The Perfect Game (kanchi) Episode 8

Hi guys iam Ashnita back with a boring episode. Thank you for ur lovely comments. It really really really means a lot. Lots of huggs and kisses to u and luv u loads.

I hope u guys liked my twist. Twins sanchi.

Let’s start

Sanchi goes in Kabir wards and cries seeing him.

Sanchi – kabir I’m sorry

She lefts . Manshi saw her and calls someone.

Manshi – i didn’t change my face because of sanchi. But now u will marry Kabir. And after that I will change my face then I will stay forever with my kabir.

Girl -ok

In the morning

Kabir wokes up and saw himself in
hospital. He gets discharged and went to home.

In Kapoor Mantion

Rajiv -Kabir sanchi is nice girl u love her
right y marrying another girl and make ur life hell.

Kabir – papa it’s my final decisions. If you dnt want to then I will leave this house

Kusum -Kabir wat happened to u

Kabir -nthing maa get ready. Today is my marriage.

In Mishra mantion

Sanchi thinks about kabir and manshi. She recalls Kabir words about his marriage.

Sanchi -kabir I’m cuming

She went outside when just then some goons kidnapped her. They take her to godown.

Manshi cums there sanchi gets angry at her

Manshi -sanchi my little sis. Wat u think u will go and stop Kabir marriage. No till then
u stay here.

Sanchi -manshi leave me. U can’t do this

Manshi to goons -keep eye on her

Goons -ok

Sanchi -kabir

In Kabir rooms

Kabir -sanchi

Kusum – if u love sanchi y r u marrying pliz

Kabir -maa it’s nthing like that we r done. Now let’s go my bride is waiting for me.

Kusum pov -yeh bagwan sab tik kar do

Kabir -maa chalo

In Temple

Kabir recalled all his moments with sanchi.

Kabir – marriage day was very important to me. I dnt know how many dreams I saw with u Sanchi.

Pandit -call groom

Kabir losts in sanchi thoughts. Pandit again calls her.

Rajiv -Kabir pandit is calling u

Kabir – OK dad I’m going

Rajiv- Kabir it’s still time cancel it. See bride hasn’t cum

Just then bride cums in ghungat.

Kabir and girl sits in mandap.

They take seven vows .Kabir fills her hairline without looking at her. He makes her wear nuptial chain.

Pandit announces u r husband and wife now

Manshi looks at them in distance and smiles seeing it.

Manshi pov -first game successful

Kabir was leaving just then girl holds his hands.

Kabir turned back and gets shocked to see sanchi as bride .

Kusum and Rajiv smiles seeing sanchi. They quickly hugged her.

Rajiv -it means u married Kabir

Sanchi -how can I leave him when I love him more than my life.

Kabir looks at her teary eyed. They r lost in eachother.

Kusum – sanchi how cum u here where is that girl.

Sanchi looks at girl and smiles.

In fb

Sanchi was tied on a chair. Just then she saw girl came steatly .

Girl -shhhh dnt shout i came here to help you

Sanchi -who r u

Girl – iam that girl who is going to marry Kabir.

Sanchi -wat

Girl -sanchi i dnt love Kabir. I’m already married. My husband is in hospital. I needed money. That day manshi came to me and asked if I will marry Kabir then she’ll give me money.

Sanchi -so y r u helping me

Girl – because u two love each other. When I met Kabir. He clearly told me that he loves u and always will.

Sanchi -so y he wants to marry

Girl -only he knows pliz go sanchi .Go and marry him.

They ran away.

End of fb

Manshi is fuming seeing sanchi as bride. Sanchi smirks seeing her.

Precap :Manshi dangerous plan.

Bye take care


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    Wow! Kanchi got married…
    It was awesome

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  4. Amazing… Finally kaanchi got married……. Update soon

  5. Amazing Superbbbbb

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    Wow kanchi get married dekha hum bevajah chinta karte h ashi h naa sab handle kar hi legi..lovv u

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