A perfect and an imperfect (Episode 25)

Rish was so happy to get his Ms.Yadav- who was a great singer, who was unknown to the world, whom he loved immensely, by whom he was loved, whom he shared about everything about him, whom he trusted so much, whom he started loving without seeing her face…. destiny had made him to meet her as his wife.. ohh god!! Is it unbelievable or is it a co-incidence? Does fate have the power of uniting two people who are meant to be together forever? Really great!! He started to read those beautiful letters and reminisced his memories. He decided to recreate that magic once again. But before that he should confirm whether Maya and Ms.Yadav are same.

In the evening..
Maya returned from hospital and checked Rish’s body conditions. He was perfectly fine and in fact he was dancing. For the confirmation, he decided to sing one of her famous songs which she sang especially to dedicate her letter lover. He sang the special song.
Maya: how do you know this song?
Rish: everyone knows this song.. but I don’t like this song nor that girl.. what a girl is she? Chi chi.. her voice and her attitude of not coming in front of media.. height of stupidity..
Maya: wwhhhhwwwhhhyyyyy why don’t you like her? I heard a lot about her.. she is very good, very sweet, very beautiful, very cute and very very very etc.
Rish: oh really? You are speaking as if that singer is you..
Maya was dumbstruck with his spontaneous questions.
Maya: noo nnnooo… I am not that so called Ms.Yadav.. I am Maya Agarwal.. THE Maya Agarwal.. I am a doctor not a singer.. so get lost… I will fresh up prepare coffee for me..
Rish remembered his polar bear’s i.e his letter lover’s taste of coffee..
As soon as Maya went to take bath, he went and prepared coffee for both. He wantedly added a pinch of salt in it. She got freshed up and they both had coffee. She had her first sip and she was impressed by his preparation.

Maya: wow! What a tasty coffee! How do you know my taste? I love coffee with a pinch of salt.
Rish was overjoyed with this and he almost confirmed that his letter lover was none other than Maya. Sorry Maya Rishwanth Nand Agarwal.
He said that he too wanted to taste thae salty coffee. He got her cup and placed his lip where she placed and had a sip. He said, “it is so sweet…” Maya said, “but it was a little salty..; Rish said, “not now”
Maya didn’t understand so she just got her cup back and started to drink. Rish was all blushing. Chandhu entered home and noticed Rish who was blushing. He started to tease him but Rish asked him to be quiet and said that he wants to discuss something important. Maya asked what. Rish said that it is all about work.

Precap: budding love story of Nandhu and Yadav..

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  1. Ishu dear please give some long updates. Anyway your updates are too good

    1. Sure dear… I will surely try… thank youu…..

  2. Yaa ishu really in need of a long update but I really love your story thanks for updating dear.in love with rishu and maya’s character you potray them so well. You are just awesome

    1. Thank you so much raisha…. i will surely tru to upload regularly….

  3. Wow wow wow.

    1. Thank you dhara…..

  4. Hey who is nandhu here is he rish only wowwww love story strts

    1. His full name is rishwanth nand agarwal nah dear? So he used nandhu name….

  5. Amazing epi ishu. So rish is her fan. How did priya got those letters? Short n cute update. Eagerly waiting for next update.love u ??…take care…

    1. Thank you so much dhiii…. you will get to know in the upcoming episodes…. love you toooo….

  6. aww rish is falling for her soo sweet loved it nd plzz make it a little longer but srsly it ws superb d way he ws blushing lol

    1. Haha yeahh shreya… rish is falling for maya… and surely i will try dear…. thank you. .

  7. Short but sweet chapter!! Waiting for next update eagerlyyyyyyyyy. Plzzzz post ASAP. Love RiMa !! Keep writing. Take care dear:-) 🙂

    1. Thank you addu…. posted next part… love you dear and take care….

  8. Ishu it was a cute update.. So they loved each other in past.. Update a long chapter and asap…. PlZzzz

    1. Yeahh ana… i will try to post a long one… and thank you so much dear….

  9. Wowwww super cute epi…rish so smart n funny. .loved the way he tricked her with coffee…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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