A perfect and an imperfect (Episode 34)

Maya made Rish to drink forcibly though he tried to stop her. Since it is first time for Maya, she got drowsy. She was about to trip but Rish holded her on time. She looked into his eyes deeply. He too got drowsy. Everyone didn’t know what to do. They decided to enjoy the scene but Karthik worried about her health.

Both in drunken state,
Rish: why are you holding me? Leave me I need to have more alcohol..
Maya: i won’t give you.. that is mine.. Bittu and me arranged this party.. you just can’t have it without my permission..
Rish: first you try to stand properly.. you are drunk hence you are not steady.. go have milk like a baby and sleep..
Saying this he tripped.
Maya laughed crazily at this.
Rish: why are you laughing at me? I didn’t trip.. i just imitated you..
Maya: oh really? Wait i will imitate you..
Maya clutched her fist and gave an angry look just like how Rish used to react. She removed her shoes and threw at the corner of the hall. Then she removed her socks. She acted like it was so stinky and she threw it over the sofa. Rish on seeing this, he opened his jaws widely just like Maya used to do.

Everyone enjoyed the scene and laughed at them.
Maya asked everyone: why are you people laughing at us? Are we showing you off a circus? We are fighting and you people are laughing.. very bad..
Maya started to cry..
Rish consoled her saying that they are bad people..
Maya to Karthik: bad bittu.. you are so mean.. you are laughing at me.. see my rishu is so good that even he fights with me, he cares for me..
Karthik wondered that Maya addressed Rish as my rishu. He felt very happy.
Rish: leave it Maya.. We will not talk to them here after..
Maya: who are you to say? Bittu is my favourite mom, dad and everything..
Rish: I am your husband.. and we both love each other nah?

Everyone was stumbled with this statement.
Maya: I don’t love you.. I still love my grandpops whose name is Nandhu.. but he cheated me..
Karthik, Ashwin, Rithu and Riya dropped their face down on hearing that.
Rish: Ido.. i am your grandpops.. I am your Nandhu and you are my Yadav..
They opened their jaws and asked what
Rish laughed and said: yes she is my Yadav aunty and I am her Nandhu grandpops.. we were in love during our teen.. she was an online internet singer and I am her biggest fan.. and we both started to love each other through letters.. the day when we decided to meet, Payal came in disguise of her.. we were separated.. and now fate has played a game with happy ending.. hero and his love have married without knowing each other..

Karthik recalled those incidents how Manu shared about her love, how Maya shared everything to Rish. He thanked god for making Maya’s life happy.
Maya was not in her sense to listen to Rish. She was in her full form to fight with him for not attending calls.
Maya: who is that aunty? Who is that grandpops? Don’t change the topic.. Why didn’t you attend my call? Why are you in 80’s costume? Who is that super model? Even i know modelling.. i will have a one on one with her.. lets see who is adorable and smoking hot..
Rish: her name is Maya.. she is my wife.. and I love her..
Before listening this, Maya fell down unconscious due to the alcohol effect. Rish tried to lift her but he too fainted over Maya. Karthik, Ashwin and Chandhu helped them to lie on bed in Maya’s room. Rish blabbered that he loved both Maya in Yadav and Yadav in Maya. Maya didn’t have a sign of consciousness. She was deep in her effect.

Back to the living hall, everyone wondered about the fate how they both were already meant to be together. Their love was tested and they fought for their love without their acknowledgement. They decided to let Maya find her grandpops in Rish herself. They both complete each other. The perfectionist Maya completes the imperfectionist Rish. Karthik wished Maya would have listened what Rish was saying.

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