: mam actually… Sir…
Suddenly Mrs.D started to laugh and said her to calm down.
Maya widened her eyes and opened her jaws.
Maya: mam… why are you laughing mam?
On seeing that, Mrs.D stopped laughing and recalled Mr.D’s words, “come on Daisy.. relax.. ok I agree.. our daughter would also have the habit of widening her eyes and opening her jaws on hearing anything”
Mrs.D closed her eyes and dropped a tear.
Maya: mam.. is anything wrong? Are you okay?
Mrs.D smiled and nodded her head. She asked Maya to come near her. As Maya came, she waved Maya’s hair. Maya didn’t understand the reason of Mrs.D’s gesture.
Mrs.D felt closeness towards her and just left her cabin without saying anything. Maya was like a combo big question mark and an exclamation mark.

In the evening, Rish returned home at 7 PM. He found Maya didn’t return yet. He thought Maya might have an important case and he remembered that her senior chief doctors are getting transferred. So he convinced himself that she might be busy with that. He also recalled their fight where Maya was not ready to speak with him for not attending the calls the previous day and the morning incident where he teased her. He laughed on recalling but he missed her. Time passed by. Yet Maya didn’t reach home. Rish was little scared. He tried her number that he could hear the ringing sound. H turned to see Maya standing at the doorstep. He heaved a sigh. Maya smiled at him. She came near him and hugged him.

Maya recalled the incident..
When Maya was returning, 2 well-dressed men gently asked Maya to check their boss as he was unwell. Maya asked them to bring their boss to hospital. But they politely pleeded her to treat their boss. Maya said ok as it was an ethic to treat the people whatever may the situation be.
She went with them in their car.

The car reached a house which looked like a palace. Its the same businessman’s house who is wrong and Rish was at his best to bring the truth.

She hurriedly went in and asked about the boss. A voice said, “I am here..”
She turned to see the boss who was fit and fine.
Maya: they told that you are unwell..
Boss: yeah I am unwell.. not physically but mentally..
Maya: I am not a psychologist but a cardiologist.. I will arrange a psychologist for you from my hospital..
Boss: I don’t need a psychologist… Mrs.Maya Agarwal I am unwell because of Mr.Agarwal..
Maya got doubted that it was a threat to her.
Boss: yes.. your husband is crossing my line.. it is not good for him.. and you both have been married just 3 months ago.. i don’t want you to become a widow at your tender age.. hope yoy understand baby.. you are like my daughter.. i don’t want you to face the consequences of your husband’s deeds..
Maya didn’t utter a word. The boss asked her to go.

While Maya was leaving the house, the boss in an angry loud voice, “Don’t think I will warn you the next time.. I just said that you’re like my daughter.. but mind it you are not my blood..”

Maya hugged him and mindvoiced that, “Rishu.. whatever may the situation be.. you should however bring his truth out atleast for my sake.. I have trust on my kumkum.. and i know you will never leave me alone.. go ahead dear.. you are ob right path..”

Maya broke the hug, tapped on his cheek gently, smiled at him and went to their room to get freshen up. Rish didn’t understand Maya’s reaction and stood like bla.

Maya came back to the hall after bathing.
The gangster gang Karthik-Rithu-Ashwin-Riya-Chandhu-Mona were already present there.
They asked Rish and Maya to purchase dresses for Chandhu-Mona’s wedding. They asked them to go to Bangalore tomorrow for shopping. Rish firmly said that he will not as he had to telecast the important news. Maya understood that it was the case about the boss and she too denied saying that she should attend a surgery.
Karthik said that they could go in the evening after completing their respective works. Rish was little bit confused whether to take Maya out or not as it would not be safe to her after releasing the news. Whereas Maya was afraid of Rish’s safety. But however Rish and Maya were convinced to go for shopping. They both self thought to themselves that, “Until I am with you, I will never let anything wrong happen to you..”
Both smiled at each other with a promising look.

RiMa’s room:
Maya ran towards bed and lied down on bed.
Rish: what? You regularly sleep on couch right?
Maya: I am still angry with you.. so bear the punishment.. for the upcoming days, you should sleep on couch and i will sleep on bed..
Rish: till when?
Maya: till my anger gets over..
Rish: this is not fair yaar..
Maya plugged in the earphones and occupied the bes fully not listening to what Rish was saying.
Rish threw pillow at her and lied on couch. He didn’t get sleep but on seeing Maya enjoying on bed, he smiled and slept.

Precap: Maya and Mr.D’s cat-mouse fight in thr hospital… Rish’s office was collapsed as everything was scattered and it turned topsy turvy..

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