A perfect and an imperfect (Episode 18)


Maya slapped him hard and started to shout.

Maya: where the hell have you been till now? What were you doing? Don’t you know manners of calling me? Can’t you inform me about your wherebeings? What did you think of yourself that you are matured enough to roam wherever you want? Do you have an idea what I am going through?
She continued to shoot her questions with both anger and tears in her eyes.
Rish asked to explain what exactly happened but Maya was not in a mood. She was continuously shouting at him. Rish slapped her back. Maya left her jaws opened.

Rish: oh my devilish friendy.. if you please give me a break to explain what happened, you will get to know.. When I was getting into flight, I saw my college friend there.. we both had some time together that I missed my flight.. then I reached here by train.. my mobile had no charge and it is switched off in the morning itself.. are you clear now? Or do I want to slap you again for the better understanding? God what a girl yaar!! Grow up you peppermint.. now tell me what worried you so much?

Maya did not speak anything. She switched on the tv and signed him to see. Rish was shocked on seeing that. He called his juniors from his landline. They hurriedly spoke to him as they were on the coverage of the blast. He asked about the exact place where it got blasted. While Maya got her mobile from the hospital staff and a news from the hospital that, “Dr.Maya though you are on leave, it is your duty to save the people.. best doctors from all hospitals are going to the place of the flight blast.. and it is the order from the hospital that you should go there and save the people..” Maya was ready to go but she didn’t speak with Rish. Even Rish was not ready to speak with her.

Both got ready to go to the spot. A cab from Maya’s hospital came to their home to picke her. Rish did not know how to reach there within time. On seeing him, Maya opened the cab door for him to enter. Rish hesitantly got in and the cab started to go to the spot. Maya received a call to log in skype to give the instructions for the junior doctors who were already present there. Maya started to give the live details how to handle the case and how to give them first aid. She was so involved and dedicated in giving the lecture to her juniors. Here Rish was sitting next to her. He too got the updates from his assistants and he asked them to cover everything without disturbing the people and the blast victims. Both were busy with their own works. After a road journey of 5 hours, they reached the spot. RiMa hurriedly got down and headed to do their respective works.

Maya was treating the severely injured patients whereas Rish was busy in his coverage. When it was time for break, Rish relaxed a bit. He realized that he was rude towards Maya. He also realized that they both were not talking to each other. He thought that it was not Maya’s fault. She was worried for him but he didn’t understand. He thought of making up with her. He went to her who was busy in treating the people so she din’t notice him. He thought that she was still angry with him. Just then he got an idea of covering the part where patients are treated by the doctor in order to convince Maya.

After the break
He divided his team members into two. One to capture the treatment and the other to help the doctors. Rish was guiding them. Maya suddenly noticed this and was pleased to know about Rish’s helping nature but she didn’t show it off. It was around midnight 3:30 am. When almost everything was ok, doctors came to their tent to take rest. Maya was feeling dizzy as she did not have anything since the previous day morning. Rish was searching her and he found her in the tent. He signed her come out. Maya’s junior identified him and informed Maya that her husband is calling her. She was still angry with him but not to show it in front of others, she went out. He started to speak but he found her dizziness and she was almost falling down. He went her and she fainted in his arms. He got tensed and he took her in his arms and rushed up the other doctors to treat her. They told him that she did not have anything for a long time. They also told him about her body weakness and her disability to take the shock. He was asked to take care of her. They asked him to give her the food which is kept for the patients. She slowly opened her eyes to see the tears in Rish’s eyes.

Rish: I am sorry.. actually it was my mistake to rise my hands on you..
Maya was looking at the other side..
Rish: I am really sorry.. I don’t apologize anyone and I haven’t said sorry till now.. This is my first sorry and I want you to accept my apologies..
Maya turned her face towards him
Maya: do you really feel sorry for me? If you want me to accept your sorry, you should get me 25 chocolates…
Rish: 25? You are a doctor.. aren’t you health conscious you peppermint?
Maya: listen Mr.Agarwal.. i usually demand chocolates from my friends.. thats why i am demanding you.. if you want your friend to accept your apologies, I want my friend to apologize with 25 chocolates..
Rish: but how can you eat 25 chocolates?
He paused for a second and asked, “did i really hear something from you that I am your friend?”
Maya: do your ears have any problem? My friend is a very good ENT doctor.. i will get you an appointment from her to treat you..
Rish: no I heard it.. you said that I am your friend..
Maya: you heard it right Mr.Dumbo..
Rish excitedly said: yeahhh… finally you accepted my friend request.. i told you nah? You will accept soon..
Maya: ahaha don’t get excited.. i accepted it with pity..

After their usual talks, Rish started to speak seriously..
Rish: why were you crying so hard on hearing my death news?
Maya too became serious
Maya: i would have reacted the same even it happens to someone else..
Rish: ohh
Maya: why did you become tensed when i fainted?
Rish denied it
Maya: i heard your heartbeat when you lifted me.. it was beating so fast..
Rish: but you were unconscious nah?
Maya: normally a person could be able to remember about maximum of 1 minute after fainting.. now tell me.. why was your heart beating so fast?
Rish: i would have reacted the same even it happens to someone else..
Maya: ohh
Rish: what OPQRST? Have this food and medicines.. then we will start fighting..
Maya nodded and start to have food.
Maya said in her mind, “I don’t know why I reacted that way.. I am sure I would not have cried so hard for someone else.. I feel connected to you.. I feel I know you since so long.. Though we are married before two weeks, I have a strange feelings towards you.. I can’t figure it out.. But I hope everything is good..”
Even Rish thought the same thing that he has some strange connection with her..

After having food and medicines, Maya was looking for something. Rish said that he had already informed Karthik about it and asked her to take rest. Both said good night to each other. Maya in her tent thinking about Rish’s concern when she fainted whereas Rish thinking about Maya’s hug when he reached home in his tent. Both asked themselves, “why did I reacted that way and why did that idiot was so conern about me?” Thinking about this, they both slept.

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  1. Both r dumbo types yaar ha ha ha both r in love i think

    1. Keep guessing dear… haha… but yes they are in love…

  2. Nice I read episode 17 & 18 now both was awesome waiting for the next part.

    1. Thank you so much cutie pie… and next part will be posted soon dear….

  3. Waitng for them to realise lov for each othr

    1. It will happen for sure liya dear…. keep waiting….

  4. No Precap? 🙁

    1. Sorry Kadu… i forgot to add dear…

  5. Ishu ur story is so nice. RiMa loves each other but does not realise it.. Update nxt part sooon….

    1. Thank you so much ana…. they will realize soon…. next part will be posted soon dear…

  6. Awesome, mind blowing episode dearrr, RiMa rocking, finally she accepted rish as friend but they both don’t know their connection is beyond friendship, it’s pure n deep love…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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