A perfect and an imperfect (Episode 31)


At sharp 1 pm, Maya knocked the door. As Rish was sleeping, he didn’t excuse. Maya just opened the door to see him sleeping. She pitied him. She went near him and waved his hair gently. Without her concern, she closed towards him to give a kiss in his forehead. Just then he received a call where he woke up and Maya came back to the sense and moved away from him. He got up and asked, “you here?”
Maya, “shouldn’t I come here? Is anything wrong?”
Rish, “no no no not at all.. come have your seat..”
He made her to sit.
She opened his lunch box. He eagerly+with fear looked at the box. He dropped his face down. She had brought okra stew with tomatoes and cereal salad. She gave a wicked smile as usual.

Rish denied to eat that. But Maya insisted him to eat. Finally she started to feed him. He got mesmerised by her and completed fully. She pulled his cheeks and said good boy. He pulled her nose and they had some fun. He asked about her lunch. She said that she had non veg. He was pissed off at this. She left the office as it got late. She came out and smiled. She flashed her mind where she too had okra stew and cereal salad as her lunch. She left for her hospital. Rish was thinking about Maya how she fed him and Maya too was thinking how she was about to kiss him. She tapped herself at the back of her head and scolded herself and ended up smiling at last.

In the evening
They both reached home. She prepared salty coffee for herself and a coffee without sugar for him. He had a sip and spitted it out. He asked about the sugarless coffee. She said that there are 350 calories in 1 tablespoon of sugar hence you should avoid it. He kept the coffee mug there itself and went away angrily. She stopped him and holded her ears and apologized him. He was still angry. She then did some funny moves to make him laugh. He then laughed at her. She brought a bag and opened it. He saw all his favourite dishes which were brought by Maya. He tempted himself and ran towards it and started to eat them hurrily. She felt bad for her actions. She went towards the bedroom and arranged the bed and minimised the AC temperature for giving him a peaceful sleep. He completed the food and heaved a sigh. He came in front of her and burped. She got annoyed and started to chase him. He ran and stopped once and burped again. She lost her temper and chased angrily. He went inside the bedroom to see it neat and clean. Maya came behind him. He turned back and burped again in front of his face. She got angry and searched something to beat. He gave a pillow and burped again. She started to hit him with it and ended up falling over him on bed. Both had a deep eyelock. Rish came to sense that she was Maya and not Yadav. He moved away and Maya too moved away from him. They both blushed secretly and slept at 8 pm itself. Before that they had a conversation.

Maya: will you tease me about my health conscious hereafter?
Rish: oh no never.. i agree that being fit and healthy is difficult..
Maya: and anyways I am sorry…
Rish: you have to bear a punishment for your doings.
Maya opened her jaws and asked what
Rish: you will know when the right time comes..

And he slept off on his bes. Maya thought what it would be and slept on her sofa.

Next morning,
Maya didn’t go for her workouts as she decided to sleep for a while. Rish woke first to see her sleeping. He draped her properly with bedsheet and went to take bath. While bathing, he sparked a question to himself why she didn’t go for workouts. He came out to see her missing from sofa.

Rish came out in search of her. He saw her talking to her senior doctor about taking leave. The leave appointment was granted. He thought why she was taking leave that too without informing him. He decided not to question her and let her say herself.

Maya looked at the calander and gave a heavy breath. She didn’t speak a word to him. Rish prepared breakfast but she didn’t eat and just left. Before leaving, she spoke to someone with love to meet her at the cafe at 11 AM. He could hear a male voice. He got doubtful at her weird behaviour. She didn’t wake at 5 am, didn’t go for her workouts, didn’t fight with him, didn’t have breakfast, spoke to a male withover love about meeting her that too in a cafe.. everything seemed unusual to him. He decided to know what was happening.

Hai everyone I am Ishu’s sister.. she has been hospitalised due to sickness. She will recover within a month. Until then she told me update stories for you. If you are not okay, please comment about it. Thank you. She asked me to convey you that she loves you and misses you people. She also wanted to apologise you people for the irregular updates.

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