A perfect and an imperfect (Episode 26)

Rish took Chandhu to a nearby park.
Chandhu: what happened?
Rish: just shut up and listen to my words.. you know why I was rude and arrogant before marriage?
Chandhu: because you loved a girl but Payal came into your life as her but she betrayed you.. all I know man.. what now?
Rish: you don’t know how I started loving that girl nah?
Chandhu: I have never asked you as you never had a habit of sharing..
Rish: but I have shared everything to that girl..
Chandhu: super yaar… how did you trust that girl? I have never asked you but now I wish you should tell me about your lover..
Rish smiled and started to say…

“Laddu… wake up wake up.. its time for your school.. you are studying in 11th standard yet you are lazy.. like father like son..” mom started her morning puja..
Rish removed his blanket and said, “don’t compare me with that man who threw my bro out of this house..” saying this, he went to take bath.
Mom said, “god I don’t know who will clear the misunderstandings between father and son..”
Rish opener the bathroom door and said, “your daughter in law..”
Mom was ready to beat him but he shut the door before that.

Rish got ready and went to school. There his gang was listening to a song which was sung by none other than our angry bird. They were going crazy on hearing that song. They asked Rish to listen to that song. He denied it first as he didn’t have interest in music and all stuff. When they insisted, he unwillingly listened to the song. Once he listened, he could feel the intensity of love’s depth in that song. It didn’t depict about the love blossom between two people. It had expressed about an arrogant girl’s wish of having a lovable parents, lovable siblings, lovable friends and lovable environment. The song had a pain of a lonely girl who was longing for love.

Rish listened to the song by closing his eyes. When the song was over, he had a drop of tear in his eye. He felt each and every word’s meaning. He asked about the singer to which he got to know that the singer is just an internet singer whose identity is unknown and only her name is known which is Ms.Yadav.

Rish decided to listen to all her songs. Throughout the day, the lyrics of the song was felt by him. He went home and did research on Ms.Yadav. He collected all her songs and listened to them. All her songs were about longing love of a lonely young girl. He did more on Ms.Yadav and after a long research, he came to know a small hint that she is from a church in Mumbai. He noted down all the address of the churches in Mumbai with orphanages. He wrote an appreciation praising letter about the song with a note, “I don’t know in which church you live.. send me a reply letter please..” and posted it to all the churches. He regularly checked the courier he received. But there was no reply. One day, Ms.Yadav’s next album was released on which she sang a small part about the letter and gave a small hint about the area she lived.

Rish was on cloud nine on listening to the song. He repetedly listened where he noticed about the hint very lately. He posted an another letter thanking for giving a hint of her address. He got a letter some days later where she welcomed him for being her fan. He was on cloud nine after receiving the letter. He felt bad for her condition. He wrote a letter,

“Hai Ms.Yadav aunty.. My name is Nandhu.. I am doing my 11th standard.. basically I have no idea about music.. my friends compelled me to listen to your song.. from that moment I started listening to all your songs.. I could feel your pain and loneliness which was indirectly depicted in all your songs.. and to be frank even I am feeling lonely without my brother.. only after I heard your song, I got to know how my brother would have felt now.. As you said, love is everywhere and we have to find where it is.. My best thing in my life so far is my mom.. I wish everyone would get a mom like her.. soon you will get a mom like mine.. my best wishes..”

Manu received the letter and she was amused at that. She had never met such a person who understood the meaning of her song and the one who correlated all her songs and the one who understood the depth of her pain. She decided to write a reply letter.

“Hai Mr.Nandhu grandpops.. Ms.Yadav here.. how are you? I am very happy that you are a fan of my songs.. How is your mom? As you said, I wish I get a mom like her.. Just like I love coffee with a pinch of salt, I love to sing songs.. It is just my hobby and not my proffession.. And my grandpops I am just 15 years old.. I wish i would get a friend like you.. And thanks for loving my song and understanding it..”

They both started to share everything and became friends slowly.. Rish’s used to send letters in the name of nandhu as his full name is Rishwanth Nand Agarwal.. Manu used to send letters in the name of Ms.Yadav as her name is Manisha Yadav..

They both called each other as Aunty and Grandpops..

One day, …………………..

Precap: how payal entered Rish’s life and came between both angry birds…

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  1. Nice episode Dear.Can’t wait to read the next episode.Pls update the episodes regularly. Thank you 🙂

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    1. Ana… how can I forget you people? I can’t even imagine that dear…. went to college after a long gap nah? Lots of works to be done… thats why dear… i will surely try to post it regularly..

  5. Superb update ishu. How r u? So he is her fan,their names r really funny yaar. All his words became true as differences b/w him n his father has been cleared by her(dil),she got mom in the form of mil. Will be waiting for next update. Luv u ???…tc…

    1. Thank you so much lakshu dhi… and yes all their words will become true…. and i am fine here dhi… how about you? Love you too… tc….

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  7. Wowww awesome yaar so this is tge story of rish

    1. Thank you haya… this is the fb of nandhu and Ms.Yadav… both their past will somehow have connection with both of them…

  8. Fabulous. ACTUALLY I AM UR SILENT READER. Sorry. Today’s chapter was brilliant. Pls keep on updating regularly

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  9. dis story is very different and m loving it….keep writing yaar,u r awesome writer

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  10. Hi ishu dearrrr it’s superb n very lovely episode, awesome narration n dialogues superb. ..glad to know that RiMa r the lovers from long time….so lovelyyyyyy story. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very tight hug

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