The Perfect Game (kanchi) Episode 4

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Let’s start

Kabir and commissnor waiting for informer. It’s night informer didn’t came commissnor gets worried.

Kabir – sir r u informer called u

Commissonor- yes Kabir i dnt know wat happened to him. He never done this before.

Kabir -sir it’s night I think we should leave.

Commissnor -I think u r right. Let’s leave

Just then Kabir recieved a message from informer. They went to godown .

All robbers, killers and Gansters have meeting. Kabir and commissnor cums steatly.

Kabir came towards door goon was holding gun. Kabir twisted his neck and he died.

Commissnor saw another one he also twist there neck.

Kabir was going just then he saw another goon cuming towards him. He quickly hid behind pillar. He saw rope and he quickly throws rope on his neck and pulls it the goon dies.

Kabir went inside he saw two goons talking with eachother. He throws some money on by one. Goons saw money he came picking one by and went towards Kabir.

Goons – paisa bolta hai

He saw Kabir with money.

Goon -oh hero it’s my money by the way who r u.

Kabir kicked him and snached money

Kabir – kisi ne sahi kaha paisa le duba ti hai.

Kabir and commissnor twisted all necks of goons and finally reached that room.

Kabir broke door just like daya sir in cid. All gets shocked to see them.

Now they took guns and goons also. Two goons from back shooting and Kabir hidding behind pillar shot them. Kabir shoots some goons.

Robbers took their gun and went near Kabir.

Robbers – we r sorry sir dnt kill us. .u can send us to jail.

Kabir shot them.

Kabir -i hate robbers who ever will be will dead from my hands.

Kabir and commissnor shoots them. Some runs away and commissnor follows him.

Only one left Kabir shoots him but bullet is finished. He gets shocked and goon laughs at him. Kabir beats him and kills him.

Kabir stands up starts to leave but just then he felt pain from back and he touched it and saw blood. He turned back and saw other goon shoots him. Kabir again stands up and two times goon shot him.

He laughs seeing Kabir but commissnor was behind him. He shot him.

Kabir falls down.

Kabir -sanchi

Sanchi – kabirrrr

She wakes up with jerk. She quickly runs in Temple.

Sanchi – pliz god mere Kabir Ka kyal rakna

Other side

Kabir again calling sanchi name and gets unconcious. Commissnor waking Kabir but no use.

Precap : Kabir treatment going but doctors stopped his operation mid way.

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  1. Nice episode

  2. Neha7873

    A good one ..nice episide

  3. Niyaaa

    Awsome epi full f stunts …Ohh no ashi khabardaar jo hamare kabir ko kuch kiya …hehehe.. Post nxt asap dear

  4. Anonymousaa

    Oh no fingers crossed for the precap.Hope Kabir remains safe.

  5. Nice episode

  6. Dhruti

    nice ff kabir’s fighting is superb (daya ki yaad aa gayi) !!! but precap make me sad…..but i know some miracle happen and kabir will be fine soon………can’t wait update next one soon………….

  7. Outstnding,,epsd..

  8. RuCh23

    Fighting Kabir is ??? awesome epi dear

  9. I know my dear kabir won’t die and episode was awesome super mind blowing episode lovely update soon can’t

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