A perfect and an imperfect (Episode 16)


Rish entered the room to see his brother Dev after a long gap of 10 years. There he saw his brother writing in the wall. The wall was full of his scribblings. He has written everywhere ‘sorry manu’. Rish was confused with this. He slowly walked towards him and touched his shoulder. Dev turned and looked at him with fear. He was moving back on seeing him. He murmured, “sorry manu don’t forgive me.. sorry manu don’t forgive me..” at once he started to shout out of fear. rish couldn’t see this and he went to the doctor. Rish asked, “what happened to him doctor? Why is he behaving like this? I know him..”
Doctor: i can’t give patient’s details to strangers.. how do you know him? Do you have any blood relationship with him?
Rish was about to say that he is his own young brother but the scream and Maya’s fear flashed in his mind and said no actually I know Manu.. Doctor: is it? Do you really know who Manu is? Actually Dev is living in his own world.. that world has only he and Manu.. he might improve if Manu comes in front of him..
Rish thanked him and came out of the hospital. He thought, “why i came to meet dev? Is it because he is my brother? Is it because I was apart from him for the past 10 years? Is it because he treated Maya badly? Or is it because I came to punish him for hurting Maya? Strange.. ok fine.. let me stay in that hotel room which mom booked for us..” he went there and saw that Maya straightly went to the airport without taking her bag. He laughed at her carelessness and said to himself that, “she is also imperfect.. but calling me perfectly imperfect..”

he decided to call Karthik to ask how his mom approached Maya.
Rish: Karthik.. actually i called you to know something..
Karthik: sure Rish.. how can i help you?
Rish: i came to know about Maya’s past
Karthik: yeah i know.. your mom and me decided to do this as we wanted you to know what exactly happened..
Rish: ohh thats fine.. and thank you.. don’t ask me the reason but i just wanted to thank..
Karthik: do you have any objection in continuing your marriage life with lambu? Does her past affect you? Do you think lambu changed your brother’s life?
Rish: no noo karthik.. i deny everything.. i don’t have any problem with her past.. i fact Dev is not my brother anymore.. the moment i came to know about his cheap character, i broke all relationship with him.. my dad threw him out of the house when he was 15.. i felt my dad was wrong.. but i was wrong and i have to correct my mistake..
Karthik: actually i can’t express my happiness dude.. thank you so much for your support.. and sorry for hiding the truth..
Rish: come on Karthik.. everyone has a past.. i did not mind that.. and one more thing.. how did my mom approached you? How did she come to know about Manu I mean Maya?
Karthik started to say

**a small fb**
After lambu got placed in medical college, Rithu came to Karthil and said everything how she instigated Dev. He was out of his control and slapped her. Even he broke his ties with her. But lambu forgave her and said, “everyone makes mistakes and the one who realize should be forgiven”. Karthik was not at all ready to forgive her. Lambu pleaded him for her sake.
After a lot of thinking, Karthik said to Rithu, “ok i will forgive you only if you give my lambu’s happiness back to her.. that is you should somehow make her agree to marry after completing her studies.. till then i won’t forgive you..”
After Maya completed her studies, Rithu took help from her dad to make Maya to agree for marriage.
One day Rithu’s dad met Maya and said, “I never have trust in a boy-girl friendship.. if you really want Karthik amd Rithu to get married, you should marry first..” Maya agreed for his bittu’s happiness..
While searching for a perfect guy for her, Rish’s mom and dad met Karthik for Maya’s hands for her elder son Rish as she needed to rectify Dev’s mistake by showering so much of love towards Maya.
Mom wantedly met Maya which Maya still thought to be accidental meets.
**fb ends**

Rish: so this is the thing.. actually i had doubt why my mom was so adament to make me to marry a girl whose name even was unknown to me.. now it is cleared.. she is truly a journalist’s mom
Karthik: i feel proud of your parents.. now-a-days many parents justify their children’s mistake.. they pamper them a lot by not giving them enough values.. but your parents are really really good.. they wanted to minimize the effect of sin of their son’s crime.. thank you so much..
Rish: yeah i am blessed.. thanks for sharing this with me.. and sorry for disturbing you at this late night… good night..
Karthik: ya good night..
Rish slept on thinking about the whole day’s incidents..

Here Maya in Chennai
She was unable to sleep alone. She thought of watching a movie. But she felt bored as there was no one to accompany her. She said to herself, “whether my decision of coming here alone was wrong? Should i have been stayed there with Rishu? Oh god!!! Where have I been stuck?”
She could not get sleep for a long time. Just then she remembered that she has kept her bag in the hotel room. She thought of calling Rish to remind him.
She called him but he did not pick up as he slept already. She thought of calling hotel tomorrow to ask then to courier the bag. She thought, “I had become imperfect after befriending with him.. hey wait when did he become my friend? He is still not my friend.. and Ms.Perfect will never become imperfect..” She didn’t get sleep but somehow managed to sleep thinking about the day’s happiest incidents.

Precap: Maya hugging Rish..

Thank you so much dearzz… i will try to update regularly… and HAPPY LOHRI everyone.. we celebrate this day as Bhogi… so HAPPY BHOGI too… some states celebrate this day as makar shankaranti… so HAPPY MAKAR SHANKARANTI….
Though we celebrate this day with different names and different rituals, the main motive of this festival is to put off all our unwanted habits, arrogance, jealousy and anger in fire and to generate new good thoughts.. lets thank God on this day for giving us such a wonderful and peaceful life… Lets spread our happiness and love everywhere…. Lets try to rekindle our bitter relationship into a lovable one if we have any misunderstood anyone till now… It doesn’t let us down in anyways if we take our first step to clear the misunderstandings… Lets openly say sorry if we have hurt anyone till now and lets thank everyone in our life for staying with us and giving good memories… and sorry if any of my words hurt you… Have a happy and rejoiceful dayy… love u alll….

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  1. Loved it I can not comment on you all parts because my exams are approaching so whenever I get time I read all the parts together.

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  6. Rish’s parents are so good-hearted ppl.Maya is lucky to have them as her parents-in-law.I just love ur story!! Keep writing. I liked the precap. Post next part soon dear. Take care 🙂 🙂

    1. Thankk yeww soo much addu…. will update soon… happy pongal dear… luv u and take care….

  7. Wowwww lovely episode, rish is really very understanding n kind hearted person…dev’s condition is very pitiful…rish’s parents are good example to other parents…rish n karthik’s convo was very nice…RiMa thinking about each other, lol…ms. Perfect is getting imperfect, so cuteeeee 😉 . …precap is very exciting….keep it up…loving this story very much…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads 🙂 😉 🙂

    1. Thankk you sooo much dear dhii…. dev deserves this…. next part has been submitted dhi… will be posted soon… luvvv u tooo dhi…. and happy pongal….

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