The Perfect Game (kanchi) Episode 5

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Episode starts

Kabir treatment is going on. Sanchi cums running.

Rajiv – who is this girl

Sanchi -namaste uncle aunty I’m sanchi Kabirs

Kusum -girlfriend

Sanchi nodded. Sanchi saw commissnor
she gets shocked.

Sanchi -how did it happened

Commissnor – actually dr Kabir was in market .we were following some goons
they went in market and we was about to shoot just then Kabir came infront and gets shot instead of them. ( I didn’t get any good reason so this silly answer )

Kusum – dnt u have eyes can’t u see before

Rajiv – nthing will happen to Kabir.

Sanchi -if something will happen to Kabir then I will not spare u and that K.kapoor.

Commissonor pov – she doesn’t know that Kabir is acp. Kabir didn’t tell anything about her to me.

Let’s go to the o.t . Dr takes 2 bullets from Kabir body and stopped operation in middle.

Dr cums out .

Sanchi -y did you stopped operation in middle go and save my Kabir.

Dr -listen we have taken 2 bullets but

Sanchi – but

Dr -1 is left near his heart if we take that it may be harm his heart and he may not able to survive.

Rajiv – wat but my Kabir is alright na

Dr -he is out of danger now but that bullet will harm him slowly and slowly.

Sanchi -can we meet him

Dr -no he is unconcious now.

After sometime

Kabir gets conscious and he saw kusum and Rajiv crying .

Kabir – mother india wat happened to u guys I’m fine see ouch

Rajiv -Kabir r u fine

Kabir -yes maa I’m fine.

Rajiv -by the way we have fixed ur marriage

Kabir -wat marriage with

Rajiv – some random girl.

Kabir -maa look at papa I’m have bullet near my heart and he is talking about some random girl.

Kusum – first see her and then decide

Kabir -i dnt want to see that bootni

Rajiv – sanchi beta cum inside

Kabir gets shocked to see sanchi and looks at Rajiv.

Kabir -i dnt want to marry this butni

Sanchi – kabir r u alright

Kabir – wat r u doing here go i dnt know u

Kusum holds Kabir ear

Kabir – ouch maa it’s hurts

Kusum – dnt u know her say truth

Kabir – yes maa I love her more than my life.

Sanchi – wat was u doing in the market. Can’t u see and walk.

Kabir -wat market

Rajiv -Kabir dnt u remember u got shot in market

Kabir -papa wat r u talking about i dnt understand I got shot when I went to do encounter.

All -encounter

Kabir realize wat he said.

Commissnor – dr Kabir u got shot when I was shooting goon u came between and

Kabir -ya and thank you for bringing me here

Commissnor -it was my duty.

Sanchi – kabir next time dnt meet him.

Kabir -ok.

After some days

Kabir got discharged and he rusumed his duty.

In Police station

Kabir -Acp K.Kapoor reporting sir

Commissnor – Kabir welcome back my tiger

Kabir -any news about Mr India shoe Wali.

Commissnor – no Kabir when u got shot after that no robbery is done.

Kabir -we dnt know robber is she or he. Sometimes we have doubt he is male and sometimes female. Some body is playing The Perfect Game.

Commissnor – Kabir it’s many days passed we have no clue. U have to take another mission

Kabir -no sir I can’t leave mr india shoe Wali.I can’t sleep peacefully.

Commissnor – we give you 3 weeks find him or u have to leave this mission.

Kabir -ok sir if I will not catch her or he I will resign .

Commissnor -Kabir u can’t do this

Kabir -i can sir gud bye sir.

Kabir gets sanchi call.

Kabir -hello

Sanchi – kabir pliz come to ur home ouch

Kabir -sanchi helo sanchi

Kabir quickly went to his house. He went inside and saw lights off. He quickly takes his gun out.

Kanchi -papa, maa Sanchi

Just then lights cums. Kabir saw house was decorated beautiful and he quickly hides his gun.

Sanchi – happy birthday jaan

Kabir -wat whose birthday

Kusum -Kabir it’s ur birthday have u forgotten .

Kabir pov – mr india shoe wali I hate u. Tumara chakar mein apna birthday bulagiya.

Sanchi -where u lost I’m here

Kabir -I’m looking for that person

Sanchi – ache se dekho sayad woh mein to nhi

Kabir -Agar tum hote to me pyar kabhi nhi karta.

Sanchi -not fair

Kabir -everything is fair in luv and war

Sanchi -great sense of humor

Kusum -ok enough cum and cut the cake.

Kabir cuts the cake and everyone takes a bite.

Rajiv – Friends may I have ur attention. Today is my son birthday and I want to give surprise to him. Sanchi and Kabir cum here.

Kanchi went near Rajiv.

Rajiv – so today is my son’s engagement

Kanchi -wat our engagement

Kusum -yes

Kabir -maa

Rajiv -I know u dnt want to marry now but u can get engaged. It’s my order.

Kanchi – ok

Kanchi exchanged rings and all clapps for them.

They dance in

Sawan Aya hai song

Party over.

Kabir in his room thinking about sanchi the robber

Kabir – u played ur game now my turn to play the perfect game. We will meet very soon Mr india shoe Wali. Till then have a break.

Precap : Kabir and sanchi face to face as Acp and Robber. Both gets shocked to see each other.

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