A perfect and an imperfect (Episode 1)

“Lambu, get ready soon da.. its getting late” a voice came outside… “Ya bittu, i am done”, she replied… “Hey Karthik, till when will you address my chota bheem as lambu?”,asked Ashwin coming beside him.. So Karthik replied, “Wherever she goes, until she turns 100, she will remain my lambu”.. A beautiful girl wearing a red lehanga came out with a sad face and said “Bittu i am ready lets go” with a sad voice.. Karthik looked at her and said, “Lambu, don’t worry everything will be alright”… Now entered rithu and riya and urged them “come on guys.. mahurat is passing by.. groom is waiting for his bride…” now they all noticed Maya who was found with tears in her eyes… At once they realized that she won’t be a part of their fun anymore.. They all had tears in their eyes reminiscing their beautifully spent days.. To change the mood, Ashwin said, “Oh come on my chota bheem.. When did you become a girl?” At this everyone laughed and had a group hug… But still Maya remained silent and just gave a fake smile… It is clear that she is not happy at what is happening… Karthik noticed that after all she is his lambu… Karthik assured her and Maya just nodded… All 5 head to the hall where the wedding is to be held…

“Shit, Rish is missing man”, yelled Chandhu at his workers… All started to panic and searched him everywhere but he was found nowhere… “I know he is not ready for this marriage but seriously I didnot know he would take this step of eloping”, said Mona… But Chandhu calmed Mona by saying “No no Mona Thats not at all possible.. Rish is not such type of person who would run of it.. he would be somewhere near.. come lets search for him”.. But he was really worried him and called his mobile… but it was not reachable…

When he turned he could see the arrival of bride and his friends… At this point he did not know what to do and what to answer them… But Chandhu welcomed them warmly… Karthik sensed something wrong happened on seeing his face but he brushed it off…Karthik asked, “Shall we proceed the wedding? Call Rish”

Chandhu stood still but……….

Credit to: Ishu


  1. Ishu

    Sorry guys… thats Moni and not Mona… hope you love this part… if you like it, please comment and let me know your opinions… thank you…

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