A perfect and an imperfect (Episode 17)


Next day morning, when Maya woke she got a message from Rish. She opened it and saw, “good morning my dear lady samurai..? the flight is going to take off… and i have taken your bags too not to worry… get ready for accepting my friend request..?”
Maya: oh really Mr.Khadoos? Lets see? and thanks for taking my bag along with you☺️ have a safe journey☺️☺️
There was no reply from Rish. She thought that the flight might have taken off. She went to gym, did her usual work outs and came back home. She missed Rish’s fight for bathroom. She blankly took bath and got ready. She thought that Rishu must have reached by now. She called him. But it was not reachable. She said, “I don’t know when Mr.Imperfect is going to change..” she just sent him a text to call her and she went to hospital. She was constantly seeing her mobile. Arya came in her cabin and called her. But she did not respond as she was looking at her phone waiting for his call. Arya slowly went and said in a strict tone, “hello Mrs.Maya Agarwal.. if you are so busy in admiring your phone then get out of the hospital..” Maya suddenly got up and said, “actually sir” then she noticed it was Arya who spoke like that. She started to shout at him, “why don’t you understand Aru? Can’t you see i am tensed?”
Arya became sad then Maya calmed and said sorry. Arya asked about her unusual tension. She said that Rish had not arrived yet.
Arya: then you don’t you call your airlines friend Shruti and ask out… you dumbo?
Maya: thats a good idea.. i was tensed since morning.. i did not get anything in mind..
Arya: oh is that why you wore only one cheppal? What sin did your other leg do?
Maya noticed her leg and she suddenly pullen in. Arya laughed at her and asked to relax just make a call to Shruti.

Maya: hello Shruti.. Dr.Maya here..
Shruti: hey Maya.. is anything important? I am busy now.. can i call you later?
Maya: i just need an info.. when did Mumbai-Chennai flight reach Chennai?
Shruti: i am busy in figuring out that Maya.. it was blasted before it reached.. didn’t you watch tv? Every channel is flashing the news.. there is not even a single chance of survival.. i will call you back later dear.. bye..
Maya dropped her phone and stood like a statue. Arya called her name but she didn’t respond. He shook her and she came back to her sense.
Arya: what happened?
Maya: Rishu Rishu
Arya: yeah tell me what happened? Where is he? And why are you crying?
Maya: no no this can’t happen.. this can’t be true.. nothing will happen to him.. i can’t answer my MIL if anything happens to him.. no this can’t happen Arya this can’t be true.. Shruti must have played a prank along with Rishu.. he is such an idiot.. let him come i won’t talk to him..
She was crying while saying this..
Arya was confused and he calmed her.

Arya: ok ok Maya relax.. drink this water come on..
Maya refused and she ran out of the cabin. Arya followed her. She tried to start her vehicle but in vain. Arya came in his car and asked her to get in.
Arya: where do you want to go?
Maya: to airport.. (with tears in her eyes but confidence in her voice)
Both reached airport
She was weeping whereas Arya was unable to console her as he didn’t know the reason.
Maya ran inside the airport to check about the details of the flight. Arya came to know that the flight was blasted. He was shocked to know that. Maya was asking some random people about the flight. But everyone replied negatively. She was confident that nothing would have happened to Rish. Arya asked her to come with him. But she refused. Arya calmed her and took her to her home. He called Karthik and Ashwin to come there. Arya injected her a sleeping dose and made her to sleep. Karthik and Ashwin arrived there. Arya told them about the flight incident. They both were shattered. They cursed her fate where happiness is erased everytime. They both rushed to see her where she was sleeping. All three cried silently seeing her. None of them had an idea how to convince her when she woke up.

Time passes by. All three tried all their possible contacts to find about the survived people in the flight blast. Everyone replied that no one had survived till now.
They thought of informing to Chandhu and Rish’s parents. Just then Maya woke and cried loudly. Hearing her voice, Ashwin and Arya rushed to her room. Karthik was unable to face her so he stayed out. They both consoled her that Rish will be back soon. She was crying more and more. She said, “don’t try to give me false hopes.. leave me alone..” she felt hard in breathing as she was continuously crying and fainted. Arya panicked and checked her pulse which was very low. Just then they heard Rish’s voice.
Ashwin came out to see him standing. Karthik was so happy and thanked him. Rish was confused on seeing their weird welcome. Ashwin too said that they are so happy on seeing him fine. Rish was even more confused. He asked, “why? What happened to me? I know I don’t have health conscious.. but I am fit and fine nah?”

By then Arya splashed water on Maya’s face gave her another injection. She slowly opened her eyes. She too heard Rish’s voice. She was on cloud nine and rushed out to see him. She ran towards him and hugged him tightly and cried. Rish was even more shocked at her gesture and he was left dumbstruck. He left his jaws open like Maya does everytime. He did not know what to do whereas Karthik, Ashwin and Arya were happy to see their closeness and slowly moved out of the house for giving them their privacy. Rish was still in his shock while Maya continued to cry by hugging him even more. Rish started to blabber, “what why now hugging you me”
Maya came out of her sense and broke the hug. She starred at him angrily and slapped him hard…

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  1. Wowww awesome dr really maya was so sweet yaar

    1. Thank youu so much dearrr….

  2. it is superb. …

    1. Thank you so much sara….

  3. Omg ! Maya was hell scared and concerned for Rish…..good to see that .And ah, the hug and the slap …..oh god, it was superb….haha. Poor Rish , he is unknown to everything that has happened. Waiting for next update. Plz post next part soon dear. Take care 🙂 🙂

    1. Thank you so much addu…. submitted next part…. take care and have a good day dear….

  4. Ishu today’s episode was a shock.. Blast and all… But happy that nothing happened to rishu… Update nxt part soon . want to see rishi’s reaction towards Maya..

    1. Yeah ana… no negativity in my ff… and thank you dear….. next part has been submitted…. have a good day…

  5. Omg sindhu, marvellous episode, maya so worried for rish n even fainting due to tension…very supportive friends n rish shocked like shell at her sudden hug n crying…oh no then slaaaaaappp…mayaaaa you’re totally mad in his love…can’t even think of loosing him…keep it up, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. ..

    1. So true roma dhi….. both are lucky to get each other…. and thank youu so much… luvv u too…..

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