A perfect and an imperfect (Episode 28)

As they planned, they both wore red colour dress as the sign of love. Rish recalled the photo which he sent her for identification to which he never got a reply. He thought she would come in front of him surprisingly. He went to the spot on time. Few minutes later, a girl wearing blue dress arrived and tapped his shoulder. Rish smiled at himself and holded her hand. He turned at her and she smiled. She said, “hai hero.. how are you? You have come from Chennai to Mumbai just to meet me.. I am so lucky to have such a person in my life..”
Rish felt weird on seeing her because he could not feel the love towards her. But he didn’t show it off and said, “hai aunty.. even i am lucky to have you..” the girl made faces and said, “aunty and that too me? No way.. i am just 15 years old.. don’t call me aunty.. I have a name and that is Payal.. Payal Kapoor..”
Rish was even more confused as he used to call her aunty and she used to call him grandpops. But he brushed it off. He could not feel the love which he used to feel while sending the letters. Payal took him to a beach and proposed him by giving a rose to him. He was even more confused as he had already said about his allergy to roses. He just smiled as it was their first meet and he didn’t want to spoil it.

Here Maya was waiting for him since afternoon. She never knew that Payal took him out. She waited for him till night hoping that he would come for her. She was crying as she thought he cheated her. She was weeping thinking about him. Just then father came and said, “don’t worry beti.. Lord has decided something else for you.. I know everything since beginning.. come lets go..” she went with him silently. She went to her room and cried loudly. Father thought let her cry out of her heart.

Days were passing..
Rish accepted Payal thinking that she would be Ms.Yadav. and even Payal acted well like Ms.Yadav. One day Rish and Payal went for a coffee date. Rish ordered coffee with salt for her and a coffee with extra sugar for himself. She took a sip and spit it out shouting at him. He was dazzed and remembered how she said about her coffee. He asked, “who are you? Why did you lie? Why did you make fun about my love?”
Payal caught by her lies but she continued to lie that she is Ms.Yadav.
Rish said, “is it so? Ok then sing a song for me..”
Payal was cornered by his continuous questions and at last she shouted, “yes I am not Ms.Yadav.. I am Payal Kapoor.. the truth is Payal loves Nandhu.. my dad owns a courier company through which you both sent letters. I used to read all the letters which come to my dad’s courier office and i paste it again without leaving any sign of opening. When I was going through letters, I got yours where I was impressed with your love. I started to follow you wherever you go.. i noticed every little things of yours.. I thought to snatch you from her.. I thought to tear all your letters making not to reach that Yadav… But everytime something happens which will lead the letters to reach your hand… But last time, when you sent your photo to her I lost my temper and I crushed that… you are so handsome that every girl dreams to get in her life.. i could not even think of giving such a caring and loving personality to a unknown girl.. so I made a plan and got successful in getting you..”

She said this and laughed like a moron. Rish dragged her and started to slap her black and blue. He didn’t say a word and moved from that place. Payal said to herself, “this is your first touch… i will never forget this.. however you will be mine..”

Payal was with Rish for about 2 years. She hid her identity and remained like Ms.Yadav under the name of Payal. When the truth was out Payal started to torture Rish. But being aunty’s grandpops, he remained firm that he will somehow marry his Yadav. He tried contacting her but in vain as she went out for her higher studies. He never gave up on searching or trying to contact her. Then mom insisted to marry Maya. Then they slowly became friends. But still Payal is behind Rish to get his love.

Rish completed to tell this to Chandhu. Chandhu said, “hey fraud.. you have never said me this one.. even you had a romeo inside you.. Romeo Rish.. but why are you saying this to me now? Have you found your lover girl?”
Rish nodded yes.
Chandhu raised his voice and asked, “you stupid man.. you got married.. how can you think of other girl? She was your past..”
Rish said, “no Chandhu.. she is my present.. the girl is none other than Maya.. she id the one who stole my heart with her songs..”

Chandhu was like fainting. He said, “shock after shock.. she stole your heart? That tomboy? God.. please help me and save me from these mad people.. rish i am leaving else you might give me another shock.. bye..” saying this Chandhu ran off. Rish smiled and said, “my dear aunty.. you will identify your grandpops soon..”

Rish went to home to see Maya slept in hall. He woke her up and asked her to sleep in room. She was going but he stopped her and asked her to sit. He asked, “what kind of a man you love?” Maya said, “I loved a person but he cheated me.. umm i wish i need a person who kisses me in the pouring rain, who gives me one hot kiss where i am pressed against the wall, who thinks I am the world, who holds on as long as possible when giving hugs, who whispers I love you in my ear, who gives me a moment where he just gazes into my eyes, who kisses my tears away when I cry, whose jacket i can wear and everytime I breath in, his scent surrounds me, who will watch any movie with me, no matter how teary eyed I may get, who treats Karthik and Achu as his own friends, who treats Rithu and Riya as his sisters, who treat me as a human, who cares for me even when he is angry and many more Rishu.. why are you asking me this?”

Rish got his hands to hug her but holded on himself and said, “ok maya.. good night.. you sleep… sweet dreams..” Maya made faces and went to sleep. Rish left thinking and her words, “I loved a person but he cheated me” repeated in his ears. He said, “I have never ever thought of cheating you even in my dreams dear.. our fate cheated us.. i will rewrite our love story where we will have a happy ending..”

Credit to: Ishu


  1. Ananya

    Just loved it ishu. Missed this story and u.. Plz try to post often… Update soon. Waiting for nxt update….

    • Ishu

      Thank you so much and sorry ana… i am little bit busy in studies… missed you too… i will try to update regularly dear…. thank u…..

  2. Lakshmi

    Superb episode ishu. Missed u sooo much.. Payal is mad,how could she do like that. Poor rish ,rima r very nice. Waiting for next update. Live u..tc.. All the best for our exams.

  3. Roma

    O my ishuuuuu dearyyyyyy, it was really beautiful episode. …payal such a cheapster…how could she separated these two lovely souls…but see now they are married n soon they will know their true love. …maya’s words were so lovely n beautiful. …how beautifully you narrated my dear friend ishuuuuu. …just loved it. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads.

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