The Perfect Game (kanchi) Episode 6

Hi guys suspense queen is back with a damekedar episode. Thank you for ur lovely comments. It really really really means a lot. Lots of huggs and kisses to u and luv u loads.

Let’s start

Sanchi watches news in TV.

Reporter – hi guys blah blah blah blah. Today we got a voice recording from Acp K. Kapoor. Till now nobody has seen him but we have important message from him in this recorder. So dil Tam ke baitye.

Sanchi was drinking coffee when she heard.

Mr India shoe Wali. I know u listening to me. U r coward to rob bank and fly away. I thought u were bl…dy best but u r nthing. Remember that I will catch u red handed. Your perfect game is over. If you have guts cum infront of me and rob bank. Acp K kapoor is waiting for u. We will meet again

Sanchi gets angry and throws cup on TV and break tv.

Sanchi -Acp K kapoor I’m cuming with the perfect game. Is always my game and always will. See you soon.

Sanchi dressed as robbers and otherside Kabir wears his police uniform.
Sanchi tooks her all equipments and other side kabir loading his gun.

Kabir -I’m cuming with my perfect game

Sanchi -I’m cuming with my perfect game.

After sometime

In bank

Commissnor -Kabir u r taking big risk

Kabir -i know sir.

Kabir calls sanchi

Sanchi -hello Kabir

Kabir -sanchi I’m feeling I will loose u forever

Sanchi – I’m feeling like we will become one

End of their conservation

Kabir – i want all security and backup.

Contables -ok sir.

Just then alarm rings Kabir runs in. Sanchi robbed bank throws shoe and was going.

Kabir cums from back and points gun to her.

Kabir -Mr india shoe Wali. I got u

Sanchi turns her face

Kabir – u cant run from here

Sanchi pov – this is my Kabir voice. No sanchi u r hallucinatin. How cum Kabir here

Kabir -i count to 5

Sanchi – u cant catch Me

Kabir pov -y I’m feeling this is sanchi voice.

Sanchi – u can’t catch me

Kabir -turn or else I shoot u

Sanchi -I’m not afraid of death.

Kabir – turn

Sanchi was about to run just then she stopped as she saw fan was falling on Kabir.

She quickly runs and push Kabir .Sanchi is on top of Kabir.She quickly runs but stopped as Kabir holds her hands.

Quick Note

Sanchi is wearing mask and due to dark Kabir face is not shown .


Kabir – where r u going Mr india shoe Wali

Sanchi -leave me k .Kapoor. I hate u

Kabir -wat u think that I love u. Madam I hate u more than u.

Kabir -constable on the light

Kabir takes her mask. Just then lights cums. Kanchi gets shocked to see each other. Teary eyed

Kabir -sanchi

Sanchi -kabir

Kabir -it means u r Mr India shoe Wali

Sanchi -it means u r Acp K kapoor

They remincing all there moments. And how they hate each other.

Kabir -how can u

Sanchi -u betrayed me

Kabir -no u betrayed me. I thought I will catch Mr india shoe Wali and I will marry u but who knows that the person I hate is my love

Sanchi – i didn’t know that whom I love more than my life is whom I hate more than.

Kabir -u r under arrest miss sanchi mishra

Sanchi -i told u before u can’t catch me. Do you have proof that I did robbery.

Kabir -constable search her

Lady constable searches sanchi and didn’t find anything.

Kabir -how’s this possible

Sanchi -can I go now Acp K kapoor .Gud bye

Kabir -wait sanchi mishra remember one thing. How much I loved u. Now I will hate u. I will never see ur face again and one day I will arrest u.

Sanchi – all the best.

Just then holds his chest and blood flows. Kabir kneels down in pain. Sanchi cums near him and Kabir stopped her showing his hands.

Sanchi cries seeing Kabir in pain but her hatred is more than her love.

In Mishra mantion

Sanchi sits crying holding Kabirs pic. Just then her phone beeps and she saw news in phone.

Reporter – now we get to know that ACP K.Kapoor couldn’t arrest robber .He has resigned from his post. It’s a shock news for us.

In Malhotra Mantion

Kabir cums home holding a wine bottle and he is drunk.

Rajiv -Kabir r u drunk

Kabir -dad i want to marry within a week

Kusum -that’s gud I will inform sanchi.

Kabir -dnt take her name infront of me. I hate that girl maa. I don’t want to marry sanchi. Find a nice girl for me and I will marry in within a week. If not then let me die

Rajiv -Kabir wat r saying

Kabir – woh ladki ek bewafa hai. I hate her. If you love me then pliz dnt take her name infront of me. She ruined my life .I hate her.she played the perfect game .

Kabir went to his room.

Precap: Kabir in drunkard state in club .

take care


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  1. Dhruti

    finally they know the truth……but i felt bad for both….ff was superb update next one soon….

  2. Priyanshipp

    Superb dear. Can’t wait anymore for next episode.

  3. Anonymousaa

    Oh my god bechare Kanchi.
    What should I say? Plz post next epi asap.Can’t wait for it.

  4. It’s amazing dear don’t what to say it’s super updates soon dear

  5. Riyarocks

    too good Ashu dear as alwz….I think kabir should give a chance to sanchi to explain instead of hating her…….she might be having a reason for this(like the one in Kick movie….)…..u r an amazing writer dear…luv u loads sweetie………

  6. Please yaar update soon……I can’t wait for next part……this is awesome

  7. Amazing

  8. Niyaaa

    Hey ashi amaz epi dear per mere mann me ek question h kabir as a inspector hate sanchi is ok but why sanchi hates mr. Acp k. Kapoor ohh god post nxt asap tc lov u

  9. RuCh23

    It was awesome Ashu ??? but I think you should make them talk to each other and clear why Sanchi robs and why they hate each other ???

  10. Sajnana900

    Finally they know that they r whom they hate most
    Fantastic epi ever

  11. Khamoshi

    Ashnita dear…i am speechless with the twist u brought.. amazing article dear..
    But one thing i want to ask..SORRY IN ADVANCE .. if there is darkness in the room then how Sanchi came to know that the fan is gonna fall on kabir?… sorry but apne aapko rok nahi payi yaar..confused thi thodi to puchh liya.
    And last but not the least.. plz inn dono ko mila do yaar..serial main to milne se rahe..FF main to mil jaye ???
    Ashnita ..Humpe Aisa zulam naa kar !!???

  12. Abhilasha

    After long time I m commenting …sorry for that but ur each story is amazing..and loved this so much!!

  13. Jessicca

    Ashuu it was so amazing… Mind blowing… Superb

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