A perfect and an imperfect (Episode 12)


Dev shouted, “because i love you dammit… i can’t see you with someone else…”both manu and karthik were shocked hearing his confession. Manu did not utter a word she could not come out of the shock. Karthik asked, “when did you start loving her? And why did not you tell anyone including me?” Dev said, “how can i? You both became so close.. i thought if i confess my love, i might loose my friendship..”
Karthik calmed him and said, “actually i am happy for you… go and speak to her…”

Dev went and sat beside Manu. He holded her hands. She looked at him. Dev said, “manu… I am sorry.. i know this is not the way of proposing you.. but trust me.. i will give you all the happiness in the world..” he wiped her tears and said, “i have fallen in love with you the moment i saw you in your first day.. i love you…” Manu just removed her hands from his hands and started leaving. Karthik said dev, “don’t worry… i will help you…” dev hugged him and said, “sorry Karthik… actually i thought there was something else b/w you both… I am so sorry…” Karthik holded his collar and asked, “what? How can you think like that? She is like my tanvi..” but he calmed and said, “ok leave.. anyways i will speak with lambu…” dev hugged and thanked him. Karthik left. He saw Manu crying. He tapped her and asked, “do you like dev?” To which Manu said that, “no Karthik.. I don’t have any such ideas.. how can i love someone?” Karthik said, “look lambu.. Dev is away from his parents.. he is living with his cousins.. so if you marry him, i am sure you will get a very good family.. but don’t just consider this fact.. if you like him, you can choose him and i am sure you won’t regret of choosing him..” manu said, “listen bittu… i have to share something with you..” karthik asked what.
Manu: have you heard about the little singer Ms.Yadav?
Karthik: yeah.. she is a great singer but she is mysterious.. unknown to the world.. she just sings songs and upload it in the internet.. even i am a big fan of hers.. but why do you ask about her?
Manu: i am Ms.Manisha Yadav..

Karthik was taken aback and asked, “are you Ms.Yadav? But why are you hiding from people? You have such a talent and someone might misuse your name..” manu said, “let them misuse.. i never mind.. but why i am saying this is because last year when I was doing my 10th standard, i received an appreciation letter from Chennai to my church address.. he praised my singing and we both started to share our likes and dislikes through letters. Slowly i started to develop a feelings towards him. His letters too said that he loved me.. but suddenly he stopped sending me letters.. there were no replies to my letters also..”
Karthik said, “oh there is also a love side in my lambu’s heart.. i respect that.. but you can’t trust these letters.. you can’t share your life with someone like this.. i prefer dev for you.. but i won’t force you.. take your own time.. now lets leave..”
Days pass by.. Karthik, Dev and Ashwin had completed their 12th standard. Rithu was still jealous of Karthik and Manu’s friendship. Dev was in love with Manu and they both started to spend some quality times together. Karthik, Ashwin and Dev had joined in the same college. Though Manu hanged out with her friends, she was still the school topper. And finally Manu, Rithu and Riya completed their schooling. As usual Manu was the topper of the school and was offered to study medicine. All were overwhelmed with this. Karthik’s dad decided to adopt Manu legally and to give her this news as her 18th bday gift.
2 days later Manu, Dev, Karthik, Rithu, Ashwin and Riya were celebrating her success. Manu did not know that it would be the biggest and worst turning point of her life. That day changed her life totally…

Guys… i think my story is not liked by all… so i think to wind up my story… i thought of showing the depth of their friendship and to show the strong bond of Karthik-Ashwin-Manu… since no one is interested, i have decided to complete my story within 2 or 3 episodes… and thank you so much my dear hayathi, lakshmi dhi, roma dhi, advaita, akhi and everyone.. i thought of stop writing once.. but only for you people i thought of completing it… thanks again… have a good day…

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  1. Don’t stop it ur ff is nyshh

    1. Thank you cutiee… i will continue for sure….

  2. No dr. . . Pls dnt stop. I jst startd reading it 2day n i lov ur stry. . . So pls pls pls dnt stop dis stry. . .luv u 🙂

    1. Thank you liya… i am sure i will continue… luv u too….

  3. No nour story is awesome.I was waiting for ur update.pls dnt stop it yaar.continue it

    1. Yeah akhi… next episode has been submitted already… thank you dear… luv u…

  4. What happened to u ishu ? y r u sad? Ur story is too good dear,I too expected their strong bond in coming updates but y r u saying that u r ending this story.If u r thinking about less no. of comments then there r many ff’s with out comments also.I know u felt bad.,sorry for that.U can end ur story when ever u want but not with being sad.
    And nice episode dear.Bittu n lambu’s bond is superb.Eagerly waiting for next update. Love u ishu???.take care….

    1. So sorry lakshi dhi… actually i was upset as my surprise for my bro’s surprise was almost spoiled… thats why… and i will continue to write however may the response be… and thank you sooo much dhi luv u… next part has been submitted…

  5. Hey Princess, plzzzz don’t quit this story …….plzzzz plzzz plzzzz.I just love ur story !! Just love RiYa’s cute fights !! I know that u might be feeling bad as ppl r not responding much but maybe they r busy with exams n all ……plzz yar atleast for us complete the story as planned ……..plzzz don’t wrap it up na. I want RiYa moments. Plzzz plzzz plzzzz ……….upto infinity…….

    1. Sure advaita… i understand… sorry and thanks…. i will continue to write… luv u…

  6. What u r saying dr plzzzz dont say like that plzzzz dont stop it yaar its nice story plzzzzzzz

    1. Sure haya dear… next part has already been submitted… and thank u so much dear…. luvv u….

  7. Hey Ishu Plz don’t stop ur story. I love ur story very much. It is a different one altogether.. I love it…
    I was not able to comment for last 2, 3 episodes.. Sry for that. And don’t think ur story is not liked by ppl as this month January most of ppl are having exams. So they won’t be able to comment… And there are many silent readers too.. Plz continue ur story dear….

    1. Sure ana dear…. i will continue and i had submitted next part… it will be posted soon… and thank u soo much…. take care dear luv u….

  8. No please don’t quit the story I am also a silent reader but could not stop myself after knowing that you want to quit . It’s a humble request please don’t leave it and there are many silent readers like me how might be eagerly waiting for your update . I can just request u to not to leave the story I hope u think about it and my comment and could motivate u and u will write your ff further

    1. Thank u so much chahak ji… and i am so happy to know that you like my ff… take care ji….

  9. Thank you sooooo much everyone my dears for your supports… actually when i was submitting this part, i was bit sad…. and today is my elder bro’s bday and i am back to my normal mode…. luvv u allllll….. i am feeling blessed to have you all as my friends… thank u so much dears…. and i am sorry too….

  10. ishu plz don’t end it…..the story line is awesome. plzzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. Sure sara ji…. i will continue my ff… and thank you so much… take care ji…

  11. Oye my sweeeeeetu ishu…it’s great story dear n this episode was really very sweet n heart touching…why r u thinking to stop it? My dear you have a spark n God gifted u talent of writing, so plzz cheer up n continue your story n don’t get upset, it’s life n here nothing is perfect…God always has something good for all of us…be happy n don’t worry everything will be fine…love you loads and very very tight hug, muaaaaahhhhhh

    1. Thankkk you so much dear roma dhi… your words truly motivates me… yes everything is fine now because of god’s blessings… lov u toooo dear dhi….

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