A perfect and an imperfect (Episode 3)


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Maya asked, “Where is my own individual room?”. Chandhu and Moni were shocked at her question. Chandhu said, “This a 2 BHK house.. you both should share a room..” Maya did not like initially so she thought of calling Karthik to ask what to do. But she thought of not disturbing at this time. So she had no option other than sharing Rish’s room. So she asked where is his room and Moni directed to his sorry their room. As soon as she entered, she could see the room all messed up. Clothes were scattered over here and there. Moni asked her to relax because this is how the room looks normally. Maya did not like but for Karthik’s sake she accepted that too. She entered and looked all around. There was a picture on the wall where he and an old woman were smiling. Hope she would be his mom. She just smiled at that and went to change the clothes. So she went, got freshen up and returned to sofa to make her bed. Clothes were scattere there. So she pick one by one and threw in the bed. There was his socks too.

It was ufff it was sooo stinky. She can’t even go near it. Oh god where the hell i am stucked!! seriously that animal man in my past was better than this dirty stinky socks. She just took a long stick and gently took them in its other end and threw. But to her shock, it got to fell in Rish’s face who entered just a while ago. Rish just stared at her very angrily and clutched his fists. But Maya did not even consider him. So she just took her phone and lied down on her sofa by plugging her earphones. Rish was even more angry at her attitude. Just then he was called by Chandhu to have food. Rish went straight away to Chandhu and yelled at him, “Who let her to stay in my room? It is MY room.. no one is permitted to use it.. especially that ill mannered girl who threw my socks over my face..” Chandhu calmed him down by saying,”this will be you life… so keep adjusting to her..” Rish yelled again, “Why the hell should i adjust to a stranger?” Chandhu asked him to say this to his mom that he don’t want to continue his marriage life. At this Rish calmed down by saying, “No I cant do that.. i will respect her decision… inform that girl that she should meet my mom next week when she arrives India..” Chandhu said ok and asked him to fresh up and have food. Rish went to his room and saw that Maya felt hard to sleep on sofa. But he did not care about it. So he got freshen up, had his food and went to sleep.

Karthik missed his lambu very badly. He cried and went to her room in his house. It was a pink bedroom which was very clean and tidy. Ashwin entered just then. They both recollected why Maya married.

Rithu’s dad was not ok with lambu-bittu’s friendship. He is a typical village father who is against boy-girl friendship. So Rithu’s dad asked Maya to get married first only then he will agree Karthik-Rithu’s marriage. So Maya just agreed for Karthik’s happiness. One fine day Maya and Rish’s mom met in a restaurant where both their bills have been exchanged. They both sorted out and met frequently but accidentally. Rish’s mom wanted Maya as her DIL. So she went to Karthik to ask for Maya’s hands. Knowing that Rish has a very big family of many brothers and sisters, cousins, he agreed for that rishta. Marriage date had been fixed but before that Rish’s dad and mom were asked to go to Sydney for an important conference. They went there but wanted Rish-Maya marriage to happen as planned. So they got married in a very simple way without following any rituals and without inviting any guests. Karthik and Ashwin came to sense and both cried. Soon they fell asleep in Maya’s room itself.

Next day, Maya woke at 5 am to get ready as it is her gym time. She went and there she saw Chandhu. She just smiled at him and continued to work out. She returned back home and Rish woke just then. They both sensed something and started to run towards bathroom. Maya reached first and gave a victorious smile to Rish. He satred at her angrily and clutched his fist. Maya shut the door at his face. She wantedly took time to take bath and leisurely came out. Rish looked at her face angrily and went to bathroom. Both got ready and headed to their work. Rish went to his office where he worked as a senior journalist and Maya went to hospital where she worked as a doctor.

Precap: The dining table fight

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  1. Nice episode. So she married for her friends happiness .

    1. Yes lakshmi ji… she is a girl who would do anything for her friend… and thank u so much for your comment…:-)

  2. Woweww nice friendship yaar karthik ashwin maya…… all r too gud

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      1. Dont call me ji dr u can call me by name dr u story was too awesome dr….

  3. Awesome, lovely episode

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