A perfect and an imperfect (Episode 35)


Maya and Rish were deep in their effects. Meanwhile, the gangster gang Karthik-Rithu-Ashwin-Riya-Chandhu-Monu formed a secret mission. They planned something.

Next morning, Rish woke with a hangover. Chandhu knocked the room. Rish opened the door with difficulty. He handed over 2 glasses of nimbu pani one for Rish and the other for Maya for getting rid of the alcohol effect. He also gave him a set of dress to get freshen up. Rish tried to remember what happened the previous day but unfortunately, he couldn’t remember anything. He looked at Maya who was sleeping soundly. He just remembered that she made him to drink. He waved her hair, draped a blanket over her and went to take bath.

When Rish was getting ready, Maya slowly opened her eyes. She was unable to get up. Rish helped her to get up. She asked, “where am I?” Rish replied, “you are on top of my head.. do you remember what happened yesterday?”
He used this technique to know what exactly happened and whether atleast Maya remembered or not.
Maya nodded no. She holded her head due to head ache. He was little bit disappointed but decided to grab this opportunity to tease her.

Rish: don’t you seriously remember what happened yesterday?
Maya: hell with you man.. i don’t remember.. what happened?
Rish: oh god.. what a girl you are Maya!! You were behaving so strange.. you moved so close to me yesterday..
Maya widened her eyes and opened her jaws.
Maya shouted no.
Rish closed her mouth with his hands and signed her to shut up.
Maya’s eyes welled up.
Rish: yes.. you were so close to me.. but that is not the thing… the big thing is that you tried to move close to me in front of everyone in your unstable state..
As usual again Maya widened her eyes even more and opened her jaws to the maximum extent.
She asked what happened next.
Rish: you know nah? Even i was inebriated because of you.. in that state, even I could not control myself.. so..

Maya started to cry and asked so what?
Rish: so…. He started looking the ground and scratched the floor with his toe just like how girls do when they get shy.
He smiled and bited his nails blushingly.
Maya lost her temper: tell me so what
Rish: how can I say? You were unbelievable yar..
Saying this, he hided his face under his palms and acted like he was feeling shy.
Maya didn’t know what to do. She couldn’t try to figure out what happened the previous day. She just started to cry more vigorously.
Maya: seriously I don’t understand how it happened.. no it should not have done.. I should not have behaved wrong with you.. I am sorry..
Rish giggled at her reaction and continued..
Rish: leave it.. it was meant to happen somehow.. I am your husband and you have rights.. chill.. but don’t know why.. I am getting even more shyness..
Saying this he ran away from the room. He came out and gave a devilish smile.. He said, “Maya… you are done now..”

Maya cried and thought how to face her friends.
She took bath to drain her hangover effect fully. She got dressed up to go to her hospital without getting into anyone’s eyes. She thought she betrayed herself. She started to cry again. She came out of the room to see no one. She heaved a sigh and walked by gluing on to the wall. But to her bad time, she was caught up by Rish. She hided her face but she was dragged by Rish to have breakfast.

Everyone was present on breakfast table..
Maya was unable to face anyone.
Karthik: Lambu.. why did you behave strangely yesterday? Your behaviour was very new yesterday.. we didn’t expect this from you..
Maya started to shed her tears.
Maya: no bittu.. i know it should not have happened.. but i can’t get the point why i behaved like that.. I am sorry bittu.. let me stay with you forever.. I don’t want this stupid husband..
Karthik was taken aback with her statement.
Karthik: lambu.. relax… you did it out of your affection towards him.. it is nothing wrong.. it happens between all couples.. you don’t worry.. forget what happened yesterday..
Ashwin: yes chota bheem.. you drank and fought with your husband and suddenly fell unconscious.. we saw a new chota bheem in you yesterday..
Maya stopped crying, wiped her tears and asked what. She looked at Rish who was laughing at her.
She clutched her fist amd chased Rish to beat him.

No one understood what was happening and why Kaya started to chase Rish with anger. They stopped her and asked her to calm down. Rithu provided a glass of water to drink and asked the reason for her anger.
Maya: do you know what he said to me when I woke up? He said that
She could not say beyond that. She looked at Rish who in turn asked with a devilish tone, “what i said huh?” Saying this, he winked at her.
Maya: he said that.. i… he… inebriated.. wrong… alcohol effect… husband and wife.. night….
Everyone was confused whereas Rish was enjoying the scene. Maya stared at him angrily and said: okay leave.. its time for me to go to hospital.. new chief doctor and his wife are transferring to our hospital today.. i should go to welcome them…
She left the home not before giving an angry stare to Rish.

Precap: Angry Mr.D and Soft spoken Mrs.D make an entry to Maya’s hospital.. whereas Rish receives an unknown threat call not to focus on the high profile case..
Meanwhile Maya is still angry on Rish as he played a bad prank.

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