A perfect and an imperfect (Episode 14)


It was a week before Manu’s entrance examination, when she was preparing for it, Dev entered the room. He was smiling wickedly at her. Manu was confused with his behaviour and she found that he was drunk. She tried to go out of the room but he holded her hands and said, “till when will you stay away from me? Will you hug only Karthik? Won’t you hug me? I am your husband and i have all rights.. you can’t go away from me..” saying this he tried to get closer to her. Manu pushed him and ran towards the door. But before that he caught her and asked, “i should ask you one.. did you only hug Karthik or everything is over b/w you both huh? What did you see in him that I don’t have? Come let me show you my mankind.. i was waiting for this moment… please don’t say no.. will you say yes only to Karthik? Only once then you will be free from this marriage.. you know that i am rich.. thats why you agreed to this marriage instantly without opposing.. you thought of enjoying this lavish lifestyle which you longed since childhood.. i know how rude and arrogant you are.. you could have slapped me or throw off the mangalsutra.. but you didn’t because you need a status to show off.. don’t make me to wait.. i can’t leave such a hottie beauty to be someone’s.. come on baby lets have some fun” and he continued to speak more rubbishly..

Manu closed her ears and cried bitterly. He tried to molest her. She pushed him away and tried to run. She screamed to ask someone’s help. He wickedly said, “there is no use dear.. nobody will come for your rescue.. this room is specially designed with acoustics.. your sound and scream will not be audible to anyone.. don’t think i am forcing you i am just taking my husband right.. come on relax..” Manu pleaded him to leave. But dev was behaving like a monster. Manu was trying to run but dev holded her. He said, “1st your secret letter boyfriend, next Karthik, next Ashwin and I am your 4th nah? So why are you behaving like a dharam patni? At the age of 18 itself you are looking very hot, what if you turn 23?” Manu was in his feet asking him to leave her. While pleading him, Manu pulled his feet. He lost his balance and he fell down. She got up and opened the door. She went down and cried bitterly. Everyone heared her sound and came to the living room to see what happened. They were shocked to see her in such a state. Manu was breathing heavily and fainted. Elder bhabhi covered her with a blanket and took her to a nearby hospital. Karthik was informed and he rushed to the hospital along with Ashwin and Riya. They were shocked to see her. Karthik straightly went to dev’s home to encounter him. He saw him lying in the floor unconscious. Karthik strated to him with full of anger. He was crying while hitting him. Ashwin tried to stop him but Karthik didn’t. Somehow Ashwin managed to bring Karthik out of the room. Karthik was shattered and was accusing himself for his lambu’s bad stage.

Ashwin consoled him and said, “it was not your fault.. you respected and supported her decision to continue her life with that bastard.. you thought of her goodness that she would get a family.. atleast i should have stopped her and make her understand.. come lets go to hospital first.. this monster does not worth her..”

Riya too consoled him.. all three went to hospital where Manu was still unconscious. Doctor was treating her. Doctor came out and said, “nothing wrong has happened.. thank god she is saved on time.. she is unconscious out of her shock.. she will get her conscious soon.. get these prescribed medicines and take care of her..” doctor went and everyone rushed into the room where manu was still lying unconscious. Rithu entered just then and felt bad on seeing Manu’s state.. she apologised in her mind for making Manu’s life hell because of her stupid ego and jealousy. She flashed her mind where she instigated Dev to marry Manu. And how she brainwashed Manu to accept Dev so that Karthik and she can live peacefully. She came out of her thoughts and cried realizing her mistake.

Dev’s family decided to file a case against dev. But Riya stopped them and said, “though dev did crime, it will be Manu who suffers.. society will treat her like a criminal.. if this becomes an issue, media will surround her and her life may get complicated further.. point to be noted is manu is still a minor.. so i think we should punish him and i am sure Karthik and Ashwin would bring justice to Manu…”

Everyone agreed with her..
Manu murmured in her partly conscious state, “please dev leave me.. leave me..”
Karthik cried more on hearing her murmur. He holded her hands and said, “its me.. your bittu.. i have failed in my promise.. will you please forgive me? i should not have left you.. do you remember the first day when you were fighting with me? I thought that day that you would face any hard situations and i was sure that you would fight with your fate… what happened to you today? You have fallen weak because of that wild animal… this is not fair da.. you are ashwin’s chota bheem..you should fight with your enemies.. dev does not worth you.. he is that kirmada and you should defeat him with your powers.. you used to dance crazily in rain, you loved to steal chocolates and ice creams for your thrill, whenever someone sleeps you used to splash water on their face, you used to shout in a silent street, you used to untie dog’s chain, you used to give literal shock all the time, you used to tie rithu and riya’s hair together… where is that naughty lambu? You are not my lambu..

