A perfect and an imperfect (Episode 23)

Rish saw photos of his brother Dev on the wall. He asked about it to Maya. To which she said that he was the monster in her life. He asked, “why do you have his photos still with you?” Maya said, “on seeing that, I boost myself up.. my past will flash in front of my eyes and I will have some new fresh energy and it helps to motivate myself..” rish was amused at this. She said, “I have never allowed anyone in this room except bittu.. don’t know why I wanted to show this to you..”Maya excitedly started to show the letter which was kept with her by her parents. She said, “I was born as Manisha Yadav.. brought up as Manisha Karthik and now I am Maya Agarwal.. look how one’s destiny change..” she had a blank smile. Rish said, “one’s destiny will never change.. but it just changes people.. once dev was a beloved son and a lovable brother but later he turned into a wild monster.. its all about destiny..” maya nodded and suddenly asked, “how do you know his name? I have never mentioned his name nah? How do you know about his family?”

Rish stumbled and didn’t know what to answer. He looked around the room and said, “look there.. you have written dev and striked it out.. so i thought it would be his name.. and obviously a person would have a good family.. so i just said..” Though maya was not ok with his answer, she brushed it off not to fight for dev. She showed all her childhood pictures, the love letters which she got during college days, the dresses which she used during her babyhood days, the gifts which she bought for mother’s day and everything. While sharing this , she was so excited. Rish looked at her constantly. When she was about to show something, they were called by riya for dinner. Maya said that she will share it later and they both went to the dining table.

Ashwin and Maya again started to fight for the first serve. Ashwin said, “hoi if you are like this now, how will you manage your children?”
Maya: you don’t worry about that.. i know how to manage..
Ashwin: no i am pretty sure that you can’t..
Maya: in that case, i will ask Rish to manage my children..
Rish: oho how can i manage our children? Have I done any Ph.D degree on that?
Maya: Have i done any course on that? I am saying now that you should mange our children..
Rish: no way.. I will make you a mother of 100 children.. your day will be spent on changing their diapers..

Maya: oh really? I challenge you.. our 101st child will come to this world to kick you for making me doing works..
Rish: before that I will train all our 100 children against you.. they will listen only to their sweet papa’s words.. our 101st child will realize that papa is right..
Maya was about to reply just then she noticed Karthik, Ashwin and Riya were giggling at her. She just then realized that they both were arguing about kids which is never going to happen. She became silent. Rish continued to talk but Maya shut his mouth by putting a full apple in his mouth. Rish said, “if you feed like this, I am sure our children will become tubby tummy like their momma..” maya gestured him to stop it. But he continued, “why do you want me to stop? Oh karthik, ashwin and riya got to know about you huh? Thats very funny.. I will do one thing.. our 101st child will be named Karthik and our 200th child will be named Ashwin.. how it will be?” Maya tried to stop him anyhow but he didn’t listen. Rish continued to talk about children.

Maya texted him, “hey dumbo.. fill your mouth with food.. we’re arguing about children which is never going to happen..” Rish saw that and he looked at Karthik, Ashwin and Riya who were busy enjoying their cute silly fights. Maya and Rish were embarrased at this. They both ate silently. Karthik and Ashwin imitated them and had laugh together. Maya didn’t even looked at them. Maya hit Rish’s leg but it happened to be Ashwin’s leg. She was teased for this too. Dinner went on like this.

After some times, Maya and Rish were about to leave. Maya and Karthik cried as if it was her bidaai. She hugged him and said, “bittu.. don’t forget your lambu.. i will miss you..” karthik said, “your bittu will never ever forget his lambu.. miss you too.. take care..” Maya hugged Ashwin and Riya and reached back home. On their way, theh both laughed crazily what happened that day from morning that they didn’t speak, apologies, blocking, fight using Arya as mediator, secret room sharing and dining table fight. They both reached home and freshened up.

RiMa’s room
Rish apologized for talking rubbish there. Maya laughed and said ok. Suddenly Maya asked, “I have never asked you till now.. i had a reason why I didn’t want marriage because of that monster.. but why did you not want marriage?”

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  1. I realy luvd n njoyd their baby fyt. . . It was so cute. . . 😀 😀 :-DUpdt nxt part plss. . .

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  3. Superb episode with their sweet n cute fights.love u ??..take care..

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  4. So rish also have past

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  5. So cute fight… Loved RiMa moments..

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  6. Awesome, marvellous, hilarious episode, such a cute one …100 kids.. wowww, so funny argument. ..secret room share was good, she is slowly start trusting him…now it’s rish’s turn to share his past…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Aww thank you roma dhii…. Rish will trust her…. love you too…

  7. Awesome story,loved d relation btwn maya and kartik…plz update d nxt episode

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