A perfect and an imperfect (Episode 30)

Maya gave a devilish smile and left for sleeping by saying, “smile as much as possible today itself.. from tomorrow, you will be in hell.. you will cry daily for fighting with me.. you have never seen my another side.. you will get to know it Mr.Agarwal..”
Rish received a call from Chandhu that he is going to Nepal for his project work and he would be back in few days. Maya reminded Rish about gym. Rish said coolly that he would deal with it easily. Maya said in mind, “Mr.Agarwal.. you are dead..”

Next day morning..
Clock stucked at 5 and the alarm sounded loudly. Maya openend her eyes and placed the alarm clock near Rish’s ears. He woke up with a jerk. He saw the time which showed 5 AM. He pulled the blanket and draped over him and slept again. Maya switched on the music system and made him to wake his eyes. She pulled Rish’s hair and sent him into the bathroom for brushing. He murmured something and slept in the bathroom also. She waited for more than 20 minutes. There was no sign of coming out. She knocked the bathroom where she found it was not locked. She unwillingly went in and saw him sleeping. She clutched her fist and threw a bucket full of cold water on his face. He shivered because of cold. She felt bad and dropped her face down. He noticed that and began to act more. She found him acting and she said, “sorry Rishu.. I should not have drenched you with cold water..” He got this opportunity and started to act more like shivering. She said, “being a doctor, I know how to cure this..” she took a bucket of very hot water and kept near him and said, “if you get drenched with this hottest water, you will be ok..”
Rish half opened his one eye and saw the bucket which had boiled water. He suddenly stood up and said, “who said I am shivering? I am ok now.. look I can jump, I can dance, I can run and I can sleep..” He ran away and fell upon the bed to sleep. She left her jaws opened and said, “water in the bucket is still hot my dear friend..” He opened his eyes with fear and made up himself and said, “Who is sleeping here? I just showed you the way of being healthy.. Come lets go to gym.. I am fit and fine..” Maya smirked and went along him.

Rish did the formalities of joining a gym. Maya had arranged a special coach for Rish (actually a duplicate trainer just to torture Rish).
Rish was taught the basics. He was so sleepy that he was not even able to stand. The trainer felt so bad seeing him. Whereas Maya was enjoying the sight. The clock stucked 7 AM. The training got over. Rish was so tired that his eyes would come out. He was not ready to walk back to their home. He decided to hire a taxi. But Maya holded his hands and dragged him to walk. Rish forgot all the pain at once she holded his hands. But he was back to his sense when she entered into the fruits and vegetables market. She bought some eatables. He thought she was buying them for him. He kept his face cryingly but Maya grinned and said, “oho this is for you only Rishu.. but I will give you when the right time comes.. now come lets go home..”
They both reached home by walk. Rish as soon as reached home, he went and lied down on bed to sleep. But Maya said in a sweet tone, “my dear friend.. should I make you bath as I did in the morning?” Rish opened his eyes widely and woke suddenly. He went to take bath. After he came out, Maya went to take bath. In that while, Rish again slept. Maya knew that he would sleep again. So she took bath rapidly and came to see him sleeping.

Maya went to kitchen and prepared something. She came near him and asked, “dear.. are you so tired?”
Rish nodded yes with a baby face.
Maya said in a sweet tone, “if so, then drink this..”
She gave a bottle to drink. He temptedly got that and drank. He spitted it out as it was bermuda grass juice (a kind of bitter spinach)
He shouted, “what is this? It is so bittery.. I can’t drink this..”
Maya put her fingers on his mouth and said, “this is very healthy.. and you should drink this..”
He said that the juice smelled bad. She closed his juice and made him to have it. Rish can’t take it and so he had a bowl full of sugar. Maya enjoyed the scene as usual.

Breakfast table..
Maya and Rish reached breakfast table. Rish was eagerly waiting for some delicious food. She went to kitchen and brought their breakfast. He mouthwatered and opened the bowl to find apple and banana porridge. He yucked and got up from the breakfast table saying that he would eat it from his office canteen. But she feeded him forcefully. And she gave a big glass full of milk knewing already that he hate plain milk. She added that, “I will send your lunch.. don’t eat anything until then.. if you feel hungry, just have this pomegranate..” Rish said, “but I don’t like pome fruit..” Maya said, “you have to.. else take this porridge once again whenever you feel hungry..” Rish artificially smiled and said, “No baby.. I will have what you give..” to which Maya said, “Superb.. thats cool dear..”

Rish made a cry face and asked God, “what else has she planned for me? Please save me from all these dirty gym and yucky fruits..”

Both left for their work.
Maya was laughing thinking about the morning incident. Whereas Rish slept in his cabin. At 11 AM, he woke up by her call.
Maya: hello Rishu.. I know you would be sleeping by now.. have pomegranate and sleep..
Rish: oh no.. I won’t have anything.. let me sleep please..
Maya: you have to keep up your words.. now have 3 pomegranates..
Rish: wwwhhhaaatttt? 3 pomes? No way.. I feel yucked on eating fruits..
Maya: yuck or duck.. I never mind it.. you have to have it.. now have all three and call me back.. byee..
She disconnected the call.
Rish opened his office bag to see pomegranates filled in a box. He made faces seeing that and started to eat unwillingly.
Just then Payal entered his cabin and saw him eating fruits. She came near him and sat on the hands of his chair. She hugged him and said, “aww my dear sweety.. are you eating pome? I know you love this fruit.. come on I will make you eat..” She got the spoon to feed him. He pushed her away and signed her to shut. He dragged her and came into the middle of the office. He called all his staff members and introduced her, “she is my ex-gf whom I left as she cheated me in another name.. I loved a girl deeply and this cheater came in her form.. everyone give her an applause..”
Every staff member laughed at her and gossipped within themselves. Payal felt ashamed and she left the office in anger.

Back to Rish cabin..
He came to see 13 missed calls from Maya. He got afraid and swallowed the full box of pome hurriedly and called her back.
Rish: hello Maya I had them fully..
Maya: why did you make late to pick my call? Is anything problem?
Rish: not to worry.. cool..
Maya: Mm thats good you had completed the box.. I will send you the lunch.. bye..
Rish had a jerk again and thought what she would send him as lunch menu and he prayed god. Maya as usual had her naughty plans.

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