A perfect and an imperfect (Episode 15)

Rish: wwwwwhhhhatttt? Dev Nand Agarwal? Is he the monster in Maya’s life? But i just don’t believe it.. i know dev was a flirt in his schooldays and some girls filed a police case against him.. he denied that but my dad threw him out of the house.. from then on, i stopped speaking to my dad as i thought he separated my brother from me.. but now i realize that my brother is such a cheap fellow that my dad’s decision of throwing him away is right.. i wanna apologize him for my bad behaviour.. my dad was sending him money every month but my dad stopped me and my mom from contacting him.. and i obeyed his words but hated my dad.. does my mom know that Manu and Maya are same?

Father: yes beta.. she felt bad for Manu.. she wanted to rectify her son’s mistake.. thats why she got married Manu with her elder son that is you.. she knew that you won’t deny to her..
Rish: but why did not she share such a big thing with me? Did she think that i am incapable of understanding her?
Father: no my son.. she was afraid that you will say no to her..
Rish wiped his tears and asked, “does maya know that my mom knows her past?”
Father said no
Rish asked about dev’s wherebeings.. father was hesitant to say but Rish asked him to say as he was ready to hear anything. Father said, “Dev is in a mental asylum.. everyone including your relatives left him.. he spent all his money he had by drinking alcohol.. at once when he didn’t even have a penny to spend, he did not know what to do.. day by day he became obsessed with money and at last he became a mentally challenged person.. everyone has to pay for his own sins..”
Rish: does my mom know this too?

Father: yes beta.. did you ever think why your mom and dad didn’t attend your marriage? They didn’t go to Sydney for business conference.. they got to know that he had been admitted in the asylum and thats why they came to Mumbai to visit him..”
Rish was even more shocked at this. When he was about to ask further, Maya came back with little John and other kids. Rish saw a new glow in Maya’s face after playing with the kids. He thought, “how did she manage to get out of that? She is really a lady samurai..”
Manu said, “i really had a good time father.. i did not know my MIL would give me such a surprise.. i am really thankful to her..”

Father said, “wait wait.. still your surprise is not over yet.. wait till evening to know about it.. now have lunch with your friends and husband..”

Maya happily nodded and took all the kids and Rish to the dining room. They all started to pray and started having lunch. Maya was seen enjoying her lunch by chit chatting with the kids. Rish constantly looked at her and smiling thinking about her self confidence, will power and ability to overcome her past. He felt proud of her. John said him to come out of his imaginagion and to complete his lunch. Rish said ok champ. After completing their lunch, all kids went to sleep. Maya said that its time to leave. The kids bid bye to her but John was little sad. Maya went to him and kissed him. John said, “oy Manu.. i told you nah? I am a big boy.. don’t kiss me.. but i will kiss you..” he kissed her and said bye, “come to visit me regularly..” Maya promised him and the kids went to their rooms. Maya came and asked about her surprise to father. He asked to look at the door where Karthik’s dad was standing. She went and hugged him. Uncle asked, “How are you manu? Did you forget your dad?” Manu said, “dad how can i forget you? You are my bestie nah?” Uncle said, “in that case, your bestie has brought you a wedding gift..” Manu saw the adoption papers which was done before 6 years. Manu looked at him and hugged him and said, “now i own a dad, MIL, and a fighting khadoos husband.. i am not an orphan anymore..” dad tapped her and said, “who said so? A person who born without parents is not an orphan.. a real orphan is someone who even after having anything is disowned by all.. you are a blessed child..” Maya nodded yes and proudly said that I am not an orphan. Uncle called Rish and said, “my dear son-in-law.. take care of my daughter.. i should not see a drop of tear in eyes else i will smash you..”
Rish said,”uncle.. she is torturing me with her silly arguements.. it is me who is crying daily..”
Maya said, “ohh really? Then why are you making fun of me everytime? Do you even have an idea how your socks stinks?”

