A perfect and an imperfect (Episode 36)

Maya reached the hospital to welcome Mr.D and Mrs.D who were transferred to her hospital as the new chief doctors. Whole hospital staffs gossiped that Mr.D is a 21st century’s hitler. Maya thought to herself, “I am a good to good and worst to bad.. let me see how Mr.D handles me.. haha” she imagined herself as a purple faced devil with horns??

A man and a woman of 40’s came that is Mr and Mrs.D enter into the hospital through staff entry with a grand welcome. Mr.D didn’t like it as he regarded hospital as a sacred holy place. So he started to shoot out his anger towards everyone. Mrs.D calmed him down and apologized for the rude behaviour of Mr.D.
Maya liked the approach of Mrs.D.

At Rish’s office
Everyone was busy in collecting the informations regarding the case against the respectable businessman in the city. Rish and his team planned to shoot the video recording against the man without his knowledge. Rish decided to go by himself. By that time, he received a call from unknown number. Rish was threatened to drop the plan else he will be killed. But Rish was very sure about bringing the truth to the people since he had a strong belief that he would not have been threatened if they were not wrong. He determined himself to take risk. He got an info that an important meeting is going to be held organised by that businessman.

Rish gathered all infos about that so called businessman’s home. He thought of going to his place directly in disguise of a cook. He made over himself by wearing a round necked tee shirts and a tracks pant with a turban. He also got an artificial long moustache. He placed a camera in between his turban, one inside the vegetables and the other in his cheppal. He went there to see a lot of protection around the building. He introduced himself as the new cook and showed his fake id. He was checked thoroughly amd was allowed inside. He didn’t get caught as he was prepared well and yes of course Rish- a very smart, handsome and an intelligent journalist?

Back to Maya’s hospital
Maya was called in by Mr.D.
D: good morning Mrs. Maya Agarwal
Maya: good morning doc..
D got anger at her reply
D: call me either doctor or sir.. no short forms are allowed.. is my point clear?
Maya: yes sir..
D: thats good… heard a news that you got the best doctor award of the year..
Maya: yes sir..
D: congrats.. but don’t get your victory on to your heads..

Maya was pissed off at his words..
Maya just nodded her head..
D: ok you may leave now..
Maya decided to give him back a nice reply.
Maya: sir may i know your name please..
D: I am Dr.D MBBS., FRCS., MD., in cardiology department graduated from London..
Maya in a taunting tone: sir I just asked your name.. and you are telling me your history.. and by the by I heard your name is Dharan.. and i don’t think MBBS, FRCS and MD are short forms.. and hence if anyone asks your name, just say I am Dr.Dharan Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery, Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons and Doctor of Medicine… right sir? I will leave now..
Saying this, she went out of the cabin by closing the door soundly..
Mr.D was astouned by her reply. But he didn’t get angry towards her. He smiled and said, “strange beti..”
Maya came to her cabin and started to eat chocolates in anger.

The meeting was started in that businessman’s home. Rish entered the hall as a cook to serve the refreshments. He placed the live camera and a mike without anyone’s knowledge. It was recorded by his team in his office. He silently came out of the house. The security suspected him but he was diverted by Rish. He hurriedly went to his office and started to visualize the meeting. It was very clear that the businessman was doing his business in a wrong way. He recorded fully and kept the footage safe in his locker. He took many duplicate copies and asked his staff members to keep one each. He said to himself, “oh man.. you are dead now.. your truth will be out tomorrow..”

In hospital canteen,
Mr.D explained about meeting Maya to Mrs.D. Even Mrs.D wondered about her. She said, “till now no one even dared to speak back to you.. Dr.Maya had spoken tauntingly to you.. didn’t you get angry?”
Mr.D: no Daisy.. to your surprise, I didn’t get angry.. i don’t know why.. i think you should meet her.. i feel connected to her.. the way she spoke, i found my replica in front of me..
Mrs.D widened her eyes and opened her jaws and said: you didn’t get angry? It means I should definitely meet her..

Their order came.
Mr.D mixed salt in his coffee.
Mrs.D: oh jesus.. no one in this world would have such coffee..
Mr.D laughed and said: I am very sure that if our daughter was alive on this planet, she would have the same food habit of drinking coffee with salt, fond of all fat items like cheese, butter, paneer, meat, chocolates, ice creams, pizza, burger, potatoes etc inspite of being fit and fine..
Mrs.D on hearing that, became sad and started to shed her tears.
Mr.D: come on Daisy.. relax.. ok I agree.. our daughter would also have the habit of widening her eyes and opening her jaws on hearing anything and good at heart..
Mrs.D: yes she would also have got angry at little silly things, rude, arrogant and wild yet good at heart and childish..

Mr.D smiled a bit and wished that their daughter should be back to them soon… Mrs.D prayed to fulfill their wish of getting their daughter back soon. They book looked at each other while their eyes were filled with tears.

PRECAP: Maya to be threatened by Rish’s enemies on her way back to home…

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  1. It is becoming interesting. So they seems to be Maya’s parents.

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  2. oh MR.D and MRS.D is maya parents shocking twist

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  3. Awesome update dear . So Mr. and Mrs. D are Maya’s parents. Precap is scary .

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  4. Ohh so Maya z daughter of Mr n Mrs D

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  7. Wowwww ishuuuuu, I’m shocked. ..mr. n mrs. D are maya’s parents….It’s amazing. …n rish in dangerous mission…..very interesting n exciting twists….just loved it to the core….keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads.

    1. Thank you soo much dear roma dhii….. and yes the reason of parents-daughter separation will be revealed soon….

  8. Nice episode….
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