A perfect and an imperfect (Episode 29)

Rish was thinking about Maya. Chandhu came and asked, “what are you thinking about?”
Rish said, “about Maya.. I don’t know how to treat her.. should i treat her as my lovable girlfriend or my fighting friend or my stupid perfect wife?”
Chandhu calmed him and said, “look rish.. there is no point of thinking about the past.. as you said, create your own love story.. think twice will you be able to love Maya and not the singer in her?” Rish was confused what to do. He recalled the incident where she hugged him and cried when she got to know about the flight burst, where she shared about her past, where she showed her secret room to him. It all happened within ay very short span of time. She trusted him very easily. He thought it could be because of her love towards him to be clear her love towards Nandhu. He recalled about all their sweet and funny nok jhoks which acted as a bridge between them both.

Rish did not know what to do. He thought all night and slept. Maya woke in the morning and looked at the bed where Rish was not there. She went to hall to see him sleeping by keeping his mouth open. She laughed at that and took a snap of him in her mobile. She went to the bedroom and carried a blanket with her and draped him with it. While drapping, he hold her hand in his sleep. She smiled and waved his hair. She then slowly removed her hand and went for her workout. Chandhu looked at this and thought, “Ms.Yadav still loves Nandhu it seems.. hope they get together soon..” He accompanied Maya to the gym. On their way back to home, Chandhu said about his first love in his school. He said how he was loving the girl on one side and how she cried and called him brother. Maya was listening to the story and laughed out loud. The people who were passing the street looked at her weirdly. She didn’t mind that and continued to laugh. Chandhu tried hard to control her but ended up laughing himself. They reached home and saw Rish still sleeping. Maya went towards him and shouted in his ears. He woke up in shock. He stared at her and started to chase. She ran into their room. After a long chasing, Rish got successful in catching Maya. When he tried to catch her, she slipped and was about to fall but Rish holded her on time. They both looked into each other’s eyes deeply. Maya broke their eyelock and didn’t utter a word. She just took bath and reached the breakfast table. Whereas Rish was smiling thinking about the incident and he hit himself in his back head and said, “Mad Rishu.. maintain your distance with her..” He looked at her and she felt something and she turned back. He too got ready and came to have breakfast. Chandhu had already prepared and he served them both.

Rish asked Maya, “don’t you know cooking? Always eating cheese and butter dishes made by my friend.. don’t you feel ashamed for making my friend to be your cook?”
Maya: oii hello Mr.Agarwal.. he is my friend too.. and to be remembered, I am his choti.. so i have more rights than you.. for a change, why can’t you cook and serve us? Like palak paneer, paneer tikka, paneer pulav, paneer butter masala.. yum yum yum..
Rish: if you keep on eating like this, you will become a patient one day for sure.. just see what all she likes.. always paneer, butter, cheese.. change your name to tubby tummy Maya..
Maya: hahaha comedy of the year.. I am a doctor and I know how to keep my body fit.. i work out regularly and I am healthy both physically and mentally.. if you keep on teasing me about my weight, I will drag you to gym along with me from tomorrow..
Rish: so you have that much guts to push me into the well without water? God are you people insane to go to gym and workout? Only mad people will go there..
Maya: In that case, you should be there in gym for 24×7 as you are the biggest mad in the world..
Rish: I became mad because of you..
Maya: hello Mr.Rishwanth Nand Agarwal.. I am Maya Agarwal.. don’t you dare to mess with me..

Chandhu came in between and stopped their fight. Maya smiled and said bye. Rish thought to himself, “I am waiting for you to become Mrs.Maya Rishwanth Nand Agarwal from Mrs.Maya Agarwal..”
Chandhu said, “don’t worry dude.. it will happen soon..”
Rish asked, “whether you heared my inner voice?”
Chandhu said, “I am your friend for years.. I know you.. now please don’t become senti and leave for office.. I will clean this and will join you soon..”
Rish hugged and thanked him and said bye and left for his office.

Maya was very sure to take Rish to gym thereafter. Rish was thinking about the morning eyelock and their arguement. He thought that he saw his singer while locking the eyes and Maya while arguing. Strange girl..

In the evening, they both reached home. Maya said she wanted to go out. Rish said that he would accompany her. They both got freshen up and roamed along the streets. She took him to the street food center. She wished the stall cook and asked about the sales.
Rish asked, “do you know the cook? You both are speaking as if you are friends..”
Maya said, “yeah he is my friend.. i regularly have chats here..”
The cook came and asked about Rish. She introduced him as her husband. The cook greeted him and praised Maya. He asked about the orders. She ordered golgappe for herself and asked what he wanted. Rish said, “he never had any such food here.. so you order for me too..” she ordered two plates. She taunted him for having only hygeinic foods.

Golgappe came but Rish didn’t know how to eat them. Mayae heaved a big sigh and taught him how to eat that. He tried but he made his dress to eat. She made a funny comment on his funny act. He tried and tried but finally he got to know how to put the whole thing in his mouth. He appreciated the taste and he ordered one more plate for him. Maya said that no one would win in golgappe eating competition with her. Rish challenged her. They both started to have. Maya wantedly lost the competition as it was Rish’s first time to eat. Rish gave a proud look at her. Maya then paid the bill as she lost the competition. The cook gave the money back and said, “this is your first visit after marriage.. that too you came with your husband.. so this is my treat for your marriage..” Maya said, “bhaiya.. if you really want to give me a treat, invite us to your home.. this is not professional ethics… you should get this money..” The cook smiled and said, “ok you both should definitely come to my home one day..” Maya and Rish assured him and left the place.

Just then Chandhu called and asked them to have dinner out. Rish and Maya had some chat items as their dinner. They walked and reached home. Rish thanked her for giving this treat. Maya said ok and thought to herself that, “smile as much as possible today itself.. from tomorrow, you will be in hell.. you will cry daily for fighting with me..”
She gave a devilish smile.

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  1. Oh god she is like an impossible girl

  2. Amazing episode dear. Their fightings were cute n sweet. Study well n tc….luv u….

  3. Cute chapter!! Mischievous Maya huh ….I would love to see Rish being tortured by Maya .

  4. i was a silent rdr of ur story.but i luv it immensely so plz plz update fast.

  5. waiting eagerly

  6. Awesome episode ishu my dearrrrr, loved it very very much. ..so cute n lovely scene of RiMa. …golgappe were really delicious…me too love them so much…now she’ll make him exercise. ..lol…rish you’re gone man…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads.

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