A perfect and an imperfect (Episode 22)


Next morning, Maya woke and went to gym along with Chandhu. She said, “I missed you so much Chandhu.. i didn’t have home made food after you went.. where is moni? I couldn’t see her for so long?” Chandhu sadly said, “her granny is still sick.. so she will come back after the full recovery..” Maya cheered him up. After their workouts, they both reached their home. On their way Chandhu asked, “whats going on b/w you and rish? I think you both are not in good terms yet..” maya denied it and said, “no Chandhu.. we both became friends..” chandhu said, “i just want you both to be happy..” maya nodded yes. They reached home to see Rish was ready. Maya thought to herself, “uff thank god he took bath..else i would have talked to him.. no no Maya maintain distance from him.. don’t ever try to talk to him..” Maya went and took bath. They both didn’t look at each other. When chandhu called them for breakfast, rish said that he will have in his office canteen and left. Maya thought, “did he came to know about my stupid imagination? Is that why he is avoiding me? Probably he might be angry.. I think I should apologize him..” Chandhu called her to bring back to her senses. He asked, “is anything wrong?” Maya nodded no. They both had breakfast and left for their work.

Rish thought that he should apologize Maya for his bad thoughts. He texted her.
Rish: hey maya
Maya: hey rishuu
Rish: whats up?
Maya: on duty.. about you?
Rish: on editing
Maya: good to hear
Rish: thanks and…
Maya: what and?
Rish: actually i want to say sorry
Maya was taken aback on hearing his reply. She thought, “i wanted to say sorry to him.. but why he?”
Maya: but for what?
Rish: it doesn’t matter.. i just felt..
Maya: your sorry won’t be accepted till you accept my sorry..
Rish: your sorry? For what?
Maya: even i just felt..

Rish: hmm let me think over it
Maya: in that case, well even i won’t accept yours
Rish: no no actually i will accept your sorry
Maya: well mutual apologies.. great.. ok i will text you later once i am free..
Rish: lol how can a 10th fail student became a doctor?
Maya: oy hello.. you covered my award function? Do you remember that?
Rish: ya i do remember that..
Maya: that was the day when we started to speak with each other..
Rish: yes i curse that day
Maya: fine don’t talk to me now…
Saying this, she blocked him..
Rish tried sending texts and calls but in vain. He thought that he made a mistake again. He was sure that she won’t accept his apology again. He thought something and said that it would be perfect.

Rish went to the hospital to pick Maya. He asked the receptionist to call her. After sometimes Maya arrived there with Arya.
Maya: Aru.. why did he come here when he cursed the day we meet?
Rish: I came to take her somewhere
Maya: Aru.. tell him that i am not ready to come anywhere..
Rish: Arya tell her that she should come as i am her friend..
Maya: not anymore Aru.. tell him that i had a friendship break up with him today morning..
Rish: Arya.. this is not fair..
Maya: Yeah Aru.. tell him thats why i had friendship breakup with him..
Arya: sssshhhhhhhh stop it both of you dumbos.. Maya you were talking about Rish the whole day that you overreacted a bit and you wanted to make over with him.. but why are you acting?
Maya tried to stop him but Arya continued..

Arya: oho Maya.. you should have become an actress like Arundathi..
Rish: haha now I came to know..now you can’t deny to my offer.. either come with me or i will tell about your drama to your patients and our friends..
Maya: arghhh… god where have i been stuck? Ok come we’ll go… Aru can you please take my vehicle and go?
Arya: yeah bestie… I will but don’t try to act..
Maya hit him with her bag and said bye.

Rish was driving and Maya asked him where we are going? But Rish denied to say him. When they reached, Maya realised that he had taken her to Karthik’s home. She looked at him with confusion. He said, “we both got married three weeks before.. you didn’t have time to spend with your Karthik and achu.. so i just thought of taking you here..” Maya thanked him whole heartedly. Rish said, “oy hello.. no senti please.. i can’t see your face..” Maya faked her anger and laughed. She ran towards the door and pressed the calling bell.

Riya opened the door and was happy to see Maya and Rish there. She shouted, “Karthik, Ashwin come here to see who is here..” Ashwin said from inside the hall, “you are shouting as if my chota bheem had come..” Riya shouted, “come and see.. your chota bheem has come for true” Riya hugged Maya and said, “Manu.. i really missed you.. this home has become like a museum after you left..” Maya said, “I am back nah? We’ll rock today..”
Ashwin and Karthik came out why Riya shouted. On seeing Maya, they both became excited and hugged her. She hugged them both. Riya too joined the hug. Maya gestured rish to come. He nodded no. But she insisted by giving him an angry stare. Rish came near them and joined the hug. Karthik was so happy. They welcomed them in. Maya said, “Bittu.. this is my house too.. u need not welcome me like a guest..”

They all got in and sat. All 5 had a great time talking, teasing, hitting, arguing, chit chatting together. Maya and Ashwin argued over petty issues whereas Karthik, Riya and rish enjoyed it. Rish thought that she is really a lady samurai fighting with everyone. Maya asked about Rithu. Karthik said that she will come tomorrow. Maya found something wrong b/w karthik and rithu but brushed it off saying that they would patch up as usual. Riya said that she will prepare dinner. Ashwin asked her to prepare something special as they have come for the first time. Riya said ok and gave a list of things to Karthik and Ashwin to buy. They both went and Riya went to kitchen saying Maya to take Rish to her room. Maya nodded and took rish to her room.

When rish entered the room, he was surprised to see the room very clean and tidy. He said, “now i understood why you don’t get adjusted in my room..”

Maya said, “now i am used to it except one thing..” rish asked what. Maya said, “your dirty stinky socks.. you still didn’t change the habit of throwing socks on my sofa..” rish said, “what to do? Manufacturing defect..” Maya laughed at this. They both sat on her bed and Maya started to share how Karthik became her friend. She suddenly thought something and took Rish to a small room which is attached to her bedroom. Rish entered that room where he could see lots of clothes, papers and photos there. Maya said, “This room is my second best friend after Karthik.. it has seen all my happiness and tears..” Rish saw something there and got shocked.

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  1. Superb episode ishu. Loved their cute fights. Love u ??..take care..

    1. Thank you so much lakshu dhii… love you too… take care….

  2. Ohhhh so cute dr

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  3. Lovely chapter!! RiMa and their cute fights. …ahh, I love them and I LOVE U TOO. I love ur story !! I desperately wait for it everyday !! Ty so much for posting it regularly. Keep writing. Take care 🙂 🙂

    1. Ahh thank you so much addu.. I am trying my best to post it regularly… love you too dear… thank you for loving RiMa… take care..

  4. Awesome episode, RiMa fight very cute. ..surprise visit was very nice, all friends very happy…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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