Rish said, ” my socks is far better than your stupid talks”
Maya said, “if so, then try to be with your socks for one full day.. you will get to know about it Mr.Imperfect.. dad you know what? He does not keep his room clean.. his room will be fully scattered with dirty clothes and stinky socks.. the title of Mr.Imperfect perfectly suits him..”
When Rish opened his mouth, uncle laughed and said, “I am getting back my daughter it seems..” Maya said, “I am always your daughter..” Rish said, “uncle.. talk sweetly to her.. else she will throw my socks on your face.. you know what happened on my wedding night? I will tell you..”
Maya left her jaws opened and tried to stop him. But Rish was not ready to stop. Maya closed his mouth with her hands(first touch)..

Rish stopped and they both had an eyelock. Maya broke it first and said, “ok uncle.. its getting late.. i think we should leave..”
Father and uncle blessed them both. Joseph uncle dropped them at airport. He blessed them. At the airport, Maya started to blabber how happily she enjoyed with the kids after a long time. Rish was not in his sense he was thinking something something else. Maya finger snapped in front of him. He came back to sense and said, “actually Maya.. i have a friend in Mumbai.. i need to meet him.. you go to Chennai now.. i will be back tomorrow..”
Maya was happy hearing this she said, “Wow Rishuu… so i will sleep peacefully in bed tonight.. wow it sounds awesome.. how great it would be if your friend stays near our home? your friend might be waiting for you.. go go go..”
Rish: oy hello.. don’t feel happy.. i will be back to torture my friendy vampire tomorrow.. so get ready for it..
Maya: aaha… lets see who is gonna torture.. and by the way you are not my friend yet..
Rish: but you’re my friend.. and i am sure you will accept my friendship request when i return home tomorrow..
Maya giggled and challenged him
Rish smiled at her and said bye..

Within 1 hour 30 minutes Maya reached Chennai whereas Rish got information about Dev’s asylum and went there..
When he asked about Dev, a person directed him to dev’s room. Rish went there with a lot of questions and emotions. He doesn’t know why he wanted to meet Dev. He thought whether he should encounter Dev for his mistakes or he should thank Dev for teaching how to overcome all the strugles in life by giving Maya/Manu to him. He entered the room to see his brother after a long gap of 10 years. There he saw something which led him to his bewilderment.

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  1. Awesome dr yes thats the right place to dev and all womanizers

    1. Yes dear… men should respect women.. else god will surely punish them.. and happy lohri…

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  3. Oh fracture take care ishu ,its ok we’ll wait first get well soon dear.And superb update dear.Dev was paying for his deeds.Atlast she got to know about her adoption nice.Their non jhok was superb dear.love u ishu???.

    1. I’ll come after 5days .U take care. After recovering fully update ur story .love u ishu ???…take care…

      1. Thankk yeww soo much lakshu dhii…. i will take care… and you take care of yourself tooo…. luvv u n i ll miss u… happy lohriii….

  4. Well, dat was a shoking reveltn abt dev. . .Updt the nxt part dr. . . Pls. . Pls

    1. Yeahhh sure liya… will update soon dearr…. happy lohriii….

  5. Hey Ishu !! Today’s was an awesome update !! Ohh fracture!! Plz take care dear . Take rest and get well soon. We can wait for the next update. And HAPPY LOHRI TO EVERYONE. Gn . Tc.:-) 🙂

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  6. Hey Ishu!! Today’s was an awesome update!!Ohh fracture! !Plz take care dear and get well soon. We can wait for the next update. And also HAPPY LOHRI TO EVERYONE. Gn .Tc.:-) 🙂

  7. Ishu today’s episode was a shock.. Dev in asylum… Update nxt part soon… Real soon.
    How are you now dear… Take good care and have enough rest…

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  8. Hi ishu dearrrr, first take very good care of yourself n be careful dear, the episode was awesome, rish knows maya’s past now n he has proud on her. Lady samurai…wowwww so cute…loved their cute fights…she is not orphan anymore, very sweet of Joseph uncle…dev in mental asylum…his bad deeds brought him there…keep it up, love you loads and very tight hug

    1. Yeahh dhi…. rish will not accept dev as his brother…. he deserves this… luvv u toooo dhi… take care and thank youuu…

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