A perfect and an imperfect (Episode 21)


Pizza delivery came. As usual they both fought for the one with extra cheese. Rish said, “if you eat like this, I am sure you will become more fat and I will name you as tubby tummy goofy girl.. i will publish your photo in my news channel tagging as the best doctor and i know it will increase my channel’s trp ratting..”
Maya was about to bick him back when she received an emergency call from the hospital. She said that she will reach in 20 minutes. Chandhu asked what happened. Maya said, “i have an emergency case and i should leave now..” Rish said, “oh please its night now.. don’t go out..” Maya thanked him for his concern but Rish said, “I feel pity for ghosts as they will run away on seeing you.. take atmost care of ghosts..” Maya said, “Ghosts are not roaming out.. they are here in this house fighting with me for cheese.. now I don’t have time to argue with you.. let me go.. bye”
Maya left for the hospital whereas Rish didn’t eat.
2 hours passed but Maya didn’t return home.Rish called her as it was raining too. Her number was not reachable. He called to the hospital number where he was informed that Maya was in the operation theatre. He relaxed a bit and said, “thank god” he then remembered that Maya doesn’t beleive god because of her past life. He said to himself that he has to make her overcome of it. Chandhu saw this and smiled thinking that they’re moving closer.

One more hour passed but there was no sign of Maya returning home. He thought of checking it himself as the rain hadn’t stopped. He went to hospital and there he saw Maya busy in treating the patient. She saw him fully drenched and opened her jaws opened that he came for her. Rish signed her to close her mouth. He gestured that he will wait there itself until her return. Maya smiled broadly and said ok. After sometimes she came and said that they shall go. Rish asked, “is anything serious?” Maya said, “the girl consumed poison after knowing that her husband is a womaniser.. he tried to touch her violently.. unable to bear that, she consumed..” Rish said, “feeling proud of you that you have fought with that monster..” Maya thanked him and said that they shall go. When they both came out, it was raining heavily.

Maya was excited so she ran and was enjoying rain. She started to jump in rain. She called Rish to come but he denied. She holded his hands and dragged to the road. Suddenly Maya came very closer to him and took his hands and made him to surround her waist. She placed her hands on his shoulders and started to dance very passionately with him. Both were looking at each other so immensely. Maya brought her face closer to him. Her lips was just an inch away from his lips. She was about to kiss him suddenly Maya called Rish to have ice cream. Just then Rish came out of his imagination of being close with Maya. He called himself mad and went to have ice cream.

When they were enjoying ice cream in rain, Rish looked into her eyes and exchanged ice cream with her. He took a bite from hers and he made her to have a bite from his ice cream. He saw the ice cream on her lips. He gently wiped it with his hands and he tasted it saying, “very sweet… if this ice cream can taste your lips, why can’t I? And this ice cream told me that your lips are very sweet.. umm let me test whether it is tru or not?” He came closer to her and she closed her eyes. When he was about to kiss her, Rish said that the rain stopped and they should leave. Maya came out of her imagination and she called herself mad. Maya went and sat behind Rish. Both didn’t speak with each other recalling about their imaginations. They reached home and Chandhu was still awake wauting for them. He noticed that they both are not talking and he thought that they both had a fight again. Maya and Rish went to their bedroom. They both thought, “i have gone crazy.. how can I think like that? I did a wrong today by imagining.. so from today, I will distance myself..” they both dozed off.

Precap: Maya taking Rish to her secret room at Karthik’s home…

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  1. Amazing episode ishu. Oh both r imagining about each other.. Superb yaar. Umm …Secret room ,nice .How r u now ? Will be waiting for next update. Love u??..take care..

    1. Thank you lakshu dhi.. yeah i wil be ok soon… thanks for your concern.. love you too dear dhii….

  2. So nic episodes… They are coming close… So sweet…

    1. Thank you so much ana… take care dear…

  3. Woww what an imagination yaar

    1. Thank you so much haya dear…. take care…

  4. Hey Ishu, how r u now? Hopefully better. Thanks for the update . I love their cute fights. ….and oh god, their imaginations were so romantic . Hope that they come close soon. Tc 🙂 🙂

    1. Thank you so much addu… i am better now dear… take care….

  5. Awwww, soooo cuteeeee epi, RiMa imagining themselves. …superrrrrr cuuuuteeee. …how long they gonna hide their feelings from each other n keep distance. …precap is very interesting. Eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Thank you so much roma dhii…. love you too dear dhii…

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