A perfect and an imperfect (Episode 24)

Maya asked, “I have never asked you till now.. i had a reason why I didn’t want marriage because of that monster.. but why did you not want marriage?” Rish never expected this question. He tried to avoid by saying, “haha i am feeling sleepy.. good night friendy..” Maya said, “don’t try to escape.. i need a genuine answer.. we both didn’t even know our names.. then what was the reason behind your rejection?” Rish smiled and said, “actually I loved a girl but I was betrayed..” Maya was surprised. She asked, “oho my dhosth rishu knows to love and romance? Thats so sweet.. tell me about your love story.. who is that lucky charm? Where is she? Are you still in love with her?” Rish said, “Oh please Maya.. If you keep on asking me like this, how can I answer? I will tell on other day.. now sleep thinking about your day with your bittu and achu..” Maya dropped her face down and said, “fine Mr. Agarwal.. good night..

keep your secrets with you” Rish grinned at her and asked, “is my angry bird angry?” Maya said, “haha no way.. how can I be angry with a stranger?” Rish said, “ok ok chill.. i will tell.. my love was payal.. the girl whom you met on that day..” Maya asked, “thats so cool.. but why were you angry on that day?” Rish said, “because she betrayed me..” Maya had a broad smile on her face and said, “it means she was the reason by whom I got you..” Rish smiled and said, “yeah madam.. now sleep.. good night..” Maya said, “I don’t feel sleepy.. shall we go somewhere?” Rish asked, “but now? Are you mad idiot? Its almost 12 now.. I am feeling sleepy..” Maya shouted, “good night..”
Both slept..

Next day, Rish received a call from a number asking him to open the door. He thought who might it be and opened. He was shocked to see his dad there. He recalled the incident where he shouted at his dad for sending his brother dev out of the home. His last words to dad repeated in his ears.

“You separated me from my brother who shared my childhood.. you have ruined my days.. you have to face its consequences.. you felt proud of me right? Now you will feel sorry for giving me birth.. from now on I have only mom.. for me, my dad is dead..” saying this, he placed a garland on his dad’s photo and lit a diya in front. His dad was completely shattered.
**FB ends**

He also got the incident where he came to know about dev’s cruel nature and thats what the reason of behaviour of dad that day. Rish felt guilty of his own actions. He held his head down while tears were flowing through his cheeks.
Dad calmly asked, “why is my laddu bablu crying? Now please don’t say the movie dialogue that your eyes are sweating..”
Rish was emotional on hearing this and hugged his dad tightly. He cried whereas dad consoled him not to cry.

Rish asked his dad, “are you not angry with me? Please punish me for my bad deeds.. i have done sin by hurting you for the past 10 years.. you should not forgive me.. i am neither a good son nor a good human..”
Dad laughed and said, “you are a good son and also a good human.. thats why you got an amazing wife who gave my son back to me..”
Rish looked at dad with a question mark.
Dad said, “yes beta.. my rasagulla invited me here..”
A voice from the back said, “Rishu.. how long will you make my uncle to stand.. let him sit and chat.. come in uncle..”

Dad smiled at her and sat beside her. Rish looked at Maya with a thanking smile. Rish and his dad had a great time together. They shared all their memories of their past 10 years. Dad praised and thanked Maya for giving his son back to him. Mom entered thereby and said, “oho my laddu and my rasagulla have forgotten me after getting their dad huh? Not fair at all..” she faked her anger while maya, rish and dad convinced her. It was a great family time.

They played the letter passing game in which mom and maya teamed up and rish and dad teamed up. Maya was writing the chits from girls side whereas dad was writing from boys side.
When they were interestingly playing, Rish noticed maya’s handwriting. He felt it was familiar to him. He then started to keenly observe her handwriting. He was shocked to see that. Without showing it off, he continued to play unwillingly. The game was however over and Maya and mom won. Rish was waiting for the departure of his mom and dad. However after sometimes, dad received call from his client for a meeting. Dad and mom left whereas Maya too left for hospital. Rish stayed back home giving a reason of headache.

As soon as Maya went, Rish locked the home from inside and started to search his secret locker. He didn’t know whether to feel happy or shocked after seeing something. He checked Payal’s parcel which she gave him on that day. He was confused totally. He thought that destiny had the magic power of bringing two people together even after getting apart unknowingly. He thanked god and cried with happiness. He regarded this day as the best day in his life as he got the most important people i.e one is his dad and the other is none other than Maya aka Manisha whom he was searching for 5 years.

Dear darlingss…. I was out of country for a family vacation.. thats why i couldn’t post my story… and I hope you didn’t forget me… love you all and I missed you people so much…

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  1. Why ge was so happy dr is there any reason behind it….its ok yaar we can u derstand

    1. I went for a family vacation dr… and thank you….

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  9. thnk god u updated i thought u stopped writing nd ws really missing soo badly but voww!!! u r back nd today’s epi ws soo good nd whts dat abt rish ws searching her for past 5 yrs for wht soo much of suspense hope u update next prt soon love u byee tc

    1. Awww shreya… thank you so much dear… i will never stop writing… i am really sorry for the delay dear… i will update my next part today itself… my 25th episode… thank you so much for your support…. love you too dear…

  10. Hi Ishu !! I missed u and ur story too much dear !! The chapter was awesome. Waiting for next update to know the truth of this suspense .Love you loads. Keep writing. Take care 🙂 🙂

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  11. I missed ur ff badly. Thank god u r back. It was lovely episode.

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