A perfect and an imperfect (Episode 2)

Chandhu stood still but Mona however came and managed the situation by saying that, “Groom is getting ready.. he will be soon here”. Karthik looked sternly but Ashwin jumped in and said,”now a days boys are becoming more beauty conscious than girls”.. Rithu and Riya laughed at this and agreed with him. But Karthik sensed something wrong and asked in a stern voice, “Shall i visit Mr.Rishwanth?” When Chandhu was about to say something, a voice came from the door saying, “Yes mister, i am here.. why did you want to meet me?” Rithu said, “so finally our groom is here.. so we shall complete the marriage rituals fast before the mahurat ends up”. So they all headed to the registrar. The registrar asked to bring the wedding couple. Rish and Maya were brought to the registrar. He asked them to proceed the wedding rituals if you want or just sign the form. Both with a lot of hesitation agreed to just sign the form. They both signed and the registrar said that they both are married now and you can collect the marriage certificate the next day. They all agreed and made arrangements to bid bye to Maya. Maya broke down and cried very hard. On seeing that Karthik, Ashwin, Rithu and Riya consoled her by saying that “we all are here with you.. dont worry.. if you want to meet us, you can come anytime to our home.. come on my dear.. its getting late.. here after you should start your new life which is filled with happiness.. go ahead with your hubby”. But Maya just hugged everyone and cried very badly. Chandhu and Moni too joined them by saying, “dont worry guys.. we will take care of our home’s new member.. we will treat her with full respect and give her love”. Maya did not utter a word now Karthik just made a head-head hifi with Maya and said, “Trust me I have selected a good groom for you… you will be happy when you get adjusted”. Maya nodded and left with Moni, Chandhu and of course our hero Rish.
After seeing them going, Karthik was completely shattered. Ashwin said, “she did this for your happiness.. so thatyou have to smile.. just feel proud to get such a friend”. Karthik said, “Achu you are right.. I am the most blessed person to have such a friend… she is my lambu and i wil miss her” saying this he sobbed. Ashwin too felt like crying but he managed. Rithu and Riya were also crying not just because they will miss Maya but also by seeing Karthik. They worried who will make them laugh like hell. Now Ashwin urged to go home as he felt hungry just to make fun. But no one was in a mood to react. So Ashwin just made all 3 to sit in his car and drove to their home. All were so silent. No one spoke a word. On their way Rithu was dropped in her home. She said Ashwin to take care of Karthik. Ashwin agreed and headed to their home. Karthik just silently went to his room. Riya went to prepare lunch and Ashwin went to give sweets to his neighbourhood members.

Chandhu, Moni, Rish and Maya reached their home. Moni does the arthi and welcomed them inside. Maya hesitantly came in. Rish just went to his room without speaking anything. Maya was slightly taken aback at his reaction. But Moni brushed it off by saying he was tired. Maya said ok and went in. Chandhu asked them to have their lunch but Maya denied having it. When Moni was about to say something, Rish was seen going out. Chandhu asked him where he was going and Rish replied that he was going to his office and he will be late tonight. Chandhu stopped him but Rish was not in a mood to listen so he went. Maya did not have any reaction in her face as usual. They had lunch and spent their evening. Chandhu and Moni decided to decorate the room. But Maya asked them something which let them to their shock.

Credit to: Ishu


    • Ishu

      Both has a very dark past…. they both will help each other and will accept each other after knowing all their plus and minus in the future episodes…

  1. Ishu

    Dears… this is my very first fan fiction… and yes i will try to improve my writing with your support… if you don’t like my story, please mention that in comment… thank you…

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