A perfect and an imperfect (Episode 20)


When Adhya asked about changing the identity, Rish suddenly stopped laughing and Maya dropped a tear. Rish managed by saying that she had some numerology problem in that name. Maya looked at him and Rish nodded at her. However Adhu found it fishy as Manu is not a type of girl who believes those stuffs.

The journey went on like this. When they reached Chennai, everyone got down. As Maya left her vehicle in the hospital, RiMa left home by her 2 wheeler. On their way, Maya didn’t speak a word to him. But Rish was talking non stop to change her mood. Maya was thinking about the situation managed by Rish. He noticed her in the side mirror but he brushed it off and continued his rubbish talks. When they reach home, Maya silently went in and freshened up. After Rish took bath and came, he saw Maya who was crying silently by covering herself with a bedsheet. Rish went near her and he made her to sit on the sofa. He sat near her and he wiped her tears off. She looked at him. He holded her hands and said, “don’t worry.. i will not ask you anything.. be normal.. ok? My angry bird should not be sad.. either smile or fight.. else i won’t allow you to sleep..” saying this he took her pillow and bedsheet and kept it with himself. Maya smiled for his sake and he said, “thats like my friendy.. good girl.. good night…” he got up to go to his bed to sleep. Maya holded his hand and he looked back. She gestured him to sit near her.

Rish sat near her and Maya leaned on his shoulder. He was again shocked but he thought that she needs someone to share her pain so he shut his mouth from blabbering. Maya started to speak, “you know what? Because of that monster, I changed my identity.. actually my name is Manisha.. thats why everyone in church and here Adhya, Rithu and Riya called me Manu.. I didn’t want to create my identity with that name.. Maya means illusion.. I wanted to be an illusion after that monster’s behaviour.. I am sorry but you don’t demand a reason for it.. even I don’t know why I wanna apologise.. i didn’t mean to hide it from you..”

Rish took her hand and placed between his hands and said, “you know something? I don’t have any relationship with your past.. as i told you already, everything has a reason.. after that monster’s true face came out, you left him and started a new life as a doctor to protect other’s life.. so don’t think about your past.. it will make you to fall weak.. and I don’t want my lady samurai to get defeated.. my warrior should fight with her evil destiny.. so my angry bird can get angry but should not get sad thinking about her sorrows.. you got Karthik, Achu, a new dad, a new MIL, a new bro Chandhu, Arya and everyone.. so you should feel happy as they are your best supporters.. ok? Don’t fall weak..”

Maya looked at his eyes with smile in her lips and tears in her eyes, “now I have you also.. now I understand why that monster entered my life else I would not have got another friend in my life who is such a supportive and understanding.. you were the reason for that monster’s entry in life.. thank you so much for making me strong again..”
Rish said, “how much strong? Show me your strength.. ahh wait wait.. how will you show your strength? Will you bite me or will you pull my hair and run away or will you push me from ladder?”
Maya became angry and stared at him but Rish said, “oho I have induced my angry bird to come back to her cage.. and i think she will splash water on my face when i sleep..”
Maya started to throw pillows at him but he was running around the house. She was chasing to hit him. At that time, Rish bumped into Chandhu who had entered just then. He was so happy to see their growing relationship.

Both Maya and Rish blamed each other for this. Chandhu tried to stop their fight but in vain. At once, both laughed without reason. Rish said, “my friend is back.. so i need a pizza treat” saying this Rish expanded his arms and tried to hug him but Maya came in between them to hug Chandhu. So Rish back hugged Maya. All three were shocked at this sudden hug. Both Maya and Rish gave a reaction just to hide the embarrasement they feel in front of Chandhu. They both wantedly started their fight. But Chandhu stopped them and said, “listen.. I didn’t see anyone named Rish hugging his wife Maya.. in fact I don’t know both of them.. now leave my way to take bath you dumbos.. I have never seen such acting stupids anywhere.. god…”

Maya to change the topic, she said, “Chandhu.. shall I order pizza? But you have to pay for it because we missed you a lot..”
Chandhu said, “as my choti says.. but please order extra cheese for both of you..”
Maya, “haha… as Chandhu says..”
Maya asked Rish to order. He took his phone and ordered pizza for them.

Whereas Maya called Karthik
Karthik: hello lambu
Maya: hey bittu I called you to thank you
Karthik: thanks? Why do you want to thank me?
Maya: because you introduced a true friend like you to me
Karthik: whom do you mean? (Though he knows she is talking about Rish)
Maya: ahh Rishuu
Karthik: Rishu? But everyone calls him Rish nah?
Maya: oho bittu don’t pull my leg.. thanks and bye
Karthik: lolz bye and good night lambu..
Karthik thanked god for giving Maya her happiness back..

Precap: Rish and Maya dancing in rain

I am so sorry dears for my late updates.. i had my fracture nah? So i am unable to type.. even typing this episode took 1 full day… I will try to update regularly… sorry again for not replying to your comments.. and thanks for supporting me… luvv u allllll…

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  1. Ishu missed this story. Was waiting for it to get updated.. And how is ur fracture now?? Are you ok??

    1. Thank you so much dear… and yeah i will be ok soon…

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  3. How r u ishu? And how is ur fracture now.
    Missed u n us story so much but no problem u take rest n get well soon then update ur story. Superb update dear.
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  6. Awesome, lovely episode, RiMa growing friendship. ..cute fights n hug…getting very interesting. ..precap very exciting. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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