you are someone else who had fallen weak because of some worthless person.. come on get up i need my old lambu back.. fight with me, scold me, hit me else i will not give your share of chocolates anymore.. i need to listen to your stupid rubbish endless talks.. you like to pull my legs nah? Get up and start teasing me.. you know what? Another boy of our school has also started to create rumours that we both are in love.. shall i bring him here? Yes you will give him the correct punishment of tying him in the tree for 24 hours.. come on lambu.. i can’t see you like this.. wake up for your bittu atleast..” he was crying very badly and went out of the room. Everyone including Rithu cried on seeing his unconditional love towards lambu. Rithu felt guilty over her actions. She thought of accepting her mistake. Just then they all saw Manu slowly opening her eyes. She suddenly got up and started to throw things here and there. Karthik on hearing her scream came to her and calmed her, “lambu nothing da.. we are here with you and i am here.. no one can harm you now.. relax relax.. your bittu is here with you.. calm down calm down..” manu hugged him and cried loudly.. she sobbed and said, “bittu… that monster that monster.. don’t forgive him.. he tried to” she can’t speak after that. She hugged him and cried. Karthik hugged her back and said, “no da nothing happened.. you should fight him back.. you should not fall weak.. don’t worry..”

Dev’s elder bhabhi started to speak, “dev was away from his parents.. he ran away from his home at the very tender age.. we thought that his parents are cruel and we stopped talking to them.. on seeing this, we think it should be dev’s mistake why his parents stopped contacting him.. he might have been a womaniser in his teen age..”

Ashwin folded his hands and said, “thanks for your support and i feel thankful as you took great care of her in the past 2 weeks.. i think you should leave as we don’t have any relationship with you people..” bhabhi just nodded and blessed manu.. they all went..

Karthik and Ashwin boosted her up every minute and took very great care of Manu.. they encouraged her to study further. With their great support Manu attended the entrance examination and got seated in a medical college.. she successfully became a doctor with the greatest encourages and motivations of Karthik and Ashwin who were around her through all her thick and thin without letting her past to affect her.. later she changed her identity from Manisha to Maya and shifted from Mumbai to Chennai.

Father completed to tell her past. Rish’s eyes were filled with tears and he clutched his fist thinking of that monster Dev.. Rish asked father, “where is that dev father? I need to meet him.. i am a journalist and i can bring justice to maya..”
Father said, “no beta.. you can’t do that.. you don’t know about him..”
Rish asked, “what should i know further? Just give me his photo.. i will somehow find him and put him behind the bars..”

Father said, “if you want to know about dev’s identity, i will tell you..”
Rish was very stern to know about dev and to bring justice to maya..
Father said, “Dev’s full name is Dev Nand Agarwal.. shortly DNA.. your younger brother..”

Rish was further shocked..

Hai dears.. since 13th episode was small, i tried to give long updates in this episode.. hope you all like this episode… i conveyed your wishes to ny brother who thanked you all… and how was the twist that DNA and RNA are brothers? Thank you soo much for your great support… love you alllll…..

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  1. What dev is rish brother oh god such a suspense damaka yaar really a lot of applause for karthik ashwin riya ka dosthi ke liye????

  2. awesome. …am waiting eagerly for the next part

  3. karthik n ashwin r really great friends. karthik’s unconditional love n care for manu is tooo gud. the feelings were so deep. i felt like crying. thank u for giving such a lovely update.

  4. Ishu you are amazing writer. Keep it up.

  5. The episode was very emotional… I wish I have frnds like them.. And yes I was shocked to know dev was rishi’s brother… Update nxt part soon…..

  6. Ohhh..dev s rish’s bro… Intrstng

  7. Dat was a shoking n realy unexpctd twist dr. . .though i had a suspicn dat dev must be a relatv to rish. . .nvr thougt as yngr bro. Bt hw cum rish dnt knw abt his bro n his wif? Waitng. . .waitng. . . Updt nxt soooon. . .luv u 🙂

  8. Ishu amazing dear.Karthik’s support ,ashwin’s motivation n riya’s care for manu was superb.Even Manu’s willpower to overcome her past was also appreciative. And rish mom was really great because she cares for Manu alot .Dev was rish’s brother it’s really shocking yaar.A big round of applause for u ishu dear for writing this wonderful story.??????.
    Love u ishu soo much???.

  9. This episode was really very shocking yar!! That monster Dev is Rish’s brother?!?! U r making the story more interesting day by day. The friendship of Ashwin-Manu-Karthik is commendable!! Waiting for next update. Keep writing. Take care 🙂 🙂

  10. A very big twist DNA andRNA are brothers

  11. Awesome episode ishu, very thrilling n emotional past…karthik n manu have such a pure and deep bond, n ashwin also very supportive…this friendship bond is unique…manu is lucky to have them who saved her from that monster dev n encouraged her to live her life again n fulfil her dreams. Twist was surprising dev is dna rish’s younger brother….very interesting story dearrrr, keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  12. Yaar the twist ws awesome I really loved it nw way will happen in their life’s plzzzźzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz update fast

  13. Update next part soon yaar

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