A perfect and an imperfect (Episode 19)


The day went in the same manner where Maya was busy in treating the people and Rish was updating the news. The injured patients were taken to the hospital by the relatives. Cops were finding the reason for the blast. In the afternoon, the doctors and the journalists started to leave the place. Chennai doctors arranged a bus to return to Chennai. Journalists also joined them to reduce the travel fare. Maya and Rish didn’t show it off that they are married. Maya signed her co-doctors to keep their mouth shut.

Rish’s assistant Adhya went to Maya and said that she has seen her somewhere. Rish said that Maya is one of the best doctors in India and she recently got the best doctor award.
Adhya: no sir.. i have seen her somewhere else…
Maya: I am Dr.Maya.. you could have seen me in the hospital..
Adhya: no Maya.. your face is very familiar to me… ummm wait let me think..
Maya: hey come on.. ok tell me your name.. let me think too..
Adhya: well I am Adhya..
Maya thought for a while. She too felt that her name was familiar to her. After few minutes of deep thinking,
Maya: hey Adhu.. its me Manu..
Adhya: Manu?
Maya: Arrey what yar? At our age of 5, I fought for you with our friends as they pushed you..
Adhya: (excitedly) hey Manu.. that crazy angry little Manu.. God what a change over yar.. seriously I didn’t expect you here.. you are a doctor.. thats great.. i am so happy yar..
She was so excited and hugged Maya..
Adhya to Rish: Sir.. I told you nah? She is very familiar to me.. She was my bestie until my 2nd standard.. Then we got separated as I moved out of the church..
Rish: Oh thats great.. glad to meet you Dr.Maya or Manu whatever..
Maya left her jaws opened as her husband is behaving like a third person. She didn’t show it away.
Maya: Same here Mr.Rishwanth Nand Agarwal..
Adhya: Hey Manu.. I have never said my sir’s name.. but how do you know?
Maya: I have heard about him.. the egoistic, imperfect, rude, arrogant and angry young journalist..
Rish: yeah Dr.Maya.. you are telling as if you are non-egoistic, perfect, sweet, soft spoken, calm and polite young doctor..
Adhya: hello people wait wait.. you are speaking as if you know each other for so long..
Rish: oho.. how would I have been alive if I know her since long?
Maya: yeah same here.. being a doctor, I couldn’t have treated myself from being mad if I know him..
Adhya was even more confused at them.
Adhya: sir.. I am sorry.. but I am working under you for the past 2 years.. so far I know, you will not speak much.. you have not even spoken with me other than works.. but how did you start speaking to my friend?

A voice from back seat said that they are husband and wife.
Maya looked back to see her junior Nami laughing. Maya hit her with her bag.
Adhya: so are you both married?
Maya and Rish looked at each and nodded yes.
Adhya: god i have never seen such actors even in movies.. you both are married but behaving like strangers..
Maya: no adhu actually
Adhya: no manu i wont forgive you..
Maya: please yar.. i am sorry..
Adhya: haha chill.. wait I am gonna give you a punishment..
Maya asked what
Adhya: I am gonna tell my sir everything what all you did in school..
Maya tried to stop her but Rish insisted Adhya to tell else she would lose her job.
Adhya started to tell.

Manu sat near a boy. That boy was eating chocolate. Manu asked him to share it with her but he refused. Little angry bird Manu bite him. The boy cried and complained to the class mam. The mam started to scold Manu but the little angry bird pulled the mam’s hair and ran away.

Children were allowed to sleep after their lunch break. One day Manu didn’t get sleep, so she started to splash water on every kids’s face. The kids started to cry. Being a goody goody girl, Manu too started to cry as if she does not know anything. The teacher came inside the sleeping hall and was confused what happened. That day none of the children slept including Adhya.

In her 1st standard,
One day Manu felt sleepy in the classroom. She slept on her desk itself unknowingly. The teacher asked her to wake up but she didn’t. The teacher started to panic as she thought that Manu fainted. The teacher called upon the principal to take Manu to a hospital. Just then Manu slowly opened her eyes. She smiled broadly and said, “Good morning mam”
The principal started to shout at the teacher as the teacher was so irresponsible. The teacher could not scold Manu as she was too small. The whole year, the teacher had some little anger on that little angry bird.

In her 2nd standard,
The school was being painted. It was one of the games hour for Manu’s class. In the playground, when everyone was playing, Manu went near the ladder on which a man was painting. She pulled the ladder and ran away. The man fell down and the paint was scattered on the whole wall. There was also a trifling fight between the staffs and the painters and it was solved later. But still the school management is unable to find who did that. Only Adhya knew it as she was the one who witnessed.

Then Adhya left the school and joined in another school as she moved out from church.

When Adhya completed to tell this, everyone in the bus started to laugh. Maya was closing her face with her palms. She slightly noticed Rish who was rofling. Maya said to herself, “oho.. usually he will tease me whenever he finds a chance with no reasons.. how will he pull my leg now? I wish he should forget what all Adhu said.. i will never leave Adhu.. Whole bus is laughing at me.. where have I been stuck? It would have been better if I didn’t remind Adhu about us..”
Adhya: though she was so mischevious and naughty, all the teachers used to love her cuteness, craziness and innocence.
Maya: thank god.. have you completed telling everything? Now can you please keep your mouth shut you ginger?
Rish: why are you stopping her? Let her complete.. Come on Adhya.. tell me more what all she did..
Adhya: actually sir.. i don’t remember.. but what I told now was a very little part of her mischiefs.. If you ask her teachers, you should publish 14 big books; each book each class right from LKG to her 12th standard..
Rish laughed like a hell on hearing this..
Maya in Rish’s ears: Rishu.. promise me that you won’t publish books..
Rish on hearing this, he started to laugh even more.
Adhya suddenly remembered something and asked, “Manu.. why did you change your identity from Manisha to Maya?”
Rish suddenly stopped laughing whereas Maya dropped a tear.

Precap: Maya leaning on Rish’s shoulders

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